pole winner

Thank you very much to everyone who entered my first Tumblr Awards! First I’m sorry I took so much time to post the winners but life got into the way. I also want to add that you all have amazing blogs so if you didn’t make it here it doesn’t matter much because you’re still amazing. Thank you for sharing your love for Narnia whether you make edits, headcanons, fanfictions or even if you just scroll blogs to reblog stuff you’re an important part of the fandom.

Here are the results!

peter pevensie ⇾ best url
@kingedmvnd winner

susan pevensie ⇾ best icon
@cairxparavel winner

edmund pevensie ⇾ best multifandom
@the-western-woods winner

lucy pevensie ⇾ best creations
@childofgallifreey winner

eustace scrubb ⇾ best writing
@hauntedthief winner

jill pole ⇾ nicest aesthetic
@willsolaces winner

digory kirke ⇾ best posts
⇾  @edmundpevensle winner

polly plummer ⇾ nicest blogger
@digorykirke winner

aslan ⇾ best narnia blog
@aslansblessings winner

aravis ⇾ personal favorite(s)
@tumnusses winner

Don’t forget you can come claim your prices anytime you want !