polaroid 150

default stats for my original classes holy uhhh shit


  • Hired to guard the base against Spies during off hours and Sniper nests during battles, the Guard is equipped with a Thompson submachine gun, pump-action shotgun, and an electric cow prod.
  • class; offense
  • primary; thompson submachine
  • secondary; shotgun
  • melee; cow prod
  • 175 hp, 260 hp when overhealed
  • 90% speed


  • Editor and writer for Teufort Times, the Reporter utilizes her job at Mann Co. to gain access to crime scenes and the personal lives of the other mercenaries. She is equipped with her trusty camera, a 22mm pistol, and a baton.
  • support; defense
  • primary; .22 pistol
  • secondary; polaroid camera
  • melee; baton
  • 150 hp, 225 hp when overhealed
  • 100% speed


  • An apprentice to Medic and Spy as well as the base’s maid, the Duster is trained in both healing and stealth. She is equipped with a slingshot, her custom built medigun that stores health kits, and a knife hidden inside a feather duster.
  • class; support
  • primary; slingshot
  • secondary; medigun
  • melee; knife
  • 125 hp, 185 hp when overhealed
  • 110% speed