Hoofddorp, Land Art Park Buitenschot, H+N+S Landscape Architects and Kort de Paul, 2013

The noise reducing effect of reshaping the ground’s surface was the inspiration for a landscape strategy and design for an area of approximately 330 hectares to reduce the groundlevel noise of starting planes on the runway ‘Polderbaan’ of the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. It is expected that the construction of this landscape design will reduce the noise with 8 to 10 decibels. With a working landscape strategy in place, an initial area of 36 hectares was agreed for the project. This area, Buitenschot, was already allocated as a new park area. To create a symbiosis between the purely functional horizontal ridges and a pleasant environment this part has become Buitenschot Land Art Park. According to recent measurements the park has a noise reducing effect of around four decibels, which is more than the technical models predicted. While park Buitenschot is just a small part of the total landscape strategy, the neighborhood for which the strategy is developed already experiences a significant noise reduction. The concept is proven to be effective and can be translated to other areas and airports that have similar noise problems.

Finalist of Rosa Barba International Landscape Prize 2016