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okay here is the story. i was looking at polaroid films, and this sales associate came up to me and asks me something, but i didn’t hear what he said. so i assumed he asked what kind of polaroid i owned. so i said “yellow”. when in reality he asked for my name. so yea. my name is Yellow.

A 13-year-old boy made an eerie discovery when he bought a camera at a garage sale and found a photograph of his dead uncle inside.

Addison Logan found the old Polaroid camera on sale as he went around garage sales with his grandmother, Lois, in Wichita on Thursday.

He bought the camera for $1 and went home to research how to use it on the internet. When Addison removed the cartridge and opened it he saw an old photograph inside which he took over to his grandmother. Lois identified one of the people in it as her son, Scott, who was killed in a car accident 23 years ago.

She guessed that the photo, of him and his high school girlfriend Susan, had been taken about 10 years before his death. 

Lois was shocked when he told her it had come from the camera they had just bought together. How the camera came to be on offer at the garage sale is a mystery in itself. The Logans don’t know the man who held it and he doesn’t remember where it came from either. (Source)


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