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Hi Everybody,  

We have an announcement and it’s a little bittersweet. September 12, 2016 will mark 5 years of us posting a Polaroid-a-day. While that makes us very proud, it also feels like it might be the right time to stop. Fewer film options and increasingly busy lives have made producing a photo each day a challenge. And while we still love this city, things have changed here. We never had an end date in mind when we started this project, but 5 years seems as good as any a time to call it quits. Part of us wants to keep going, but we’re also happy to leave behind a 5-year instant photo time capsule of San Francisco, from 2011-2016.

This also doesn’t mean we’re going anywhere! Polaroid SF is near and dear to our hearts. We’ll still be taking pictures, collecting cameras, and enjoying San Francisco, as well as occasionally posting polaroids. Just not as regularly. We’d like to thank you for following us, and for sharing in our love for San Francisco all these years. Until next time.  

Very best, 

Polaroid SF 

Today marks two years since we loaded up our Polaroid cameras with film and hit the streets of San Francisco with one goal in mind: to post one photo a day, every day. We didn’t know what we’d shoot next, or even how long we’d keep it up for. We would look to our city for inspiration, and just let these cameras do their thing.

Posting a photo a day isn’t the hugest of feats. But over time, those days add up. Then all of a sudden it’s two years and a ton of pictures later. As this city changes, and as we change, it’s kind of nice to have this one constant.

We just want to say thanks to everyone who makes this whole project possible. From the people who have invited us into their homes and studios to be photographed, to the folks on the street for whom seeing an old Polaroid camera sparks up nostalgia. From the friends we’ve made through a shared love of instant photography, to the people who’ve afforded us amazing opportunities to get our work out there. From the people behind the scenes who see something in our blog, to every one of you who follow it. And to this fine city, San Francisco, our golden muse.

So will there be a photo tomorrow? Will we go for another year, number three? You’ll just have to wait and see.