Sword Fighting For Fic Writers: Chapter 1

It’s going to take me another day or two to finish the full guide, so I’m going to start posting these in chapters. I will continue to post one chapter a day, and also post the full guide as one monster post when it’s done. I may refer to future chapters in these, those will be turned into links as chapters become available.

You can follow the tag #Swords for Fics if you want to keep up without following me :) There will be around 12 chapters or more.

My background: Hey there! I’ve been training in the Italian method of sword fighting for about 7 or 8 months now. So I’d say I’m still quite the novice but I’ve learned a lot and I’d like to share some of that with you all! I’ve trained with two handed swords, one handed swords, sword and buckler, dual swords, dagger, spears, quaterstaff, and poleaxe. (Not rapiers though, sorry.) I also have a “writing” background in animation and illustration.

What’s this for?: As I discovered when trying to storyboard a fight a year ago, action scenes are a pain to write when you don’t know your options. There are a ton of great fics out there with great swashbuckling adventure, and you all do an amazing job at bringing out the most important part of any fight: how the characters feel about it. And while that’s often all you need for good story telling, this is for writers who want to spend more time playing in that action.

Terminology?: There’s a lot of terminology in sword fighting that the general audience won’t understand, or may not even share the same names depending on the school of sword fighting. I’ll be using some terminology as I learned it, but will mostly try to describe things in layman’s terms.

Though a rapier could be considered a one handed sword, it is used differently and I don’t have sufficient knowledge to go in depth for them. 

So let’s get started!

Available Chapters:
1: Dumb Ways to Die  2.May Your Blade Be True! 3.On Your Guard!
4. Making the Cut 5.Stick ‘em With the Pointy End 6.It’s Like a Dance
7.The Measure of a Man 8.A Crossing of Blades 9.Like Chess, but with Knives
An Interlude About Story Telling
10.You Can Barely Lift Your Sword 11.Buckle Some Swash 12.Dual Wielding
13.Everything is a Weapon 14.Got Your Sword!

Dumb Ways to Die
Beginner Mistakes

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“Where order has broken down, where cruelty and lawlessness rule, Lawbringers are justice. They go wherever they are needed, and they come prepared. Their armor has no equal, its construction a secret of their order. And they carry the most versatile weapon ever invented: the poleaxe. Pray that you do not need them. And when they arrive, pray that you have done no wrong.”

No one ever expects a lefty 😜.

I’m a mediocre swordswoman (would prefer a poleaxe, really) but the left handedness almost always catches people off guard. Taken this week at Swordcraft LARP in Melbourne, Australia by @theprohobby.

The Signs as t̃ͩ̂͆͛̽͒ͩ͒̎ͩ͂̐̐͂̊ͧ͏̸̸̢͘ḩ̛ͪ͒͂ͣ̒̇̃̎ͫ̌̇̂ͣ̐͞eͮ̊̅̾̆ͤ̇ͯ͡ ̶̛ͮ̊̒̊ͪ̊ͥ́ͥͨ̿ͩ͏l̴̽̓̈́͌̽̎̅̏͐̍̃ͧ̅͢ā̷̍̅͋͗ͫ́ͤ̑̐̓̓̚̕͝s̵̷̅ͤ̓ͦ̑͆ͭ̇͛̾ͩͥ̓̆͊̋̊͑̚ţ̶ͭ̎͋̎̃ͯ̓ͦͧ͊͊ͦ̓͗ͦ̆ͯ?̨̀̍ͨ̏͛ͯ͏͟

Aries: You are the comfort of an old stretched out hoodie.

Taurus: You are a turn on. Even though they know you shouldn’t be.

Gemini: You are hunting the guy down seven years later and bashing his knees in with a pipe.

Cancer: You are locked eyes from across the restaurant, and the bashful look away.

Leo: You are an unpacked ikea footrest box being used as a footrest.

Virgo: You are the sound of distant fireworks and wind on a warm autumn evening.

Libra: You are the homemade flamethrower fashioned our of a super-soaker.

Scorpio: You are the kinkiest person at the PTA meeting. 

Ophiuchus: You are the cup of coffee, grown cold.

Sagittarius: You are the self-deprecating joke about mental illness that causes a good 45 seconds of concerned silence.

Capricorn: You are death by suffocating on something hilarious.

Aquarius: You are all of the babies that weren’t named “Quathyryn”

Pisces: You are the poleaxe left unattended on the city bus.


Oscar Nominee Rooney Mara Talks Cate Blachett and her role in ‘Carol’

Peter Travers: When Carol walks in, she’s Cate Blanchett but she’s dressed by Sandy Powell. She’s like this perfect example of glamorous femininity and you are sort of poleaxed by it. You’re looking at it saying, 'What is this?’ ( link )

Basic Sword Fighting Guide for Fic Writers?

Hey peeps. So I’ve been taking lessons in sword fighting for several months now, and it’s been hella fun. I’ve done two handed swords, one handed, one handed with a buckler, dual swords, spears, and poleaxes. And I was wondering if anyone would be interested in me writing/illustrating a mini guide on the anatomy of a sword fight in layman’s terms.

First off, there’s nothing wrong with the “I know nothing about sword fighting but look, they’re fighting and I’m having fun writing this” method because generally the most important part of the fight is actually how the characters feel about it, and how much danger they’re in, which the “I know nothing but I think this would be cool” method does fantastically.

But for people interested in describing the action more dynamically I can give a a few ideas on how to expand your toolbox.

Some of it will be stuff like how advancing and retreating steps play into gaining the advantage. Or how to win a crossing of blades.

Some of it will just be confirming that you’re already describing it correctly. For instance: you know how every time there’s a disarm people describe it as “a fancy circling motion” or “funny twirl with the sword” and bam the person is disarmed?

That description left me unsatisfied my entire life because I wanted to know how it actually worked.

Now I do.

Now I’ve done it myself.

It’s a freaking fancy twirling circle with the sword. Like I don’t know how else to put it simply. You get in at the right angle and that’s what it is and it just freaking works.

Anyways, I’m not a master by any means, but would anyone be interested in this?


Knight Attire 02 by Pshaman


GEMSONA FUSION #2, with Static.

Adamite + Andalusite = AMBER

Static came up with the entire spider theme and it was brilliant to work with. Amber’s weapon (which I didn’t draw oops) is a net. the fourth set of clockwork-ish limbs are a mix between Andalusite’s poleaxe blade and Adamite’s chains and extend from Amber’s back gem. the mouth on her face is stuck shut in a permanent smile due to the enlarged fangs so she uses the gross stomach mouth to talk.


i like the idea of the knight-lava monster swap au. i also like the idea the humanoid lava monsters used to be humans (maybe even knights

anyways for the sake of this whole concept -

lavaria - javaria linn (javelin / black raven)

general magmar - magnus murgleis (murgleys sword / gold wolf)

whiparella - her name stays the same (snake whip / wine red snake)

beast master - beck de faucon (poleaxe / brown bear)

Fencing in futsal shoes

I have been using a pair of these (Puma “classico”) things for about a year to train, mostly longsword but also a non-trivial amount of dagger and poleaxe.

I am naming the brand and model for the sake of accuracy, but from what I can see, most futsal shoes in the same price range have much the same features - so if you are thinking about futsal shoes for HEMA, this is probably going to give you at least some of the information you want.

First, Price mark. I think most people will want to know this first. Affordability is excellent. I can see some online right now in March 2017 for $60AU (45USD, 43EUR)

Second, suitability for the purpose. I took these with me in addition to regular shoes all the way through europe because I much prefer fencing in them to my regular (slightly heavier, traditional ‘sneaker’) shoes. My preferences for fencing are something quite light, with average grip and very little bulk. These and presumably other futsal shoes fit that purpose perfectly.
Being quite lightweight they are fairly closely fitted to the foot. This is a good thing, but it also means the laces are often under tension and they come un-done easily. My solution to this was to tuck the loose ends of the laces in underneath the lacing on the front of the shoe which mitigates the problem significantly, but not completely. My next pair have minimal lacing on them for this reason. The insole is quite flat, which I never found uncomfortable despite having prominently arched feet. The amount of material between your foot and the floor is minimal, which for w

Third, Durability. I can’t really complain about them on this front. They have seen use in tournaments, training several times a week for a year, as well as travel (which involved quite intensive training for 2 months) and a small amount of every day wear. The only wear and tear on mine is cosmetic, and can be remedied by cleaning with some alcohol solution. I didn’t have to repair or replace any part of them.

The vinyl shell of the shoe has experienced some wrinkling as is to be expected. A different material may hold up better cosmetically, but nothing on the shoe has broken or become otherwise unpleasant.

Attached are some images.

{{ Something that’s been bugging me.
- we know that in canon regis wanted noctis to have ‘as much of a normal life as he can’. Which is why the public schools, etc etc.
- but IDK. noctis must have been very busy, even as a boy - he had a lot to learn: combat. warping. warping AND combat. magic. how to handle weaponry - presumably many kinds of weaponry because as a royal he’s expected to wield the Armiger Arsenal one day. and that means he had to learn how to wield swords, lances, spears, poleaxes, crossbows, maces, greatswords.
- we do know he was a bit lazy w training
- but he had to have made that up because he’s a skilled fighter (i still think he could be greater; it would’ve been awesome if they kept his fighting style from Versus; now that was much more Kingly)
- the fluidity of his warp strikes tell me that he’d had to have been working on them for years.
- how did he have the time to dally around?

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current job? Landscaping contractor & grave digger

talents? I play Bass, I am moderately proficient with both a poleaxe and a longsword( I dabble in HEMA; Historical European Martial Arts)  

what’s a goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)? Visiting the US again. 

what’s your aesthetic? Victorian inspired fashion mixed with historic militaria

do you collect anything? Books

a topic you always talk about? History, Politics, tanks, fashion.

pet peeve? I have so many of these. Let’s see; Being interrupted, loud chewers, dishonesty. a BIG one for me is people using the term Liberal to describe  the regressive left because they are anything but fucking liberal.

good advice? Invest some time in being able to conduct yourself in a stoic manner,  reign in your emotions with reason.  Always think before speaking lest you cause yourself to be misinterpreted. 

recommend 3 songs: 
Ohne Dich- Rammstein The English way- Fightstar

Back in control- Sabaton

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The poleax was a multi-purpose weapon: the spike was used for thrusting. the ax blade for cutting through armor, and the hammer head for crushing tissue and bones. This poleax has long langets and a rondel or disc to protect the bearer’s hands from weapons sliding down the shalt.


Developed by the Swiss in the 13th century, the halberd was primarily a slashing weapon. although its spike could be used lor thrusting.

The fearsome Swiss infantry used halberds to great effect at the battle or Morgarten, where they destroyed an Austrian army in 1315.


During the 16th century, halberds became increasingly decorative in style. but this example dated around 1500, is very much a utilitarian weapon or war. A powerful spike is combined with a diagonal ax blade and a hooked fluke.