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Wedding Headcanons

*The proposal wasn’t overly extravagant. Apollon asked while moon-gazing with Tsukito. Turns out Tsukito also meant to ask at the same time
*The ring Apollon gives to Tsukito is gold, with designs of laurel branches engraved all around. The one Tsukito gives to Apollon is silver with the phases of the moon all around it.
*Akira organizes the whole event with iron fist.
*Takeru is the best man.
*Akira spends the few months before kissing Tsukito’s ass because he wants to be the maid of honor. Tsukito picks Yui instead.
*Akira tries his damned hardest to get Tsukito into one of his expensive kimonos, but Tsukito instead settles for the traditional Japanese wedding garb.
*Meanwhile, Melissa pours his heart and soul into making a dashing suit for Apollon.
*Hades officiates the marriage.
*They get married at the Kusanagi shrine, under the cherry blossoms.
*Usamaro is the ring bearer. He has the rings attached to his collar
*Apollon dead ass almost cries when he sees Tsukito walking down the aisle.
*Takeru catches the bouquet. He wasn’t trying to. It just landed in his hands. It doesn’t help that his immediate reaction is to side-eye Hades.
*Wedding cake is three tiered, with a pink to white gradient, decorated with cherry blossoms. It’s probably fucking funfetti on the inside, because Apollon is an actual child.
*Wedding song: All About Us by He Is We
*Dionysus provides booze. Everyone gets shitfaced and let loose pretty quickly.
*Loki pole dances at the reception. Everyone tries to stop him. They fail.

*Hades had a spectacular proposal planned, with an aquarium date and everything but his misfortune said lol no and made it rain while they were on the way. He ended just giving Takeru the ring in the end. Takeru was so shocked and embarrassed, so he didn’t know how to respond. He just took the ring. He gave Hades an indirect answer when he started wearing it a few days later.
*Both rings are matching silver bands, Hades’ is embedded with a garnet, while Takeru’s has an aquamarine
*They get married by the sea, under the stars.
*The arch they’re under is decorated with string lights to mimic stars
*Thoth officiates the wedding. He didn’t want to, but they talked him into it in the end.
*Takeru also wears the traditional Japanese wedding outfit. Hades was dressed in his best robes and jewelry. Which felt kinda weird because everybody else was wearing suits, but oh well.
*Tsukito acts as the best man and Akira escorts Takeru down the aisle.
*Cerberus is the ring-bearer
*Takeru is straight up sobbing during the whole ceremony. Can barely manage to say “I do”
*When Takeru throws the bouquet, Loki shoves everybody out of the way to catch it because he’s thirsty as hell for Balder.
*Apollon plays the piano during the ceremony. He is also the DJ at the reception.
*Wedding cake is two tiered. One layer has a white to blue gradient, decorated with chocolate seashells and pearls. The other is decorated to resemble a galaxy. Inside is a regular sponge cake with whipped cream filling and fresh strawberries in between.
*Wedding song: Photograph by Ed Sheeran
*Again, Dionysus brought his best wine as a gift.
*Loki pole dances again. Hades and Takeru regret inviting him

*Loki is so fucking extra so he goes all out. First he took Balder out for Korean BBQ, then took him out to a secluded area of the park. Balder thought this was gonna be a casual date until fireworks started going off. Next thing he knew, Loki was ripping off his pants, revealing glittery gold booty shorts with “Will you marry me?” written across his ass. Cue twerking.
*In that moment, Balder questions all his life choices and why he’s dating this man, but ultimately says yes
*The proposal goes viral on the internet. Courtesy of Anubis.  
*Matching rings made of that pretty rainbow metal
*Winter wedding under the northern lights
*Balder wears a white tuxedo. Meanwhile, Loki’s extra ass wears a neon pink suit. Honestly, who dressed this kid?
*Thor officiates the wedding. It would probably be something along the lines of “Friends, we have gathered here today to FINALLY unite these two little shits.” in complete and utter deadpan
*Loki constantly feels the need to remind everyone that Balder is his husband now, especially to the other Norse gods that hate him. It’s the biggest “fuck you” to the gods that mistreated him all his life.
*The reception is a viking feast. Shit escalated really quick.
*Dionysus gladly provides booze. Apollon provides music.
*Their wedding cake wasn’t even a cake. It was just a pile of meat made to look like a cake.
*Their wedding song: If My Heart Was a House by Owl City
*“I’m gonna get on the pole”
  “Loki please, not at our wedding.”
  “Too late lol.”
*Everyone passes the fuck out until the next morning

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