The poleax was a multi-purpose weapon: the spike was used for thrusting. the ax blade for cutting through armor, and the hammer head for crushing tissue and bones. This poleax has long langets and a rondel or disc to protect the bearer’s hands from weapons sliding down the shalt.


Developed by the Swiss in the 13th century, the halberd was primarily a slashing weapon. although its spike could be used lor thrusting.

The fearsome Swiss infantry used halberds to great effect at the battle or Morgarten, where they destroyed an Austrian army in 1315.


During the 16th century, halberds became increasingly decorative in style. but this example dated around 1500, is very much a utilitarian weapon or war. A powerful spike is combined with a diagonal ax blade and a hooked fluke.


lady knights! 

Vanessa the Dragons Maw.

i dunno, random name. 

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Now, for mine, i for got dragon…which i cannot believe happened. seriously. I was a touch put out though, as thats what i always do. and the original post had some really interesting concepts. So, what i went for was a medieval display of power and ferociousness on the part of  this madam here. The idea was that her Hennin (the headdress) shapes down to form the top of the dragons head, when the metal armour collar forms the lower jaw. I also like to think she paints her face a deep red before battle to make it look more like the inside of a mouth. 

Other than that, cliche spikes and colours, but i still think its ok.

i dont, however, think i got the petite or the perky, but i focused more on the armour design than her personality. boo on me. But petite doesn’t really work unless you see her against other people. Shes actually 5 ft 5 :3

any ways! give it a go! its good fun! :D and remember to check the original post for details and credit for the idea (and the actual randomiser)


Oscar Nominee Rooney Mara Talks Cate Blachett and her role in ‘Carol’

Peter Travers: When Carol walks in, she’s Cate Blanchett but she’s dressed by Sandy Powell. She’s like this perfect example of glamorous femininity and you are sort of poleaxed by it. You’re looking at it saying, 'What is this?’ ( link )

A great shot of my -almost - full Swordcraft kit, and a pretty decorative poleaxe. 

Legs, shoes - ArmStreet
Breastplate - a modified Stahlgilde breastplate.
Everything else - designed and produced by Sun and Swords.

Another amazing photo & editing job by Tony Delov.


GEMSONA FUSION #2, with Static.

Adamite + Andalusite = AMBER

Static came up with the entire spider theme and it was brilliant to work with. Amber’s weapon (which I didn’t draw oops) is a net. the fourth set of clockwork-ish limbs are a mix between Andalusite’s poleaxe blade and Adamite’s chains and extend from Amber’s back gem. the mouth on her face is stuck shut in a permanent smile due to the enlarged fangs so she uses the gross stomach mouth to talk.


Knight Attire 02 by Pshaman


A lion-headed mace, a poleaxe, and a crossbow had been hung on the walls. The poleaxe would be clumsy to wield inside a castle, and the mace was too high to reach, but a large wood-and-iron chest had been placed against the wall directly under the crossbow. He climbed up, pulled down the bow and a leather quiver packed with quarrels, jammed a foot into the stirrup, and pushed down until the bowstring cocked. Then he slipped a bolt into the notch.

yeah in my absence i also caught the steven fever…it’s such a good show guys. such a good show

so of course i belatedly hopped on the bandwagon and made myself a gemsona who i dont think i’ll ever be satisfied with design-wise because character design is hard


Poleaxe in Armour. This has to be my favourite style of fighting - the combination of big strikes with the hammer end, fast thrusts to the openings, binding, winding and close in work makes it intense and encourages creativity. It just rocks! Again often ending with grappling, especially if you lose your weapon or it gets stuck on the armour.

Wiith the combination of armour and rubber headed weapons we use you can fight pretty much full force and contact. As was said to us afterward - “You guys go harder than SCA heavies”. I should hope so! (Much love to you stick jocks out there though!)


Where the term “poleaxed” comes from. Hope to fight him at the world championships in Spain. 

pole·ax or pole·axe  (pōl′ăks′)

n.1. An ax having a hammer face opposite the blade, used to slaughter cattle. 2. A medieval battle-ax consisting of a long shaft ending in an ax or a combination of an ax, hammer, and pick. tr.v. pole·axedpole·ax·ingpole·ax·es To strike or fell with or as if with a poleax: “When a gang of doves circled above the flowing water and swooped in to feed, he poleaxed the leader with a clean head shot” (William Hoffman). poleaxed Extremely surprised; shocked and unbalanced. After his revelation, Jane stared at Edward, poleaxed.