Polaroid Pictures AU
Its a soulmate au where you have a special camera and every time you take a picture a couple (You and your partner) show up in it.
Evan was the one taking the pictures and he was super confused about this.
It was a good au but its also a mess.

Tagged by @infiniteseatbelts

Tagged by @infiniteseatbelts ( WHY??)

One insecurity: I think everybody hates me 

Two fears: being lonely in the dark and the future (scares the hell out of me)

Three turn-ons: being with someone you love, soft pajamas and a date just to sing

Four life goals: move into an apartment with big windows, get some awards, graduate in psychology and be happy most of the time

Five things I like: cappuccinos, when bees show up of nowhere, freshly laundered sheets (hell yeah sis!), when a random animal comes at you at the street and let you pet it and neck kisses

Six weaknesses: incessant self-deprecation, overthinking things, feeling sad when I’m alone for too long, indecisiveness (I feel you @infiniteseatbelts), being sad out of nowhere and misunderstanding things.

Seven things I love: my bed, walking in the park, polaroid pictures, good cup of coffee for a cold day, hugs, pets and plants.

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anonymous asked:

Pancakes or waffles? Water or tea? What's your favorite day of the week? Do you have a favorite flower? Dawn or dusk? Photography or artwork? Polaroids or digital pictures? (Hope this helps :] )

Ahhh… No pancakes or waffles… Don’t judge me, I’m not much of a fan of either… 

Water  ♡

Saturday because I can sleeeeep

Daisy  ♡

Dusk~ I love watching the sun set and the sky change colors 


Polaroids! I love the physical copy of the pictures and I just got an instax so >:3 i’m glad about that  ♡