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Fight- Min Yoongi Chapter 2

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It had been a little over 2 years  the incident with Min Yoongi, I was pretty sure our relationship was over since he’d made no attempt to contact me since, and didn’t even bother to let me know that he’d moved out of the apartment, 2 and a half weeks later.

Isabella and Jeraldine kept in contact for a little while, but Isabella couldn’t remain friends with her knowing what she had done to me, and knowing that she continued to date Yoongi, even after what he had done to me.

The last straw was when I planned a lunch with Isabella, and Jeraldine just decided she was coming claiming  she had been friends with Isabella for much longer than me.

The lunch was so awkward because Jeraldine kept boasting about all the things Yoongi was doing for her, taking her out to dinner, and how during summer break they were going to go to the bahamas. It was really uncomfortable for me, so I thought I could just get up and leave, but before I could move a muscle Isabella started yelling at Jeraldine.

Saying that she couldn’t believe what Jeraldine was doing, and she had the nerve to flaunt it in my face knowing how me and Yoongi ended things.

Then Jeraldine said something that really made my heart sink, and question, how I became friends with her.

“Well, maybe she deserved it”

I didn’t know what to say, I just wanted to sink in a hole and never come out. Jeraldine rolled her eyes and gave me a pointed look before placing her attention back on her phone.

Isabella wasn’t having any of it, she punched Jeraldine in the face so hard she flew out of her seat and landed on the ground.

“Delete my number, me and you are done”

She gathered her things, grabbed my hand, and pulled me to her car

And just like that a lifetime friendship had ended… because of me.

I constantly apologized to Isabella for coming in between her relationship with Jeraldine, and the reply was always the same.

“Sometimes you just have to cut off the diseased leg”

At first I was confused when she said this, but later on I started to understand. Her relationship with Jeraldine was becoming toxic, so it was better to ends things, than to continue on with that relationship.

It seemed like I was simply made to suffer because days after Isabella cut things off with Jeraldine, I was fired from my job, and it was so incredibly difficult to find a new one that a few months later I ended up getting kicked out of my apartment, my landlord said if I didn’t give him the money for the months I didn’t pay he would sue, and my credit would be ruined. I couldn’t afford to pay the fees on my college tuition and landed my butt on academic suspension until I could pay it off and for a while things were just really shitty.

Luckily for me Isabella stayed by my side the entire time, she helped me with the payments I owed to my landlord, the fees on my college tuition and she even gave me a place to stay at her apartment, all I had to do was all the chores, and make sure the bills got paid so she could have more freetime. Of course I promised I would pay her back as soon as possible but she insisted that I take my time, and that she enjoyed having me around.

Even though my Academic Suspension was lifted I couldn’t go back to school yet, I was denied financial aid, and a student loan, and I really didn’t want to take out a personal loan because I knew  how dirty those could get.

Isabella noticed how desperate I was trying to find a job, and when she asked me how I got my last job, I explained to her, it was a first come, first serve situation . The ad just came out, and I made sure I got a spot. But those types of jobs are really difficult to come by.

“I can get you a position and my job” she said

I snapped my head up looking like a deer caught in headlights

Isabella was a stripper, she worked at a strip club

“As a stripper?” I asked

“No, you start off as a waitress, and if you want, you get moved up to a stripper”

“How is that a move up” I asked

“Well the waitresses get paid 10 dollars an hour, for a full shift that’s about 80-90 dollars everyday they work… for a full shift, and let’s not forget about the 15% tax they take out. Yea you have tips, but on a bad day the most you’d be making is around $150”

She gives me a look making sure I was following, I give her a nod, so she could continue

“On a bad day I get paid on average, a little over $500 dollars a night, and I don’t even have to suck anyones dick,”

That had me thinking, I didn’t have to be a stripper if I didn’t want to, I could just stay a waitress, and Isabella was very willing to continue paying all the bills, so I could stay rent free, go back to school, and I could find normalcy in my life again.

This stayed in my head for about a week, before I finally decided that working at a strip club couldn’t be all that bad. So I told Isabella I was willing, and she introduced me to her boss, Mariana, who apparently told Isabella she loved me right after the interview, and said I had a very innocent but dark and sexy vibe going.

Isabella insisted that I only wanted to be a waitress, and that I had no interest in moving into the stripper scene.

She said it was too bad, and that I had real potential.

About a month in a half of working as  a Spanky’s employee, I really got the hang of waitressing, flirting with the patrons, walking around seductively, balancing the food in my arms while moving swiftly and efficiently.

It really hard at first and while I was working Mariana would train me, who knew a place called Spanky’s took business so seriously. Turns out Spanky’s was her uncle’s business and she inherited his business when he retired.

The training was rigorous and and there were days where I came home ridiculously tired, and questionably sore.

When I finally got the hang of it all Mariana asked me if I was 100% sure that I didn’t want to start stripping to earn extra money. When I said no, she put her hands up in defeat, and left me alone about it.

She still asked but it was more as a joke than anything else because she knew what the answer was.

However that all changed when I started going back to school again, I noticed I was struggling, as I had before to keep up with everything, and Isabella was worried that I was regressing back to my old situation.

School was sucking me dry, not just my pockets, but my health. I started having panic attacks in the middle of class, night terrors that not only woke Isabella, but our neighbors. I know this because the landlord came to warn us. The last straw was when I was finally awarded 5000 dollars for financial aid, and they would only pay for 1045 dollars, of the 6,500 dollars worth of classes I planned on taking for the fall.

I only had about 200 dollars in my account and when I asked the financial advisor what I could do if I didn’t have enough money by the deadline, she told me that I should just quit school.

I blacked out, and woke up in the school’s nurse’s office, Isabella next to me asking what happened and if I needed to take off work, that she would call Mariana and let her know.

I told her I was fine, and that I could work. On the way home Isabella eyed me like a hawk, asking if I was ok every fifteen minutes, and insisting that I take off. I finally got fed up and told he the situation, when she realized my dilemma and told me that it’ll all work itself out eventually.

Except I didn’t need it eventually, I needed it soon.

When we walked into work, that night we clocked in and as usually when I started prepping the tables for the night shift, it didn’t start getting busy until around 8 and it was 6, Mariana came up to me, said hi and jokingly asked if I was sure I didn’t want to become a stripper.

Now usually I would smile and she would smirk and walk away, but before I know it, I said yes. Mariana had her back to me by then, but she and everyone who was within earshot, including the few regulars stopped dead in their tracks.

The routine had been broken, I just broke the routine, and now I wasn’t sure what to do. Mariana slowly turns toward my direction and gives me a confused look, she walks up to me and gets in real close.

“Are you sure?” she whispered

I nodded my head

“No, I need you to tell me if YOU ARE SURE?”

“Yes, I’m sure”

She gave a wide smile, and introduced me to the practically empty bar as her new stripper.


I wish I could describe the hell, I was put through right after saying yes to Mariana.

She enrolled me in pole-dancing 101, where I had to  register as a level Kitten, and I was required to show up to classes 3 times a week, and find a class before 6.

I was enrolled in Lap Dancing and Sexy Dancing classes, which are apparently not the same things, and existed.

Not to mention the private lessons, and appearance prep she had me going through to find my perfect theme. My assigned stripper name was Wicked, which Mariana claimed would grab someone’s attention, especially since I would be sporting a “Dark but Innocent look” which she refers to as Blackberry Shortcake, a.k.a Strawberry Shortcake in black.

I went home sore every night because not only did I have to do all these dance classes, but I also had to work out to keep a tight shape, so Isabella put me on her own workout schedule, we went shopping everyday, because she insisted a new job meant a new person, so I had to completely change my wardrobe.

She basically threw out all of my clothes, except for a huge black jacket that once belonged to Yoongi, but I didn’t tell her that, I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t part ways with it, so I just hid it in the back of the closet, where I knew no one would notice it.

Mariana compensated me for the time I spent training, and provided me with a bunch of costumes, custom made for my character. I told her to stop spending so much money on me, but she insisted, saying that she invests a lot on all of her dancers, because she knows if she treats them right, they treat her right.

When I was finally ready to debut as Wicked, that morning, I made my first payment to the school, which was everything in my bank account. That was more than enough motivation for me to rest up and get my butt to the club.

Isabella was off but she absolutely had to see my debut, I had my routine, my moves, my back-ups, my wardrobes, wigs, shoes, and I knew what to do for the next few hours. Mariana drilled rules, regulations, and maneuvers into my head, to make sure I knew how to handle the more handsy clients.

I was ready, that’s what Isabella and Mariana told me when I was getting ready to head to hit the stage, fussing over me, making sure my wig was tightened so it wouldn’t fall off, straightening out my outfit, removing lipstick off my teeth.

Until it was finally time for Mariana to go on the stage to introduce me, the other strippers backing me for moral support, everyone holding hands, and and suffocating me in this group hug, something I would normally hate, but I found it to be quite relaxing. When Mariana finally called me out, they let go and clapped along with the crowd outside.

As soon as I stepped out, stage lights were blinding me, but I couldn’t put my hands over my eyes , because I knew I would look like a total noob if I did. So I breathed in and out and continued to walk over to the pole that was up in the middle of the stage.

At Spanky’s this was known as a debut pole, it was only taken out when a new stripper debuted, otherwise it would stay hidden within the stage. I could see Isabella near the front of the stage giving me a thumbs up.

I found my position next to the debut pole and struck a pose before looking out into the sea of people. Despite the name, Spanky’s was a really classy place, Successful businessmen, CEO’s, even housewives showed up.

The my music piece began playing, and I had to start the dance at the first beat drop, I took another breath, right before the beat drop and just let my body move. At first, the butterflies ran rampant, but as soon as I  stretched out my legs into a russian split, I got my first round of cheers, a few bills hit the stage, and I got braver.

Before I knew my dance ended without a hitch, the crowd was cheering, and the poles surrounding me were coming out for the group dance. I had so much fun, I was thoroughly enjoying myself, and when time came to do the lap dances, all the clients were so respectful. Well as respectful as they could be with a girl dancing on their laps .

That night, I made over $1000 dollars, if this kept up, I would have more than enough money to get through school.