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I change out knives regularly, often carrying a James folder or Benchmade Presidio auto.

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Here’s my everyday work bag which keeps me ready for almost anything the day throws at me!


#TravelTuesday with Guest Photographer Bob Wick to Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area – A Quiet Oasis in Urban Southern Florida!

Visitors to the Atlantic Coast of South Florida who want a break from the hustle and bustle of this mostly urbanized area will find a welcome respite in northern Palm Beach County.  The 120-acre Jupiter Inlet Outstanding Natural Area packs in a remarkable array of natural and historical resources in addition to its spectacular namesake lighthouse.  The 105 foot tall brick lighthouse itself, an early homestead, and other historic structures are visitor and photographer mainstays and are open for tours most days. However, don’t end your visit there.  An interpretive trail traverses several Florida coast vegetation types and ends with an overlook of mangrove forest and the intracoastal waterway.

Photo tip: A polarizing filter works just like polarized sunglasses and cuts the glare on the water surface and other objects. This will improve photo clarity of manatees as they remain mostly under water, and also brings out the colors of all scenery – it’s my mainstay filter and as a bonus it (like any filter) protects the camera lens from scratches.

The waters around the ONA offer opportunities for snorkeling, kayaking and stand up paddleboarding past mangroves and other native vegetation. Osprey, herons, egrets and ibis are commonly seen along the shore. In winter, manatees congregate in the adjoining waterways and are often visible surfacing for air right next to shore. Look for gopher tortoises along the trails sunning themselves at mid-day.

Photo tip: When photographing wildlife, try to capture behaviors; an osprey eating a fish, a tortoise walking towards its burro. This makes for more interesting shots than an animal just standing looking at the camera.

Check out our @esri Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse ONA multimedia storymap for more stunning photos, helpful links and a map of the area:  http://mypubliclands.tumblr.com/traveltuesdayfloridajupiterinlet

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This is what I carry around almost every day, usually in a black Maxpedition Sitka pack. What watch I choose depends on activity. Apple Watch to regular workdays or a jog, the Jaeger on important meetings or to balance out an under dressed outfit. The G-shock whenever I feel the need to express or act out my inner explorer and of course when I’m out hunting or trekking.

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This is my daily on body carry for work and around town…minus a few choice items. I plan on adding a flashlight to the mix very soon, too.

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All day, everyday.

Hey Bleach characters, what would you do for a Klondike bar?

As requested by anon. :)

Klondike bars, according to my extensive (10 sec.) research, are a kind of ice cream snack coated in chocolate. Apparently their commercials ask people what they would do for a Klondike bar. So now we will ask Bleach characters that very question!

Kenpachi: I’d fight Ichigo for one!

Grimmjow: I’d fight Ichigo AND YOU for one!


Nnoitra: Wait what’s a Klondike bar?

Kenpachi & Grimmjow: [shrug]

Nnoitra: Right…

Yachiru: I’d wander in the forest with Ken-chan for three days, just like for any sweet snack!

Nel: Nel would eat a rock! Rocks are good as an appetizer!

Soi Fon: I would do nothing to “earn” a sub-par snack.

Omaeda: Yeah! If they’re not expensive, then how good can they be?

Soi Fon: You know I hate it when you agree with me, Omaeda!

Omaeda: Sorry?

Ukitake: I would cut off an inch of my hair for each one! And then hand them out as snacks to all the kids of Soul Society!



Matsumoto: I might flirt a little for one, I guess!

Hitsugaya: I fail to see why I would do anything for one.

Matsumoto: Ooooh good point - you could just make your own!


Byakuya: If people are willing to go to great lengths to obtain this ‘Klondike bar,’ then it must be a source of pride.

Byakuya: Therefore I will do whatever it takes.

Iba: Since the icon of the Klondike bar is a polar bear, I’d trade a pair of sunglasses!

Iba: …Polar bears like sunglasses, right?

Barragan: I will not do anything. But my fracciones will do whatever I bid, so there are options.

Ulquiorra: Unless a Klondike bar has a heart, I’m not really interested.

Yhwach: I’d give all of my subordinates for one. So yeah. I wouldn’t do much.

Karin: I might pay money for one. You know, like a normal person.

Ichigo: Um, I mean, if the Klondike bar needed help, then I’d do pretty much anything for it that it needed.

Ichigo: I’m pretty equal opportunity when it comes to helping people.

Ichigo: So has the Klondike bar been kidnapped, or…?


Ichigo: Why is everyone looking at me like that?

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7 Stunna Shades for Stylish Men

When the temperature rises and the sun reaches its peak, you better be ready with the right stunna shades worthy of being paired with your tailored outfit. Whether your cruising around town with your convertible’s top down, or sipping espresso in a charming cafe on a European vacation, make sure the accessory prominently resting on your face and providing shade against sunlight, does an outstanding job of reflecting your style. 

1. Thom Browne TB-004A Sunglasses: Dual purpose. For the gentleman that has less than perfect vision, but objects to wearing contact lenses in order to wear sunglasses, this transforming piece by Thom Browne is a stylish choice. 

2. Brioni Metal & Horn Square Polarized Sunglasses: A luxurious alternative to the classic Clubmaster design, this is a pair that you would not want to lose. Handmade with buffalo horn and metal, this Brioni piece is perfect for both a casual and dressy look.

3. Linda Farrow Luxe Unisex Aviators: For the fashionisto that prefers a lowkey look, this aviator by Linda Farrow adds a perfect touch of subtle affluence. Pair with neutral tones, and lightweight materials like cotton and linen menswear essentials.

4. Tag Heuer TAG L-TYPE SunglassesEyewear for men with a need for speed and a craving for adrenaline. The very masculine L-TYPE sunglasses is designed entirely in carbon fiber. The red tips at temple? Just perfect!

5. Thom Browne Oval Acetate Sunglasses: Unique, without being too eccentric, the Oval Acetate Sunglasses by Thom Browne is steampunk chic. Think the piece is too “out there” for you to rock? Nay. Easily match it with a basic tee, tailored jeans, and a moto jacket. 

6. Ralph Vaessen Job Horn SunglassesWhile it may have the usual shape of the popular frames that appear in hip hop music videos, the Job sunglasses by Ralph Vaessen wraps the classic shape in dark, sophisticated horn. Wear it with tailored shorts, a casual tee or shirt, and sleek, bright sneakers.

7. Chrome Hearts Home Plate SunglassesLike other works by Chrome Hearts, this edgy eyewear screams rockstar style. All black everything. Need we say more?

Wouldn’t you expect a certain caliber of eyewear to be sitting on your face for everyone to see? When the common aviators and blocky acetate frame sunglasses just won’t do, you’ll find next-level men’s luxury eyewear you would actually want to wear on Wantering.

Submitted by Todd

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Stuff I take with me to work. I made the leather goods and camera wrist strap.

Mini Vacay 

Must-have pieces for your weekend getaway 

The luxury of the weekend offers the perfect opportunity to get out of town for a few days. Whether you’re hitting the open road with close friends or planning a staycation in your own city just for fun, these warm-weather essentials will freshen up your weekend wardrobe in no time. 

Start with a roomy weekender bag, throw in some sunglasses, a comfy romper and espadrilles, and you’ll be squashing that wanderlust bug in style.

1) Ray-Ban ‘Original Aviator’ 58 mm Polarized Sunglasses 

2) Victoria’s  Secret Collection Ankle-Wrap Espadrille 

3) Forever 21 Soft Woven Origami Shorts

4) Forever 21 Underwater Strappy Bikini

5) Victoria’s Secret High-Low Cover-Up

6. Alice + Olivia Pire Sleeveless Crop Top

7) Kenzo Intarsia Knit Top 

8) Paige Denim Verdugo Skinny Jeans

9) Joe’s Jeans Venice Denim Shirtall Jumpsuit

10) Longchamp ‘Le Pliage Cuir’ Leather Handbag

What will you be packing?

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