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I always kind of laugh when people get into the “Susan’s treatment is proof that C.S. Lewis was a misogynist” thing, because:

Polly and Digory. Peter and Susan. Edmund and Lucy. Eustace and Jill. 

Out of the eight “Friends of Narnia” who enter from our world, the male-to-female character ratio is exactly 1/1. Not one of these female characters serves as a love interest at any time. 

The Horse and His Boy, the only book set entirely in Narnia, maintains this ratio with Shasta and Aravis, who, we are told in a postscript, eventually marry. Yet even here, the story itself is concerned only with the friendship between them. Lewis focuses on Aravis’ value as a brave friend and a worthy ally rather than as a potential girlfriend–and ultimately, we realize that it’s these qualities that make her a good companion for Shasta. They are worthy of each other, equals. 

In the 1950s, there was no particularly loud cry for female representation in children’s literature. As far as pure plot goes, there’s no pressing need for all these girls. A little boy could have opened the wardrobe (and in the fragmentary initial draft, did). Given that we already know Eustace well by The Silver Chair, it would not seem strictly necessary for a patently ordinary schoolgirl to follow him on his return trip to Narnia, yet follow she does–and her role in the story is pivotal. Why does the humble cab-driver whom Aslan crowns the first King of Narnia immediately ask for his equally humble wife, who is promptly spirited over, her hands full of washing, and crowned queen by his side? Well, because nothing could be more natural than to have her there. 

None of these women are here to fill a quota. They’re here because Lewis wanted them there. 

Show me the contemporary fantasy series with this level of equality. It doesn’t exist. 

Cell Block Tango (1/?)

Summary- Where Tony needs more people on his side, so he brings a convicted murderer, and ex-assassin/acrobat onto his side, and Peter takes more of an interest in Velma Kelly than he’d like to admit.

Warnings- Descriptions of violence, blood and murder, and strong language.

AN- Enjoy! can’t wait to fully write this story! Also, I see Velma Kelly as Ariana Grande or someone like that, and then another character later on (Mona Faye) would be Rihanna

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VELMA KELLY had her claim to fame when she was charged and found guilty of the murder of her sister, Veronica and boyfriend Charlie. Not that played innocent for a second, she never denied she did the crime just stated she blacked out, and had no memory of the event.

It took fifteen minutes for jury to agree that Velma Kelly was indeed a murderer, at the age of seventeen.

She wasn’t ashamed of her crime, it wasn’t something she backed down from. Instead she reasoned with the judge, telling him he would’ve done the same if he walked in on his wife doing a spread eagle with the neighbour.

She was sentenced with life in prison and a tariff of twenty-five years. Not to breathe proper air or feel the sun on her skin until she was  forty-two.

Just before she walked out of the courtroom, and to the car that would take her to her home for god knows how long, the judge asked her for any final words.

She spoke, loudly and clearly, making sure the journalists at the back would be able to hear her.

“How come I am sentenced to life, when the people you call ‘Earths mightiest heroes’ are no better-”

Taking one look around she noticed the man dressed exceptionally better than those surrounding him, tinted glasses covering his eyes, as if they would dramatically change his appearance.

But Velma was far too smart, also his iconic facial hair was recognisable even from the stands.

“Take your golden boy and best science experiment. Captain America, the man who would save us all, yes?”

She heard multiple murmurs, but all she cared about was the man in the Tom Ford suit, who leaned forward.

“Then how come he’s protecting one of the most wanted men in the whole world. Shouldn’t you be after the Winter Soldier rather then me? Or do you really put that much trust into your 'heroes’?”

Tony watched her leave, no sign of regret or fright, instead a smirk. Because she knew she made everyone in the room question who they thought was protecting their country and world.

Including Tony.

So it didn’t surprise Velma much when she was escorted down the hallways of the prison, that had been her home for six months, towards a very impatient Tony Stark and  a cautious Thunderbolt Ross.

“Well, are we going to stand around all day. Or are you going to explain to me why the golden boy is now a fugitive?”

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Where is the Narnia fandom?

I am disappointed in you, tumblr.

Fellow Narnians, find me.


Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell Meme

1/5 Outfits Emma’s dress for telling fairy human tales, holding hands and taking down the patriarchy


A/N: Hiiii!! How are you all? I’m alright but I hope you guys are better. Thought I’d write this because why ever the hell not.
Calum: Calum was usually dominant in the bedroom, so when you switched things up for a night, you were surprised when he enjoyed it. It started out simple; just you riding him, being on top more than usual. It slowly started to get more serious though. He loved for you to tie him up, tease him until he was begging to come. You’d get him close to his orgasm, him moaning out your name, before stopping, causing him to groan in anger and frustration. He’d pull on his restraints, begging to touch you. You’d simply cover his eyes with a blindfold before positioning your heat over his mouth, forcing him to eat you out. The boys sometimes made fun of him, claiming he was whipped, but he didn’t care. He loved you being dominant and wasn’t afraid to admit it. You were the only person Calum would allow to have such control over him.

Luke: Luke first shared his kink with you during a game of truth and dare with the boys. He admitted his love for role play and costumes with a blush on his cheeks, but you were secretly turned on by the idea. Ever since then, you’d try a different fantasy every night. He especially loved for you to wear tight, full body rubber suits. You had a wardrobe in a back room, full of every thing imaginable: kitten tails, sexy nurse costumes, police uniforms, air hostess dresses, everything. Your favourite costume was your school-girl costume. You first presented it to him on his birthday, the short cheque covered design showing off your thong. He also loved for you to give him lap dances. He was embarrassed to tell the boys about the small room you and him had sectioned at the back of the house (the one with the costume wardrobe), a pole in the centre of the floor. He loved to have private shows from you, eyeing your body in the lingerie he bought you.

Ashton: Okay let’s just cut to the chase and say it: Ashton’s kink would be spanking. He loved to hear you moan “daddy” as his large hand came down powerfully on your behind. You’d have been messing with him at the club, paying more attention to another guy. You’d giggle flirtatiously, putting your hand on his bicep, winking cheekily at Ash. When you got home, Ash would slam you up against the wall, pinning your arms over your head.
“You think you can do that Y/N?” he asked, “You think you can mess about with other guys when we all know you belong to me?” Ashton started to grind his crotch roughly into yours, his groin hardening through his jeans. You moaned out before he grabbed you, sitting down on the sofa and bending you over his lap. He’d also love to use whips. He’d often feel apologetic when he saw the red marks the next morning, you never regretted it though. You loved the feeling of being his, and now you had the physical proof.

Michael: Omg so Michael would just adore putting food on you. He’d squirt melted chocolate all over your stomach before licking it off with his hot tongue. He’d work his way from the bottom of your stomach up to your neck, biting and sucking harshly. Actually, anything to do with food was fine by him, often fucking you in the kitchen, your leg bent up against the counter as he pounded into you relentlessly. You never got bored of it, he always came up with new ideas for you, new foods and fantasies to test out. The fans often wondered what his obsession with cream was, but only you knew how much he loved for you to suck it off his uptown funk ;)