pole winner

Actually, you know what this might interest you guys. 

I don’t know how many of you know this, but fic wars started on this blog around four years ago. And I thought it would be kinda fun to share some of the things that have changed.

-There was no fluff week at first. It was the angst war and that was it. Fluff week would be added later, but not as a combo. They became separate events. An AU week was tried but dropped.

-Wars were originally for the Batman fandom: Rena was the one who brought them to RVB.

-Batfam fic wars were run by me and me alone, since we had a smaller participant pole. Winners were voted by just hitting up my ask box and tallying them. It was very unofficial. 

-I had no tagging or warning policy since entries weren’t automatically reblogged to my page, but just put in a masterlist. I think the only rule I put out there was no underage, and even then, I never had to enforce it.

-Tim was the angst victim of choice and would die most wars. I forgot who took our RVB crown.

-Fic wars started as mostly gen events! I was a gen blog so most of the folks who got involved were on the gen train.

-I started wars to encourage others, including myself, to make more fan-content. The winner thing was added much later: our original goal, as it always shall be, is to get a bunch of losers into a room, create shit for a week straight and have a ball.