• me:what a great day
  • me, 1 second later:*starts thinking about torchwood and jack harkness and about how all his friends are dead and he just has to move on but he misses them so much and he just has to LIVE without them he literally doesn't have a choice and about how he probably has a cute polaroid picture of them all together and smiling and sometimes he likes to look at it and reminisce and he cries*
  • me:
  • me:what the fuck
Just a thought

Sometimes I think about being Harry’s favorite person to take pictures of. It wouldn’t matter what you were wearing or how your makeup looked because the pictures would all be candid. And why they were always candid is because when you were aware of camera you’d almost always would hide your face or contort it into a really funny face. Oh and Harry would have so many pictures of you when you’re driving or when you’re reading. He’d probably have a billon pictures of you doing that scrunchy face you do when you don’t like something. And you’d catch him sometimes and ask him to delete the pictures and such but sometimes you’d know he was there with a camera but you didn’t stop him. Harry would also carry an old Polaroid picture of you when you were reading with sun glasses on and you aren’t wearing any make up. He looks at that one when ever you two are separated and he just kind of smiles when he sees it. But he also has different kinds of pictures too, some that aren’t as good. Harry would also carry another Polaroid picture of when you and him had just got off from your highs and you still bare and sweaty and he keeps that one with the other one in the very back pages of his journal, which is another reason why it’s so private.

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i hav this v specific headcanon that louis partakes in "girly" hobbies (like shopping, makeup, knitting etc.) bc he likes them but also bc people tell him he can't and wheneve anyone tells him he can't he jus rolls his eyes n says "well jeremy looks like /someone won't be getting a handmade scarf for xmas this yr"

louis’s done things just to spite people from the day he was born, gets good at them just to grind someones nerves to dust, loves the way their eye twitches when he perfects something they said he’d never be able to understand, let alone learn. has a box shoved under his box of things he did out of spite; the box includes:

  • homemade badges with feminist and trans slogans
  • two perfectly knitted scarves and one small knitted wolf
  • a portfolio of face charts for makeup looks, all graded at 100%/a
  • polaroid pictures of things he’s baked perfectly just because someone said “but you burn everything you make”

So I got this little headcanon that Kageyama likes taking polaroid pictures. He also like Hinata and Polaroid pictures of Hinata. So he documents lots of things and treasures the memories. For some weird reason he seems to notice everytime he pictures Hinata a ray of light shines at him. He’s probably just imagining it. (He’s not. Hinata is pure sunshine that all light is attracted to him even the moon’s and stars’.)
(Also what do you mean I snuck in bokuakakuroken and yakunoya at the back??)