polaroid card

get lost. take that train. read for hours so time passes faster. talk with strangers. say hello to dogs. walk down streets you’ve never been to before. look up to the sky. go to coffee shops. tell that barista that you think her shirt is cute. take pictures with your polaroid camera. buy post cards. ask random people what their mantra is. go into that hipster looking vinyl shop and support the owner by buying a record by his favorite band. laugh with people you’ve just met. exchange numbers. ask for book recommendations. buy that book in the book store right around the corner. take the bus to a park. watch the sunset. remember that you are loved. take the train back home. hang the polaroids up your wall. continue exploring and learning. learn to love life.


i had such a nice and awesome 18th birthday yesterday

thanks to everyone who made this day extra special

here are some of the presents i got, i love them all so much, so thanks again to my parents, my brother, @avocados-and-cats , nast, @thecloudswonthearyou , jana, thuy ( @natsu-bad i can’t link you?) and  @a-fangirls-heartbeat

8 / 10 / 2017

Ok so taking a break from studying and I’m in a little mood. This journal is from 5 years ago. So many memories.   When was the last time you looked at your old journals?

lmao lok at me talkin, i ochestrated this whole pic for 1 hr n also that’s not even a bed, that’s my desk with my dirty bed sheet on it tHANKS BYE

So you want to have an inmate pen-pal...

Great! The art of writing and corresponding with hand-written letters is a dying art, and that’s a shame. Corresponding with an inmate in prison can be a fascinating, informative and transformative experience that causes a free person to gain insight into aspects of society and human nature, and it can give an inmate a window to the world that they are missing out on. But on the other hand, sometimes it can turn out not so great. I will talk about that later on. But here are some guidelines to get you started.

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i’m back! for @yoonminist

“that’s your third redbull, are you sure you’re down for coffee? in the evening?”

“fuck calculus. i study music.”

jimin tries very hard to muffle his laughter behind the bubblegum pink and mint green swirl of his big, fluffy cotton candy but to no avail. yoongi sees his gorgeous smile right in between where the spiderweb-like threads don’t meet. it’s halfway done, jimin has a sweet tooth, and yoongi feels full just seeing his smile.

“you’re going to get cavities eating that thing.”

“and you’re going to have a heart attack.”


they’ve been walking around for the entire day, legs beginning to tire out from today’s festivity. jimin’s bag is already full of polaroids, and yoongi’s memory card is only going to accept three more pictures on about 20% battery. it was a fun day. yoongi enjoyed the music, jimin enjoyed the crowd. somewhere in between the stench of sweat and a lot of foreign millennials around with little to no clothing, yoongi found happiness in the way jimin’s smile never left his face the entire day, basking in the thrill and the music and the way he feels so alive after a week of grueling finals. yoongi’s finals were shit, but at least one of them is happy. he’s never been happier, to be honest, that their friends ditched them just because it’s nearly forty fucking degrees outside. he can’t complain though, with jimin’s tank top and shorts, snapback backwards to prevent his bangs from sticking to his forehead. don’t forget those round shades he likes so much. oh, yoongi couldn’t fucking complain.

jimin spends his one last polaroid on the purple-pink and orange sunset, yoongi spends his last remaining shots on jimin taking the photo and while he turns around to turn to yoongi. from the eye of a passerby, it kind of looks picturesque–the love that flows but neither of them knows it.

the last song is a cheesy one, a sweet r&b song. the female singer’s voice is nice. it reminds jimin of yoongi’s friend in one of his subjects. her name is suran and she’s amazing. jimin likes her a lot. the rapper sounds generic, but the song is nice and his flow is neat and jimin finds himself singing along to the second chorus, waving his hands in the air because this is honestly the best. day. ever. yoongi thinks so, too.

“this song is nice.” yoongi blurts out of the blue as he bops his head to the beat. 

“right?” jimin turns to him once, hands still in the air with a big smile on his face. 

yoongi doesn’t have a very photographic memory, that’s why he likes taking pictures. he wants to remember what he sees forever, and the way the sunset casts a pretty glow around jimin’s entire being is something yoongi wants to etch permanently in his mind. jimin is still singing along, and yoongi is quick to swipe to his camera to take a few shots of this very moment.

jimin frowns right after, but not with a shy smile as he turns back to the artists on stage. yoongi doesn’t. he couldn’t give a single flying shit to anything right now.

with his heart thudding a mile per minute, he gently reaches for jimin’s hand. “hey…”

yoongi grips, jimin grips back, and god bless him because he doesn’t pull away when  yoongi slots their fingers together. “hey yourself.”

“i wanna tell you something.”


yoongi looks at him right in the eyes, something he’s been doing a lot the past few months. “this is the best day of my life so far.”

jimin is trying to hide the squeal he’s been holding off for the whole damn day. he steps closer, something about wanting to hear yoongi clearly from all the unwanted noise. if that’s really the case, then yoongi doesn’t step back, steps closer, in fact. “yeah? how so.”

“i guess this is our first date.”


“date. i wanna take you out on a date.”


yoongi goes for it, the man that he is, slowly but surely, when he’s sure jimin isn’t going to pull away. the first touch of lips are a bit dry, but just as yoongi was going to make a move, jimin beats him to it, and then it goes a little wild, goes a little soft. people are staring but they couldn’t have asked for the perfect first kiss that’s a little overdue.

if you ask yoongi the meaning of happiness, several years ago it would be him making music on his beat up toshiba laptop with cup ramyeon on the side. right now it’s having what’s to be his life in his arms giving back love yoongi doesn’t even think he deserves. they don’t say much about what they feel for each other, but they’re pretty sure everything is damn well mutual with the way jimin hugs him tight around his neck, a smile hidden in yoongi’s neck when the american guys around them holler. yoongi understands the ‘get a room, lovebugs’. he flips the guys off once with a big ass smile before he drags jimin out of the venue.

“let’s go.” 

with their hands tight around each other, it’s quite impossible for jimin not to follow.

“where to?” jimin asks as he catches up to walk beside yoongi.

“somewhere only we know.”

So I managed to bag myself the whole box of these Polaroid style photo cards (You had to buy the whole box if you wanted the special card in the bottom right corner).

The annoying thing is, there is an odd number of packets to cards in the box, so I’m gonna have to go try my luck for the last four cards T_T (I don’t have 7, 8, 21 and 25)

HOWEVER, I was lucky enough to get the two secret cards!  I’ll put them under the cut for people don’t want to be spoiled.

They’re definitely worth it ;P

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