polaroid gang

anonymous asked:

That Ohm and Delirious Gang Beast polaroid was adorable!! Can I ask for a Cartoonz and Bryce one too? XD so they don't have to photobomb like adorable dorks

Might as well keep the chain going, though they’d still photobomb people like dorks, i mean, come on? (i wouldn’t really know if i should call it a photobomb? I just didn’t know what to write) I’ve had a lot of trouble wrapping my head around on how to draw Bryce and Cartoonz in this style, but here they are.

bonus: Stickers! Also they stole the camera from Ohm. 


The sign's aesthetic

Aries: sneaking out at 3 am
Taurus: pink cake
Gemini: Greece and black lingerie
Cancer: road trips and white comforters
Leo: abandoned houses and motorcycle gangs
Virgo: Polaroids and 1940’s jazz
Libra: cotton candy and fairs
Scorpio: festivals and black leather jackets
Sagittarius: dandelion meadows and the beach
Capricorn: fucking in the office
Aquarius: tree houses
Pisces: morning sex and skinny dipping