かれこれサイトマスター ワンエイティは10数年使っていて先日のトラウト釣行の時も活躍してくれた。

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This is my daily on body carry for work and around town…minus a few choice items. I plan on adding a flashlight to the mix very soon, too.

Submitted by Todd

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Stuff I take with me to work. I made the leather goods and camera wrist strap.

Submitted by Mikael

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This is what I carry around almost every day, usually in a black Maxpedition Sitka pack. What watch I choose depends on activity. Apple Watch to regular workdays or a jog, the Jaeger on important meetings or to balance out an under dressed outfit. The G-shock whenever I feel the need to express or act out my inner explorer and of course when I’m out hunting or trekking.

submitted by Matt

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All day, everyday.


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