polaroid convert



Each year since Bud was born it’s timed out that we’ve had to leave town for work, for a few months during the first part of the year.  And each time he’s returned a slightly different little person. He lived in New York from 3-6 months old, then again from 14-18 months. And today we returned from New Mexico to where he arrived just shy of 2 and a half and departed just shy of 2 and 8 months old. Each time we arrive home I take an instant photo of some variety in our bedroom. 


yesterday emily osment came over –

and first we made a silly video to promote our forthcoming feature length motion picture, No Way Jose  (or in Serbian iНема шансе Јосе)  which  I directed and in which she plays my lovely and infuriating sister. Then we got right down to serious goddman business and took some polaroids.