Ana-log: The Drozd Family (sans Daniel and Lottie, at school), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

First stop today on way out of  OK. Steven and I have at our most have spent 5 consecutive days with each other and at our least and on average, somewhere between 45 minutes and a night since we met in 2002. Pals passing in the night. Haven’t seen their new house which isn’t so new. A real beaut. Nice family these folks. Their backyard should be declared a national park. 

Ana-log: The Coyne Family,  Oklahoma City, OK

Last shot at end of long day. We like the first one, just prior to this better but I threw Michelle completing out of selective focus.  And it was very dark–second long exposure. And I’m nearly blind anyway. And it was a long day and it’s been a long trip and all this shit is heavy, I just need a bath, no time for baths, must keep moving, Roxanne is dressed, I’m not even dressed yet, I’m typing this, hands very chapped,e ever so chafed, need some cream..



asked to provide some self portraits for an upcoming profile i discovered there was little in the way of dearth.