polarized color


Elena Chernyshova aka Елена чернышова (Russian, b. 1981, Moscow, USSR, based France) - Days Of Night, Nights Of Day project, 2012-2013. Days of Night, Nights of Day is about the daily life of the inhabitants of Norilsk, a mining city northernmost of the polar circle with a population of more than 170,000.  The city, its mines and metallurgical factories were constructed by prisoners of the Gulag. With 60% of the present population involved in the industrial process, this project aims to investigate human adaptation to extreme climate, ecological disaster and isolation.  Photography 

anonymous asked:

*LE GASP* Your HTF drawings look so cute! I would love it if you drew a Flippy! In your spare time. Sorry for bothering you...

Here ya go! It’s been a while since I’ve drawn any htf characters so forgive me if he looks a bit off from how I usually draw ‘em. Also I just messed around with the adjustment settings on the second one. Looks super terrifying with the contrast all the way up oh god what have i done


Simon Roberts (British, b. 1974, Croydon, England) - 1: Untitled 5 St Petersburg, Northwestern Russia, December, 2004  2: Untitled 3 Murmansk, Northern Russia, 2005  3: Untitled 1 Murmansk, Northern Russia, 2005  4: Untitled 1 Murmansk, Northern Russia, 2005 from Polyarnye Nochi (Polar Nights) series, 2004-2005  Photography