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My Hero

A very rough sketch inspired by this text post of Yuuri being small(ish) but mighty!

Seriously, though, if Yuuri can hold up himself and 6′0″ Chris on a pole with just his arms while drunk out of his mind, he’d be able to lift Victor with no problems whatsoever. Sayokan herself has now said in an interview that Yuuri is “very physically strong” and as my best friend says, dynamite comes in small packages.

I might clean this up more and color it if the mood strikes me.

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…Though that chrome-plated trooper suit is, by now, firmly a part of the Star Wars iconography, this portfolio is the first time Gwendoline Christie’s Captain Phasma has shown her face. “I think a big part of the allure of her character was just wondering what might be underneath,” Hidalgo explains of keeping the Game of Thrones star helmeted in the first film of the current trilogy. “It was only relatively recently that we wanted to commit to the idea that there was a human under there. The Force Awakens left that question, but as we got further into Last Jedi, as well as some other stories we’re thinking about with Phasma, we had to ask ourselves, ‘All right, do we agree there’s a human under there?’ ”

The definitely human Phasma is also sporting a slick new weapon which, Hidalgo says, “doesn’t have a fancy name yet.” (But it will—these things always do.) Unlike the weapons we’re used to seeing in Star Wars—lightsabers and blasters—Phasma’s accessory is a retractable pole arm that collapses into a smaller, easy to carry form should she ever find herself shoved down a trash compactor again. This weapon, Hidalgo says, has a strong connection to Phasma’s history, which will be explored in a comic-book series out in September. “Her background,” Hidalgo hints, “is more low-tech than many would assume.” [x]


Ah yes academy rivalry

(Maes falls 2 seconds later)

retr0spectre  asked:

Speaking of sexist fighting advice! There's this really great fiction writing advice blog I read years ago, written by a lady, shut down ages ago. But it claimed a few times that there was no way a woman could physically handle a zweihander or the like. I've always had a feeling that's nonsense, but confirmation from a good source such as yourself would be great.

Consider this: the zweihander weighs seven pounds. The display version is ten pounds. If you can lift a backpack crammed with textbooks, you can lift a zweihander. House cats weigh more than a sword.

The issue with the zweihander is length, not weight. It is not a heavy sword. No swords are actually all that heavy, because weight defeats the purpose of the weapon. The heavier it is, then the faster your arms wear out and grow tired. This is a terrible, terrible thing.

Combat is highly frenetic. An easy comparison is sprinting, and it’s not just a regular sprint but wind sprints. You gotta go, go, go. You need to be able to move. So, a heavy weapon is detrimental to the goal of being able to fight as long as possible. Especially when that weapon is designed to give you an edge in reach, and counter pole arms. You want to be able to swing the weapon around for long periods of time because if you wear out first, you’re dead.

Endurance, not strength, is the great necessity for any warrior. So, everything your PE teacher punished you with is what you’re looking for (except dialed to eleven). Once you understand fighting is about going for as long as possible between energetic bursts, combat starts to make more sense. This is also why most action movies feature the pressure cooker, the slow grind down of the protagonist by giving them little to no rest between fights as they accumulate more injuries.

So, when people say strength in regards to combat, they don’t usually mean physical strength in what you can lift. They mean how long you can go, what you can endure before finally keeling over. This gets misinterpreted, mixed in with the confusion by historians about parade swords (which were incredibly heavy and often the only surviving weapons) and we get the beefcake barbarian.

Like all swords, and even shields, the zweihander is awkward to use if you don’t know how to wield it or have never held one before. This has to do with its balance point. Swords feel heavier than they actually are when we hold them because the balance is midway up the blade and that strains the wrist, which strains the arm, and causes the whole thing to tilt forward. Sometimes, the sword even gets dropped. You’ve got to learn how to account for it.

When you’re looking at actual combat considerations on weight, that’s in the armor. Armor is comparatively heavy, the warrior has to get used to carrying around fifteen to twenty or so pounds, or more depending on what gear they’re lugging with them between battles. So, if you’ve got a character going into battle without plate then they’re not going to have those weight considerations. Even if they are, the point of training is to build your body up to be able to handle it.

At the end of the day, its important to remember that, historically, large scale combat has been about being able to get the most bodies on the field as possible. You ran the gamut between trained warriors and farmers yanked off their fields with a hastily cludged together pole arm thrust into their hands. There are plenty of people who went into battle with no freakin’ clue what they were doing. The concept of a military as we know it today is a mostly modern invention.

The mystique of the knight and others like them came with their training, which is… they had some. Whatever they’d have liked us to think, there was nothing different about them compared to the farmers except the money, the (sometime) power, the time, and the “luck” of their birth. In the end, it’s less about what humans can or can’t do but what society corrals them from learning. It’s easier to control your population when only the powerful have access to weapons, educations, and castles.

So, yeah, a woman can use a zweihander if she trains on the zweihander. It also won’t be her only weapon, mostly because one never knows when they’ll have to fight indoors. (That’s a joke, HEMA peeps. I know half-holds are a thing, and it’s not a katana so it can strike straight.)


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1010 headcanon aka all my lady ninjas deserved better

disclaimer: i am a Fake naruto fan. i’ve read only, like, the first third of the manga and only ever watched the odd clip or episode of the anime. i am vaguely aware that there are novels. i mostly hang out here because i think my friends are great and and i really love the idea.

in other words, i give absolutely Zero Fucks about the ending.

doesn’t mean that i don’t want to fix it sometimes.

all of this long unnecessary intro to say:

the reason tenten’s weapon shop isn’t making any money is because she REFUSES TO SELL TO ANYBODY.

oh, she sells kunai and other basic shit.

but you, newly promoted chūnin with dreams of glory? you want to buy that giant sword over there?

she doesn’t fucking think so.

tenten is very protective of her weapons and her customers, and will only ever make a sale if the fit between the two is right.

so she asks questions about fighting styles, experience, horoscope, teams, EVERYTHING.

and then tries to sell the weapon the person needs. not the one they think they want. (they’re almost always wrong.)

needless to say, not a lot of fifteen year old boys want to be told what to do.

her only customers are repeat customers.

somewhere in konoha, a young girl who listened and bought a naginata instead of the ninjatō she went in for is burning incense in thanks. she’s still alive and so is her teammate thanks to the longer reach of the pole arm and four months spent drilling with the weapon she never knew she needed. 

Supergirl Pokes the Luthor

Lena has to know.  She’s the CEO of L-Corp at 24, not to mention a genius in biochemistry and all things business.  Rao, the girl tried to cure cancer at 15!  Kara’s pretty sure that through Lena’s lead, L-Corp could dictate the direction of global scientific and technological advancement.  And she’s such a wonderful person, despite her tendency to consume the devil’s lettuce.  She’s gracefully turning Luthor Corp around from its past “murdering, world domination” direction to the profound global transformation promise of L-Corp.

Kara’s getting out of track here.  The point is Lena is smart and she’s going to find out eventually.  And the truth is, keeping the secret from Lena is just drowning Kara in guilt.  Kara has developed a streak of cancelled lunch and dinners with Lena.  Kara kept cancelling on the CEO of L-Corp like she’s the one with board meetings and press conferences and R&D projects.  Not that Lena has ever made her feel guilty about cancelling on her.  In fact, she’s been entirely too graceful about it.  Kara can’t help but remember that Lena has openly told her that she’s “her only friend in National City” and “most people wouldn’t touch a Luthor with a ten-foot pole”.  It’s just rude how people presume that Lena is a bad person based solely on her last name, only jerkfaces would do that.  Kara would gladly touch Lena all over, all day and all night, it’s an honor and a privilege to be her friend.

“Kara, would you stop pacing?  You’re wearing down the concrete floor.” Alex says, doing her signature hands-on-hips pose.  Alex is right, as always.  Plus, Supergirl nervously pacing in the DEO must be worrying a few agents.  “What’s causing your crinkle this time?”

Kara swats away her sister’s hand before she could boop the said crinkle.  She sighs, “I think I should tell Lena that I’m Supergirl.” She flinches for the expected lecture from her sister- who she adores and loves, Kara tries to remind herself - but nothing comes.

Instead, Alex is pursing her lips and nodding like she’s considering the idea.  “You should.” Alex says simply, and Kara can’t help her jaw from dropping and staring at her sister like she grew an extra head.

“What?!” Alex just stares at her like Kara coming out to Lena isn’t at all shocking.  

“Lena has helped you plenty of times as both Kara and Supergirl.  She obviously adores you, and she’s earned my trust a long time ago, thanks to you not shutting up about her.” Alex has obviously gone crazy.  She doesn’t talk about Lena that much.  “Honestly, I think you might be crushing on that poor little Luthor.”

Kara can feel herself blushing and Alex smirks like she just hit the sister-teasing jackpot.  “I don’t-” Kara starts gesticulating wildly but her cheeks feel hot and she can’t imagine how red she is right now.

“Oh Alex,” Alex clutches at her chest as a poor imitation of her, “how is it possible for Lena to be this pretty?”  Alex keeps going before Kara could deny her accusations, “Alex, her eyes are two different hues, do you think she has magical powers?”

“Alex, did you see how good Lena looked in her tactical gear when she helped me take down that rogue alien?”

“Alex, I looked into her eyes!”

“Alex, Lena smelled like cinnamon today and it made me think of Cinnabon.  I could just eat her.”

“Alex, stop!” Kara warns, but it just encourages her sister further and she starts walking around dramatically and posing like a gushing maiden.

“Oh, Alex! ‘Tis but thy name that is my enemy! Luthor is nor hand, nor foot!”  Kara starts chasing her sister at that and the two start running around in the DEO like children.

“Oh-“ Alex bumps into J’onn and the two sisters immediately try to look as nonchalant as they could.

“Agent Danvers.”, J’onn says to Alex.  Alex’s earlier enjoyment from teasing her is not visible anymore and Kara mentally applauds her sister’s poker face.

“Director J’onzz.” Alex replies easily.

J’onn turns to look at her now, “Supergirl.”

“J’onn.” She replies with a tiny squeal.

He goes back his way and Kara thanks Rao that J’onn didn’t hear about her dilemma.  Or her crush.  Kara glares at her sister but Alex gestures that J’onn is still within ear-shot.

J’onn turns around before finally exiting the area and shouts “You should tell her!”  Alex starts cackling at that and Kara starts blushing all over again.

“I’ll go get you a copy of the non-disclosure agreement.” Alex says before she starts jogging towards HR, not even holding back her laughter.

x x x x x

It has been 2 weeks since Kara got the approval to reveal her secret to Lena.  The NDA is all wrinkled now, taking shelter in her purse, then her desk at CatCo., then tucked in her boots when she’s in her suit.  It’s not that she’s nervous to tell Lena about her alter ego.  It’s just that it has to be the perfect.  This is a pretty big deal, it’s not as simple as her telling Lena that she actually hates the healthy food that Lena loves so much and she just pretends to like them so she could spend time with the CEO.  Plus, whenever Kara tells Lena that she has to talk to her, Lena’s face falls like she thinks Kara is about to end their friendship.

Plus, Lena’s eyes are very distracting.

And pretty.

Kara has been out of her mind trying to think of ways to tell Lena.  How do you tell your friend that you have a crush on her that your families are mortal rivals and, oh, her cousin put her brother in jail.  And because of how distracted she is, Supergirl finds herself next to a knocked-down street lamp.  She had crashed into it when the alien she’s fighting took advantage of her preoccupied mind and landed a blow on her.  Supergirl does not like destruction of public property.  She gets up again and decks the alien so hard, it loses its consciousness in a snap.

“That’s it,” Kara says to herself, “I’m telling her now.”

The DEO agents start rolling in to collect the alien and put them in lock-up.  Kara once again examines the damage of the battle and she’s thankful that it’s just the street lamp.  It’s so pretty and it holds together the aesthetic of the block.  And it must have been expensive - it’s like ten feet!

That’s when she gets her brilliant idea.

She picks up the pole and shouts “I’ll take care of this” to the agents watching her.  Kara is actually late for lunch with Lena so she knows exactly where the CEO would be waiting.  Without much thought, Kara starts flying in the direction of the CEO, the pole on her right hand held like a spear.  She spots Lena looking elegant outside the restaurant they were supposed to get lunch and lands about a block away so as to not startle the Luthor.

Kara is so excited to finally tell Lena that she’s Supergirl, she forgets to hold the pole in a non-threatening way as she starts to jog to her.

That’s when Lena spots her.  Supergirl, full smile on her face like she’s about to do something freeing, running towards her with a spear on hand.  Oh my god, Lena thinks, this Luthor is about to get kebabbed by a Super.  So she starts running.  Lena doesn’t like running but that’s something she’s willing to let go of during this unexpected predicament.

“Lena, stop running!” Kara shouts as she trails behind the young Luthor.

“I’m not about to make this easy on you!” Lena shouts back.

Kara thinks Lena definitely knows that she’s Supergirl and is trying her best to live in denial.  “This is something I have to do.  Alex and J’onn even approved it!”

Lena freaks out further at the thought of Kara’s sister actually agreed to this.  Most of the assassins that are sent to get her prefer to do things a little more discreet.  “You, know most people don’t come at me like this.” she quips without looking back.

“You know I’m not like most people.” Lena thinks of the one person who is decidedly not like most people.  “Lena, I’m Supergirl, but carrying around a ten-foot pole gets tiring.  And I’m hungry, plus you know my lunch break isn’t that long.”

“You’re not the only one getting tired, Supergirl” Lena says in harsh breaths, she definitely doesn’t like running.

“What, the devil’s lettuce not keeping you fit?” Lena freezes.  The devil’s lettuce?  There’s only one person Lena knows who calls it that.  Lena turns around, realization dawning on her.  Not like most people. Ten-foot pole. Short lunch break… HUNGRY?

Supergirl finally catches up to her, “Boop.” She smiles when the end of the pole gently pokes Lena’s arm.

“Huh,” Lena gasps, “Kara?!?”

Broken Promises (Carlos!sister reader x Harry Hook)

Requested by anon.
Request: hi there!! could you write a harry hook x reader where the reader is Carlos’s sister and she hates him for not ever coming back to get her and when he does come back to the isle and he sees her dating harry he gets mad?? you can choose how it happens but reader stays with harry while Carlos goes back to auradon?? thanks sm!

A/N: I seriously loved writing this! Please anon, request anything like this. Just heads up now, you will be seeing more of Carlos!sister x Harry Hook. I might get some Ben!sister x Jay. But I really hope you guys enjoy this.

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Your P.O.V.

“Wait, their only bringing Carlos?” You ask your mom

“The prince only wanted four, and Carlos is one of them.” You mother says

“They can’t separate me and Y/N. We’ve always been the de Vil duo, they can’t separate us.” Carlos says

“You two will be reunited once you four who are going get the wand and bring this barrier down.” Maleficent says

You look at them then back at Carlos and he nods. You walk with him to your room, trying to ignore everything rushing through your head.

“What am I supposed to do without you?” You ask

“You know how to handle yourself. Besides, I won’t be gone that long. You won’t even realize that I am gone.” He says

You roll your eyes as you start to help him pack what he needs.

“Kids, lets go!” You hear Jafar yell up

You walk out with your brother, looking at the limo. You and Carlos stop and you give him a quick hug.

“I’ll be back for you. I promise.” He says

You nod and step back onto the steps, grabbing Jay’s shoulder.

“Watch out for him please.” You say

“You got it Y/N. See you soon.” He says

You watch them as they drive off in the limo and you sigh, walking back inside.

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But think about the difficulties Asami and Korra will face sharing a bed.

Korra’s from the south pole. She keeps her arms bare at least partially 90% of the time. Meanwhile Asami, hailing from the Fire Nation, is very fond of that coat of hers. How long did it take them to figure out how much to leave the window open at night so Asami doesn’t freeze yet Korra won’t bake, and then Korra slides into bed, looking for snuggles, only to hug a cocoon because Asami borrito’d herself in blankets

anonymous asked:

May I request how FRA+SAERAN will react when MC got kidnapped? Thank you

Alright anonny so when I finished writing the RFA in this headcanon, I realized just how long I made these. Another anonny requested the same as you but also with the minor trio so I will make a separate post adding them in the next couple of days! Anyways, thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • When Yoosung received a ransom that you had been kidnapped by members of Mint Eye he was furious
  • Sure he was scared at first but Yoosung pushed his own fears aside in order to find you
  • Acting childish and scared wasn’t an option for Yoosung, your life was on the line and he would do whatever it took to get you home safely
  • With Seven helping him track the location, Yoosung drove as fast as he could to Mint Eye, ignoring the RFA’s offers to help him
  • You were his precious girl, he didn’t have time to get help from the other members he needed to get to you
  • When Yoosung entered the eerie building, he frantically called your name and ran through the long hallways
  • He reached the grand central room where he almost chocked on his own breath at the sight before him
  • You were kneeling on the floor, hands, feet, and mouth bounded as a very familiar blonde hair woman smiled viciously as she pulled your hair towards her, making you whimper in fear and pain
  • “Well, well it took you long enough to show up Yoosung. I hate to treat poor little MC this way but I had no choice really, it’s the only way to get you to join Mint Eye with me, dear. So choose Yoosung, forfeit MC’s life or stay with me here at paradise!” Rika exclaimed like the madwoman she is
  • You tried to shake your head no as the cloth muffled your voice but Yoosung gave you a quick nod, he went up to Rika and put his hand over his heart and before she could react, Yoosung punched her straight in the face
  • While the guards were distracted, Yoosung carried you as he ran the two of you outside to his car
  • Once in a safe location, Yoosung untied your bounds and you immediately hugged him, crying into his shoulder as you thank him over and over again as he hugged you back
  • “I know how terrible of a person Rika is, Seven told me all about her. I don’t care if she is my cousin, no one hurts you and gets away with it. I’m so sorry that you had to go trough that MC, I promise I’ll never let her hurt you again for as long as I live.”


  • Zen knew he should have pressed charges against Echo Girl when he had the chance, if only he knew what kind of monster she really was
  • One day after practice Zen hummed happily to himself as he waited for you at a local restaurant but when he got there, you were no where to be found
  • He aimlessly scrolled through his phone when he received a text from Echo Girl
  • Zen’s eyes widened in horror as he saw a photo of you badly bruised and unconscious on the floor as Echo Girl smiled on the side of the photo with the caption ‘such a stupid girl who deserves to be kidnapped.’
  • Without a second thought, Zen had Seven track down Echo Girl’s location as he sped as fast as he could to the location on his motorcycle
  • He burst through the doors, ready to murder anyone in his way, but froze when he saw Echo Girl squeezing your throat
  • She squealed when she saw Zen, letting you go to rush to him but Zen shoved her out of the way and knelt down to cradle you in his arms
  • Furious because of rejection, Echo Girl grabbed a knife from one of her body guards and lunged towards you
  • At the last second, Zen shielded you from her attempt, getting a slash to his arm as a result, and called for the back-up guards Jumin had sent
  • Zen ignored the pain in his arm, seeing you lay unconscious, bruised, and bleeding in his arms was more painful than anything to him
  • You woke up a day later in the hospital with Zen sitting in a chair across from your bed with a heavily bandaged arm yet he still gently hugged you close to his chest as the two of you shed tears of relief
  • “I’m so sorry for not getting to you sooner, MC. I’ll make sure no one ever takes you away from me again, the pain of knowing you were hurt killed me. Please know how sorry I am and how I will never, ever, let anyone hurt you again my princess.”


  • Jaehee never thought that saying ‘no’ to a customer would end up with you being kidnapped
  • It was only a day ago when the two of you were working at the cafe and a group of thugs came in and started catcalling you and trying to touch you, calling woman weak
  • Jaehee wasn’t having it and demanded that they leave, assuming that would be the end of it
  • But when she entered the cafe the next morning, Jaehee discovered a ransom note saying that the thugs from yesterday kidnapped you and wanted Jaehee to go to them and confess that woman were weak
  • Never in her life did Jaehee run as fast as she did at that moment, knowing that every second that passed could be another second of you in danger
  • Jaehee barged into the place where the thugs instructed her to go and gritted her teeth in pure anger at the sight
  • The main thug had you tied up to a pole, having his disgusting arm around you while the others threw money at you and called you degrading names
  • None of the men knew what was coming until Jaehee kicked the daylight out of them, all ended up being unconscious with serious injuries
  • But none of that mattered to her, Jaehee quickly untied your bounds as you shakily fell into her arms, apologizing for getting her in this mess
  • Jaehee took you back to her home and made you stay with her for the next few weeks, giving you plenty of reassuring words that you would never forget
  • “This was all my fault MC, I should have called the police when I had the chance. But it’s in the past now and what I do know is that no one, and I mean no one, will ever harm you again. I’m won’t leave your side MC, not now and not ever.”


  • Jumin couldn’t comprehend how this happened, he had the best security and well-trained guards in Korea yet you had been kidnapped
  • It all started when he was sitting at his work desk signing documents when Jaehee burst through his door holding a ransom note
  • His hands shook as he read the contents of the note, one of Jumin’s company rivals kidnapped you and unless Jumin payed the ransom money and shut down the entire C&R corporation, the rival would harm you in more ways than just physically
  • It took Jumin less than an hour to track your whereabouts with Seven’s genius skills
  • Even though his head security guard advised Jumin not to enter his rival’s building, Jumin wouldn’t take no for an answer
  • He swore that if that bastard touched one hair on your head he would rain hell on everyone associated with that man
  • When he entered the room where you were being held, Jumin’s eyes filled with rage as he saw you sitting on his rival’s lap, hands bound, gagged, and blindfolded
  • Jumin tried his best to keep his composure as best as he could until he saw a bloody gash on the side of your head, that’s when he lost it
  • He ripped you away from his rival, giving him several punches in the face before Jumin’s security team showed up
  • As much as Jumin wanted that man to suffer more, he quickly turned to your shaking figure and released you from your bounds
  • The second you were free Jumin gently wrapped you in a warm hug, tears spilled from his eyes as he apologized for not helping you sooner
  • He was relieved though that besides the cut on your head and the rope burns, you were unharmed, although the same couldn’t be said for Jumin’s rival who was taken to rot in hell in a prison cell
  • Jumin took the next month off from work and didn’t leave your side, he hardly let go of holding your hand, as he constantly assured you that he would never let anything like that ever happen again
  • “I will be eternally sorry for what happened to you, MC. But I vow that you will never be in harm’s way again. I swear upon my life that I will keep you safe because losing you would be losing apart of me. I could never bear not seeing your beautiful smile everyday so I will always protect you.”


  • Anyone who knew Seven should have known better than to mess with someone precious to him
  • When Seven tried to call you since you were taking longer than usual buying groceries, he was met with the voice of his former agency’s boss instead of yours
  • His boss chuckled evilly, saying that he had some of his grunts kidnap you and took you back to the agency, pausing momentarily as Seven screamed into the phone to let you go
  • But his boss said that if he ever wanted to see you again then Seven would have to hack through their security to find you then he would consider setting you free if Seven went back to work for the agency
  • Seven forgot how tough his former agency’s security system was, he took off his glasses and furiously wiped his tired eyes in frustration as he knew he was taking too long
  • He received a motivation on his phone that was a video of you, tied to a chair and with your mouth covered, and Seven’s former boss saying ‘you’re not being quick enough Agent 707’ who then kissed your tear-streaked cheek before smacking you across the face
  • That was all the motivation Seven needed, he was quickly able to track you down and grabbed his guns, ready to destroy all of those scumbags for hurting you
  • With Saeran guarding the car, Seven nimbly infiltrated his former agency, knowing exactly where to step to not get caught
  • He kicked down his former boss’s office door to find him holding a knife to your neck, threatening to kill you if Seven didn’t cooperate
  • Seven cautiously set down his gun, as much as he wanted to shoot his boss down dead Seven saw the look of fear and desperation in your eyes as you struggled against your restraints
  • As his boss was making some obnoxious taunts, Seven, being the little speed demon that he is, dodge behind his boss and knocked him out with the back of his gun
  • Security alarms went off as as much as he wanted to kill his former boss for harming you, knew that your safety was too priority
  • Seven quickly untied you, gritting his teeth as he noticed more bruise marks on your skin, as he carried you to the car with Saeran urging them to hurry
  • Once safely back at his bunker, you collapsed in Seven’s arms, sobbing as you thanked him for saving you
  • Seven softly hushed you, holding you tightly against his chest as he felt his own tears threaten to spill but he knew calming you down was more important
  • “This is all my fault in the first place, please forgive me MC. I swear on my life that I will never let anyone lay a hand on your again. Saeran and I are going to track down and destroy the agency, so you don’t have to worry anymore. I’ll keep you safe, now and for forever my love.”

bimulder  asked:

18) things you said when you were scared & 99) tell me a secret

season 6; an easy, stupid case 

He’s holding the gun wrong. Arms straight out like divining rods, elbows locked so the veins nurse’s love to poke at go an uncanny blue. Mulder wants to nudge Scully. Say: He’s going to break his arms firing the gun that way, you know. She’s a doctor. She would want to know things like this.

“I’ll kill you both,” he says. Scully is alter-idol still beside him, but he can feel the slight waver of her fear like a change in wind. Here’s another thing he wants to tell her: We believe the same thing this time.

He’s holding the gun wrong, gonna break his arms, but the muzzle is the right direction. Mulder can see it: the kid is maybe twenty-three, wild-eyed, and if (when) he fires, it’s going to kick back so hard he’s going to break his skull on his living room wall. Still. Mulder has never been so certain, so stupidly sure, that he is going to die. The kid is going to break his skull and the bullet that he’s going to fire from that held-wrong gun is going to blast through his stomach and catch Scully in the collar. They’re gonna bleed out slow and angry on this crappy farmhouse floor.

Just a routine background check, sir, he imagines telling Kersh. Did you know that sometimes people who buy mulch are making bombs and their own meth and don’t know how to hold guns? Did you know they’re too stupid not to fire them?

“Mulder,” Scully whispers next to him. The kid is blinking slowly, like trying to re-focus his eye like binoculars. His tent pole arms stay sharply out in front of him.

He wants to say: I know. I know you’re afraid. I wish I wasn’t just wearing the ankle holster so that you could reach my gun. You know how to hold a gun, Scully. You keep your arms bent like you’ve calculated the angle. You don’t miss and you don’t die.

“I swear to God,” the kid says.

Mulder wants to say: Amen.

Scully shifts, just about imperceptibly. She’d been yelling earlier, voice flat and unaffected. The threats they teach you in Quantico, but the kid’s face had remained blank. Now she just says his name.

When she’d been sick, she’d been sharpened down to a quick point. All eye games with death (blink, you motherfucker) and bared teeth. When she’d been dying, she had not been afraid. Now, with a scar under by the skin of her neck, she curls her fingers into the arm of his jacket and mutters his name.

The kid opens his eyes again, and they are wild, still, but clear. He rests his finger on the trigger and squints.

Scully tugs at his jacket again. She mutters something so fast and serious that he thinks is a Hail Mary, but no. “Mulder. Fuck. God, Mulder, I have to tell you something.”  

He wants to say something gallant. Wants to say: I know and fashion himself swashbuckling in his last minutes. He’d always wanted to look like Harrison Ford. But her fingers are digging through his jacket into the skin at his wrist and he doesn’t. He doesn’t know. He wants to say: Tell me a secret, like summer camp, but then the kid takes a swaggering step forward and Scully says something that is most definitely a prayer and Jesus, he’s never heard her voice climb the scale like that before.

Then. The kid learns to bend his arms. His uncanny blue veins disappear as he jerks his arm to his head, holds the gun the right way for this, and god, he’s twenty-two, twenty-three, he is a kid. Mulder reaches for his gun but Scully is faster and she, she knows how to hold it correctly and her arms absorb the shock like she might stand in front of a wave, California baby, and the kid’s arm drops away from his head. 

He feels the fear go out of her like smoke. Puff and you’d blow her out. She looks at him and says, “We’re gonna need paramedics. He should be fine, but.” She’s feeling around for her cell phone. He wonders if her hands remember how hard she’d been holding his coat.

And, when there is nothing to do but sit on the porch steps of the old farmhouse as sirens fade away, there is the knowledge that this is just one of many. Cut it, print it, that’s a wrap. The kid didn’t have a name and if they wake up shaking, well, at least this time everything happened fast. Neither of them bled. The certainty from before drops away like a curtain in the hazy evening light.

He nudges her with his shoulder. “Hey,” he says. The crickets hum. “What was your secret?”

She pauses for a second, squinting into the falling light and the reanimated corpse of a red truck in the unfamiliar yard. Someone will be coming to take their statements shortly. The town was short on local force.  “I didn’t say it was a secret.”

“But you were whispering. That means it was a secret, Scully.”

If they lived out here, he thinks, and it surprises him that that is the whole thought. Before he cuts it off and the crickets hum, he realizes he was finished. If they lived out here. If they. If they lived.

She huffs something like a laugh, says, “Mulder.”

“Yes?” He looks at her for the first time since she’d dug her serious fingers into his arm. She is fading into the light out here, he thinks. Going gold with the sunset and pretending not to feel him look at her. Her mouth twitches. Yes, he thinks, there it is. I am sure, sure, he thinks, but he doesn’t think of what. I am sure. “I’m just waiting for my promised secret.”

She sighs, turns to look at him and squints at the scrape on his cheekbone from the slug the kid had greeted him with at the door. She bites her lip, brings her hand up to his face. Says, “Hold still.”

“I am holding still. I’ve got all the time in the world.”

She breathes in. The EMTs who came for the kid had checked his head already. She opens her mouth and then closes it again. The click of her teeth is sharp, like the snap of a mousetrap. Holding something down and in. Her hand goes still against his temple. He closes his eyes. The crickets hum. If they. If they lived. He thinks that maybe, if it is possible to feel someone smile, then he is feeling hers in her fingertips - warm and familiar with the power of a trigger, soft against his face. She’d had a secret to tell him. They’d been ready to die stupidly on the farmhouse floor. The light is gold out here. 

He wants to say: Yeah, Scully. That was mine, too.

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What kind of blades are best for slicing through different types of metal?

Fantasy/sci-fi ones, like Warhammer 40k’s Power weapons or a lightsaber.

Using a blade on metal is usually a bad idea. The reason is fairly simple, you’re going to damage the weapon. It doesn’t matter how sharp the blade is; in fact, sharper blades will actually suffer more damage. The edge itself will chip and deform.

Actually using a sword or dagger against someone in plate armor isn’t about cutting through the armor itself, it’s about finding the points of articulation, where plates meet, and stabbing through that gap.

The only time you’d want to be striking the plate directly is with a weapon designed to pierce armor, or just confer massive amounts of force through the armor. That’s maces, flails, war hammers (the actual weapon, not the game), mauls, and some polearms. Basically anything that’s either a glorified beatin’ people stick, or a beatin’ people stick with a spike or two on it.

I say “some polearms” because, there is a lot of variety in polearm styles, each with a different role in mind. Some were designed to pierce armor, while others are knives tied to the end of a really long stick. In a few cases, like the halberd, it’s a combination of both.

Now, if your character has an enchanted weapon that’s resistant to damage, or it’s some kind of very high tech weapon, again, like a 40k Power Sword or a lightsaber, then any conventional armor isn’t going to be much of a threat to your weapon, or even much of an obstacle.

If you’re wondering, the worst kind would probably be historical katanas. They were just not designed for contact with metal, and trying to use one against someone wearing plate or chain would quickly slag the blade.


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Ello! I would like to make a request please as I have spent my break just going through your masterlist and I need more! Could I get one with the four main bros seeing there S/O being kidnapped by Ardyn and they are being rendered unable to stop all they can do is watch?? Who doesn't enjoy a bit of angst now and again haha well thank you for your time and have a lovely day!

Hope this is what you had in mind :)


He was never going to make it. You were too far away and Adryn already had his hand around your neck, jerking you to one side as he taunted the prince. Though he watched at the villian’s lips moved, he could only hear the ringing that grew louder in his ears as he sprinted forward. Maybe if he could just get close enough to warp he could - 

You were gone. In a flash, you were gone and he stared open mouthed at the space you had just occupied. Falling helpless onto his knees, an inhuman sound escaped his throat - something between a growl and a scream. How was he supposed to protect his people if he couldn’t even protect you - the very person he loved more than anything else in the world. 

You were gone…and there was nothing he could do to stop it…

He would find you. He had to. Prophecy be damned - he would find you even if it proved to be the last thing he ever did. 


Your name left his lips in a desperate scream as he stumbled forward. He’d raced through the maze-like hallways of the Nif’s keep in order to find you. It was another form of torture designed to run him mad, all orchestrated by the burgundy-haired madman with a penchent for the eccentric. 

“Too slow,” Ardyn’s voice reached his ears the same instant his eyes landed on you. Your toes dangled above the stone floor as you scratched frantically at his hand where it wrapped around your neck and held you up. tears leaked from your eyes and it was obvious you couldn’t breathe. “You’re going to have to be faster than that,” Ardyn tutted. 

He snapped his fingers and Prompto was sucked through space, appearing at the entrance to the keep once more. The same thing had happened a dozen times; he was too late to reach you and Ardyn took joy in hurting you right in front of him. 

“This time,” he growled as he sprinted forward. 


 Another MT fell in a twitching heap before it disappeared into a cloud of darkness. Glancing over his shoulder, Gladio caught sight of you taking down your own target. You were so focused as you landed the killing blow that you missed the Chancellor walking casually up behind you. Before he could scream your name in warning, a hand gripped the hair on your head and jerked your head to the side. 

Rage bubbled inside his veins as the Shield took stock of the situation, he barreled forward and summoned his greatsword once more. 

He wasn’t going to make it. 

“Better luck next time,” Ardyn tipped his hat before you disappeared in your own puff of writhing darkness.

All the air left Gladio’s body in that instant and he lost his footing. The large man fell into the damp ground, barely managed to catch himself before he smacked his face into the mud. Your name was a strangled roar as he moved the hair from his eyes and summoned his sword back into his shaking grasp. 

Nothing would keep you from him. 


Everything was going perfectly to plan as Ignis watched his friends take on the imperial forces that had attempted to take them by surprise. Each had their own group of enemies to face but everyone worked in sync, falling one after the other. Sharp as ever, the strategist noticed the soldiers focused on you seemed to be intentionally guiding you away from the group with your attacks. 

Calling your name, he used his pole arm to end an enemy in his way as he turned in your direction. To his horror, he recognized Chancellor Izunia as he gripped your face, his fingers digging into your cheeks as you grit your teeth against him. He chuckled, tilted his head to the side, and shot an icy smile towards Ignis. 

“Doesn’t seem that everything is going to plan, then.” He smirked and jerked your forward, his hand sliding down to your throat and squeezing. 

Ignis made a move to reach you but found his path blocked by another group of Niffs. The calm mask he wore so often shattered and panic rose in his throat like bile. He called out your name once more, swinging his daggers with an unreal speed in hopes of freeing you. Just as the last soldier fell, Ardyn tipped his hat and disappeared, you caught in his grasp. 

He dropped his daggers, flinching as they clattered once before disappearing into the light of the crystal. 

Slow Burn - Part 4

Pairing: firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count:  2,826

Summary: The reader is reluctantly setup on a blind date and it doesn’t go as planned. Is there an instant spark or is it a slow burn?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“Come here.” Dean gently grabs your hand. He pulls you out of the kitchen and down the hall into a bedroom and closes the door.

“Let me see your phone, sweetheart.”

You hand it over and Dean enters his number then calls himself.

“There.” He says with a smile.

“I hate to rush this but I have to go.” He pulls you into a tight hug. He gives you a quick kiss and then rests his forehead on yours.

“Can I see you again soon?” Dean wonders sounding unsure of himself. Crazy boy.

“Um. I’d fucking hope so. We’re engaged.” You smirk.

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