polaroid instant film


A few weeks ago, I caught a bad case of flu. Stuck at home unable to do little more than search through camera porn online, I found an old Polaroid Land Automatic 100 for a few dollars. I ordered it.

It arrived a couple days later and I discovered why the shipping cost more than the camera itself: there was an original 4.5v battery that had exploded in the battery chamber. 

I removed the guts and cleaned out the chamber with a Q-tip soaked in baking soda-and-water paste. I then found an LED flashlight and cannibalized its battery sleeve, which holds three AAA batteries that total up to 4.5v. 

I simply taped the camera’s wire leads to the battery sleeve’s poles and tested the shutter. Click.

Here’s the first test exposure (on Fujifilm FP-100c).