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Boku, Ore, Watashi

Okay, I have to throw in my two cents in regards to the Mutsuki’s Pronouns ordeal. Let’s start here:

From what I understand, he used both the hypermasculine ore and typically-feminine watashi this chapter. This caused some confusion, as MS took the watashi bit and translated all pronouns surrounding Mutsuki to “she”.

In my opinion, this isn’t really appropriate, since Mutsuki has explicitly stated that he wanted to live as a man, and never the other way around. On top of that, the people closest to him have always referred to him as “he”, to his apparent approval. Until he says “I want to live as a woman”, this should remain. As a rule of thumb, it’s socially correct and just downright polite to refer to someone as the pronouns they say they are.

Now, let’s look at Kaneki and Mutsuki in relation to one another. They are a true example of two people who’s lives parallel. They both grew up in abusive households, both underwent unspeakable torture, and both found themselves living under the care of the CCG. The two of them have the white hair and eyepatch to make that abundantly clear.

So. Remember this part? In english, Kaneki is saying “I? I? I? Me?” etc. It translated that way okay because it sounded like he was stumbling over his words while his brain was doing somersaults. But in japanese, he’s actually saying “Watashi? Ore? Boku? Boku, boku–” because at the time he was struggling for control over his body.

  • Rize used Watashi
  • Yamori used Ore
  • Kaneki uses Boku

Rize trapped him into this lifestyle and Yamori enforced it. To Kaneki, he felt like his life belonged to them now, and the “real” him had lost control. He knew that the violence was wrong, but needed “their” strength to protect himself and the people he loved.

Mutsuki is also struggling with who is controlling his body.

This is KEY to the polar shifts in his personality, and how he goes from a gentle doll to a rampaging killer in seconds. He disassociates and blacks out when he goes into these fits, and can’t remember what happened when he comes-to. 

denial, then warping walls as he comes back to himself

Here’s the thing: when Mutsuki refers to himself as a woman, or uses feminine pronouns, he’s seeing himself as the weak person who was abused by his father; the person who slaughtered his entire family. He is disgusted by that– by himself– and equates womanhood (incorrectly) to this awful, despicable, abhorrent thing from his own experience as a woman.

  • He was abused by his father as a woman (weak). 
  • He murdered his family as a woman (violent). 
  • He was leered at in the club as a woman (vulnerable).
  • He was dressed like a woman when he stumbled into that corner of the auction and ate someone out of desperation (barbaric).
  • He was treated like a woman when he tore Torso limb from limb and was forcibly reminded of what he had done in his past (grotesque). 

…and now resorting to violence is how his mind protects itself from more internal damage, unaware to itself that it’s trapping him in an downward spiral. Every time he’s put into a place of discomfort, he’s rocketed into an unhinged frenzy that he knows in the confines of his mind is wrong, wrong, wrong, but he can’t stop it. He’s triggered into lashing out at Touka when he’s jealous to avoid feeling (like a) vulnerable (woman) again, but in reality it’s doing him much more damage.

Unfortunately, Mutsuki hasn’t been able to catch a break or find some level of stability since his capture on Rue, and the “grotesque” parts of his self have now consumed him almost completely.

That, essentially, is why he’s using ore and watashi (and boku in the beginning, when he was stable). Like Kaneki with Rize and Yamori, Mutsuki is trying to have some kind of control over the “self” that has taken control of his body.

So when did DC get to be the sensible, progressive comics publisher and Marvel the one that’s run by grimdark fuckboys? This seems a polar shift from a few years ago.


by Réginald-Jérôme de Mans

Even if no man walks alone, John Steed stands alone.

Stood alone, rather, the news of his portrayer Patrick Macnee’s recent death making my old memories immediate again. I saw my first Avengers episodes in France. They were dubbed and I was bemused to see Macnee-Steed addressing not Madame Peel, the Mrs. Peel even a casual fan associated with the show,but Mademoiselle King, the replacement character played by Linda Thorson in the show’s last year of production after Diana Rigg had left the show and pretty much taken its mojo with her. Macnee, of course, had been both before and after Rigg and the ineffably, incomprehensibly glorious complement in need of a strong, progressive female character – which Tara King conclusively was not. 

Still, even in the show’s messy, gaudy 1968-season decline, Steed’s unmistakably, ornately iconic character stood out. Through persistence- or inertia- I made it through a wearingly convoluted plot to the closing credits (featuring card tricks supposedly performed by Macnee himself), to one particular credit that’s stayed with me for years: “Mr. Macnee’s suits designed by HIMSELF.”

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Oh, the Things That Happen on a Ferris Wheel

Note: Very suggestive content

The ask that inspired this scenario: When Kris and is girl is at an amusement park and she is constantly being a tease and then the ferry wheels conveniently halt at the top.


Even with all the carnival music blasting from different attractions and stalls, you can still distinguish the huffs of annoyance coming from the bright blonde, lanky lamp post trailing closely behind you. Too distracted to care about your boyfriend’s lack of enjoyment in the infectious excitement of the amusement park, you let his hand slip away and ran up to the massive billboard map.

“Baobei,” Kris called, taking quick strides to catch up to you and sending silent glares to people that were taking the serendipitous opportunity to check out your butt. He stood behind you and placed his hands on either sides of your waist, pushing you down from your tip-toes. “That says ‘Count Dracula’s Haunted Mansion’.” He muttered, hiding the exasperation in his voice.

Kris’s lips curled pleasingly when you sent him a bright thankful grin before turning back to the board to trace your finger over the path to the attraction. Instinctively, you rose on your toes again to reach the high point of the map and his smile tightened into a prim, displeased line. “We’ll go there first and then go around that way so that the ferris wheel is the last thing on the itinerary,” you planned out a schedule from your head, demonstrating the route to Kris.

“Or…” Kris opposed, reaching out and trailed his long finger in the opposite direction of your calculated route, “We go here then walk here to the ferris wheel and call it a good day.”

“That’s a total of two attractions,” you glowered, not amused, “You promised me a full day of,” your hands raised to demonstrate mock apostrophes, “‘fun’ Kris.”

“I can be very fun naked,” Kris whispered suggestively. “Not too late to get back to the car and head home now, you know.”

“Then go home and get naked by yourself.”

Kris groaned at your reply. His hand found its way through his hair as he watched you strut off purposefully. When he saw the head turns you were earning, his blood simmered readily. Then as the mumbles of male appreciation regarding your legs filtered through his ears, Kris felt his blood boiling into steam and escaping from his ears. He chased up to you and pulled your hand back, halting your step. “You just had to wear this today, didn’t you?” Kris whipped off his jacket and wrapped it around your waist.

“You said you liked it - ow!” You mumbled meekly before yelping loud when he pulled the knot too tight on your waist. ”Sorry,” Kris apologized, “I do like it.” He smiled warmly up at you.

“You’re not forgiven - yet.” 

You want ‘fun’ Kris?”

Your brows raised in amused expectance, “Humour me.”

Time flew by faster than you liked. Kris kept his boredom at bay and entertained you in all ways possible. He walked bravely, holding hands with you throughout the dark haunted house, except one part where he screamed when something brushed over his face. He screamed with you on the roller-coasters and then bought drinks to sooth your sore throat. He got wet with you on the water ride and even offered to take off his shirt for you to cover your own wet shirt. You denied him, not wanting other girls to steal glances at Kris - not that you didn’t notice some did.

“Not trying to ruin your plan, baobei, but I can see your bra. Let’s go to the ferris wheel and let it dry off before everyone get a glimpse of my goods.” Kris said. “Your goods?” you asked back. Kris lowered his lips to yours, kissing sweetly and then muttered with confidence, “Mine.” You giggled, lacing your fingers between his and pulled him towards the entrance of the ferry wheels. As you both waited in line, Kris furtively moved his hand to the hem of your denim skirt to try to tug it down to a more reasonable length. The same moment his fingers found purchase, you stepped back unknowingly, accidentally letting his good intentions go to Hell.

He froze. The feel of the fabric on his fingertip sent electricity rushing through his nerves to the sinful place restrained by his casual dark jeans. Just with one touch Kris can imagine the exact lingerie set you was wearing; after all, it is his personal favourite. His most precious present is wrapped in soft ribbons adorned on sensual lace. The mental image pique his interest, travelling fast to the tight place between his legs - and he’ll be damned if the dark jeans hide anything at all.

You didn’t miss your dear dominant boyfriend’s little helpless intake of breath. This time you stumbled another step backward and bumping your backside on him, letting your butt slide over his crotch. Kris choke on a breath. The man may be a control freak in bed but he had little control over what his second mind has to think. And right now, you know that his second mind likes your choice of attire - very much. You turned around, replying to Kris’s suspicious scowl with a guileless smile and innocent blinking. “I’m having so much fun today,” you exclaimed happily, pulling him into a hug. Inside, you know the statement applied more to you than him. This is the perfect time to feed Kris a taste of his own medicine. The one where he endlessly tease you as you beg for him to take you. The roles are switched. You plan to take advantage of amenable ‘fun’ Kris before the darker, untamed one return.

The attendant led you and Kris into a cabin and shut the door after wishing you both a fun ride. Kris settled on the bench as you stood across from him, peering out of the clear glass. He was awfully quiet on the ascend, not even moving a muscle. All of which was probably due to the view you were giving him as you bent over to look down over the entire amusement park. “We’re up so high.” You sighed in awe, bending fractionally lower. Kris gulped and agreed absentmindedly, “It’s great.” 

“It’s hot here.” You took off the jacket he tied around your waist, throwing to him before you went over to the other side and sightsee again. You felt his gaze on you, and it was making you brave. A face-splitting grin was on your face. You knew that Kris was losing the game he loves to play. Not for once did you think you could pull off an act like this. The feeling was exhilarating. Just as you were mentally dancing in gleeful victory, the wheel came to a rumbling stop at the peak. You stumbled, falling into Kris’s lap as the speaker announced a technical difficulty and asked for attendees to remain calm. Kris stayed stoic while you shifted on him, perfectly aware of his erection.

“Lucky us.” He finally said, smug triumph lacing his words. You shivered, physically feeling the shifting polarity of the situation. Kris held you still on his lap, his breathing hot and close to your ear. “Tell me about your day, baobei.” He said casually.

“I had fun. Er… You were fun. The park was entertaining, enjoyable. I liked it,” you found yourself rambling, suddenly nervous confined in a closed space with him. “I had fun, too,” Kris kissed the side of your exposed neck, “Until someone played with my feelings.”

“I didn’t,” you denied, your mouth dry. “My day is still going great.” His hand trailing over your chest towards the hem of your short skirt. “Did you tease me on purpose, baobei?” He purred, flicking his tongue over the shell of your ear. “N… No,” you answered shakily.

“Oh well. I’m going to fuck you here anyway.”

You gasped, struggling against his hold. It was all fun and game until things get out of hand. Kris should come with a warning sign so you know when it is suitable to joke around with him.  “Kris…” You grabbed hold of his hand in an attempt to still it, “Not here. Please.” He ignored you. “I’m going to take my sweet time with you.” His finger brushed over your clothed sex and a small sigh escaped your lips. You could hear the smirk in his voice, “I’m going to fuck you. Hard. The way you like it. And I won’t let you come.” He circled your clit and then stopped, “Baobei, do you think you deserve to come?”

“Please…” You pleaded, not sure if you’re begging him to stop or start. Then when your hip bucked towards his finger for some friction, you knew exactly what you wanted. “You don’t play nice,” he accused, a hint of childish petulant in his voice.

“Neither do you.”

Kris pushed your panties aside and slide his long digit into your slick arousal. “Really? I always thought I played nice.” His finger eased in and out in a slow, lazy rhythm. You couldn’t protest. You didn’t want to. This was border-lining morally wrong and yet it felt sinfully good. Your body slumped back on Kris’s chest as you let him pleasure you. The cabin felt as if it was 100 degrees and your head spinning from the heated sensations between your legs.

“You make me so hard, baobei,” Kris whispered. “I want to fuck you until your legs give. I want your voice hoarse from screaming my name. I want to ruin you for anyone else. You are completely mine.” His possessive words roused your body up even more. Liquid heat swirled low in your stomach. “I love you, baobei. Only you.”

“I love you, too.” You breathed, barely able to find your voice amidst the hazy euphoria. Your eyes flared wide in panic when Kris withdrew suddenly. Your body tensed, too hot to function. Your mind errant and confused. Kris swiftly pulled down your skirt as the door slide open.

The attendant bowed respectfully, “We apologize for the inconvenience. I hope you had a fun ride.”

Still feeling out of place, you took Kris’s offered hand as he took you out of the cabin. You barely noticed the ferris wheel moving again because your senses were determined on a climax. The embarrassment sank slowly into your skin as you flushed seven shades crimson.

“Last ride.” Kris’s eyes twinkled mischievously with a devilish secret as he led you through the crowds and towards to the parking lot. The car was parked in a quiet, secluded corner and you noticed there wasn’t anyone loitering around the area. Kris opened the car door and urged you into the backseat before joining you. With quick efficiency, he moved you to straddle his legs. His hands firmly holding your waist, pushing your shirt to reveal some skin. Without protest, you hooked your arms around his neck and pulled him into a kiss, letting him take charge and possess you. It’s what he does best after all. 

“I really like this skirt. You’re so… accessible.” His eyes glitter with salacious promises with those words. A soft, pliant sigh emit from your lips as Kris hiked the denim skirt up your waist, all while trailing the side of your neck with hot, sloppy kisses.

This is your rightfully earned punishment after all.


(O_o) someone brick me now.

Urm. Don’t do this in public y’all. It’s rather risky… Hot and exciting, but not worth a criminal charge.
And protection. Don’t forget protection.


YAY annabella’s first kris scenario on here~ enjoy guys! 


6 Shifts In Consciousness We Are All Experiencing Right Now

Absolutely everything is a wave of energy and there are many new energies taking place on Earth. We’ve shifted consciousness, but we’re still using old reflections to create our reality. Abundance in all aspects of life is now much easier to achieve in the new vibration and a confidence in our abilities will soon magnify to great levels in the coming years. There will be some obstacles and challenges ahead, but know that the following shifts in our being are happening right now as all humans are born into spiritual wealth without practice.

Vibrating frequencies build a virtual construct that makes you think you are in a physical world, but you are not. You are living in a holographic universe which is an illusion – so well designed, that only the highest beings of light can see it for what it is. This is your destiny, but now you will continue to play this game called Earth at a level never played before. You are still playing with three dimensional rules in a fifth dimensional world, but you’re quickly learning how to make the transition by shifting energy.

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“Aren’t you Lilin even aware that your A.T. Field is merely that wall that encloses every mind that exists?”

Noticed the importance of the polarization shift in the brig window while watching the film in the theater earlier tonight. For anybody wondering how the English dub holds up, like with the rest of the Rebuild films, the translation, in all of its fragility, is perfectly adapted and the actors all do truly outstanding work.

A big shout-out to the Funimation crew for treating the series with such painstakingly detail-oriented respect. I, and I’m sure the rest of us looking to dissect the meaning of every line and image, appreciate it wholeheartedly.

The Evolution of the Geo-Magnetic Polarity Timescale through time. 

Time runs down the figure in Millions of Years (Ma). Every black bar represents a time when earth's magnetic field was in normal polarity (like it is now), and the white represents when magnetic field was flipped so magnetic north shifted to the geographical south pole. Each of these black or white bars are referred to as Chrons in Earth Science. 

Each column is a scientific publication showing the understanding of the timing and duration of the polarity shifts, moving from older data on the left to modern data on the right. 

Thanks to tumblrs size restrictions this is the scaled down 20 million years long version. I have one running down my office wall that is 90 million years of data. 

I created this figure with the help of Time Scale Creator software.

anonymous asked:

Who's hair game is stronger Denmarks or The Netherlands?

Whenever Denmark and Netherlands’ hair attempt to lock prongs, the combined gravity-defying boosts found in their hair bounce off of each other and repel.

On days with extremely low air pressure, Netherlands’ hair barriers can undergo random shifts in polarity. As a result, Denmark is sometimes able to break through and successfully spar Netherlands’ hair. An apt comparison for these days might be a boxing match in which one of the contestants is sick with the flu, however, and it is not a true judgement of Netherlands’ abilities.

Overall, a victor does not stand!


Lab-Made Compound Lens Works Like Flies’ Eyes

Microscopic liquid crystals have been made into a compound lens that could be used for 3-D imaging. University of Pennsylvania researchers built the lenses by creating tiny pillars out of a polymer sheet. The liquid crystals were then applied onto the sheet and self-assembled around the pillars’ curved surfaces.

Each variably sized crystal produces clear images at different focal lengths. They arrange themselves from largest to smallest crystals in concentric rings around the pillar

“That they focus on different planes is what allows for 3-D image reconstruction,” said chemist Shu Yang. “You can use that information to see how far away the object you’re seeing is.” 

The crystals are also sensitive to light polarization. In the gif below, created from a video that accompanied the group’s study in the journal Advanced Optical Materials, light polarization is shifted from vertical to horizontal to vertical again. With vertically polarized light, images of smiley faces only come into focus in the lenses to the left and right of the micropillar at center. See the video below. 

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Higher Self is Merging with the Earth Plane

I keep getting signs especially by listening to others experiences and what i have experienced within this last week that we need to see the veil is down. I’m betting this will only continue to increase as we make our way into the equinox but something happened on the Procession, it released a trigger. A trigger we only once dreamed of, it flipped the switch so that all will Awaken as if the polarities did shift. That is because the veil is already down, the spiritual world is right here because it’s starting to integrate within the material. Now it’s about learning to channel from both worlds as they interconnect into eachother. 3d is past we are now infinite as the dimensions are infinite. Dimensions are not places they are merely states of consciousness, different levels of the same dimensional staircase. Zero point has come, zero point is us.

Maybe our desire to *find* 5d consciousness is merely realizing we are already IN 5d consciousness because we are all the dimensions, we are all because we are co-creators. Maybe we aren’t stuck at all, maybe it’s merely an act of remembrance of our divine past innate nature of ourselves. Maybe we’ve all ascended  and we just don’t fully see it yet, Maybe Ascension is merely a state of mind where we travel the dimensional realms of consciousness. We are our past, our present and our future unified into one. 

The symbols are all around us some numbers, some words, some deja vu patterns, some guides, some teachers

Creating. we create all the time, you create with your thoughts, your opinions,your feelings, what you project out into the world. Manifestations, they are here. they are us, they are you, they are what is reality. 

So maybe our suffering is only healing and maybe our desire to be ascended is realizing we are already ascended. Zero Point happened. Zero Point is our blackhole energy, as we are all infinite vehicles driving our ships to where we go. Think about a car. when you’re driving aren’t you present but also in motion, you have the ability to look behind you into the past or the ability to look forward into the future as you’re sitting within the present. Maybe that is what life is like, we’re all just driving vehicles searching for destinations that we need to acknowledge within ourselves. It’s about the journey though, it’s about the process to love and be loved through healing, through understanding, through compassion, through cognitive dissonance but most of all it’s about each other. 

We could never do this alone, we have to do this together. And that is why we’re here. 

To show people the spiritual world is already here, it lives within us and it lives within Mother Earth. 

We are your best fantasy turned reality, your dream within a dream, your love turned into beauty, your utopia, your paradise but first you have to acknowledge it within yourself. 

The spiritual world is us. 

How to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Emotions

If you have opened to read these words, I completely bow and honor you, who feel the world with their heart first and then the mind. This is an integration and collaboration for the new world and fifth dimensional reality to arise. I see you, I feel you and I am so excited you are here, thank you infinitely!

I will start this off by saying the word Empath gets swung around a lot in the psychic realm or alternative community, it is built almost seemingly from the mystics but there is a very fine tuned science and brain chemistry to define an Empath and the neurology associated with such people. One day I will write more about that science but for now… Empaths are the people with the power to feel other people’s emotions. The saying runs true, it is both a blessing and a curse to feel the world through the heart of someone who carries the world within it. In my opinion, this is the attunement of the new age. Being able to feel another person’s heart is a gift that is being given to so many to help change the planet! Congratulations, if you can relate to this article, you have been selected as a bringer of transformation. Can you feel it?

For thousands of years we have not had the ability to interconnect with so many beings at one time and for the first time the majority of the planet with a computer screen facillitator, can read and become educated about the strange world they would have mentally shut out. We are entering a time on our planet where it is no longer needed to protect ourselves or separate ourselves for survival but the exact opposite is need for our survival, to join our hearts together as one to help heal the planet we have separated ourselves from.

We need to feel the person next to us to give them the few words that come with ease and grace so we can to help them on their healing journey. We need to feel deeply within to be able to see the destruction of the planet and hear the voice that will tell us the solutions. Feel to reconnect your cranial antenna (your pineal gland and pituitary) to the circuitry of your brain that will truly connect you to the entirety of the universe. But wait wasn’t this article supposed to be about not feeling or not absorbing other’s feelings? Yes, yes, just wanted to lay some groundwork of why what you are experiencing is truly incredible.

So to the part that isn’t so glamorous: I know that feeling oh so well of walking into a congested room and feeling the vibrational cyclone overwhelm your whole entire being. Looking into some beings eyes and feeling that moment in complete synchronicity with them. Whether it be, being brought to tears of joy or agonizing pain; intertwining outside of bodily constructs to merge perfectly in the ethos with a stranger. In a world that is filled with chaos, this entanglement often feels involuntary. The entanglement feels like an energy donor situation or depletion and here is where you can take your innate and instinctual gifts to engage your energy field to give what is needed to yourself and the beings on the planet.

See, the way I see it Empaths are the catalyst for change, I MUST MENTION that this is NOT suppose to be at your sacrifice in this dimensional shift. Instead of a duality state of giving of yourself to be able to receive something, it is more like an alchemist pot. We feel emotions coming through our bodies because our electromagnetic centers are so clear vibrationally, that we can pick up the signals of other to help recalibrate those around us. Again, this is not suppose to be at the expense of you or the other person but more of a soul tuning and refinement. Just as a guitarist listens to a certain cord to tune his guitar, this frequency exchange is what most Empaths are feeling. We have received our attunement from the center of all the universe, specifically Gaia’s calibration of her electromagnetic centers or the polar shift (which has already begun). Though it is not our job to completely “tune” someone else. We are here to feel their emotional state as a vibration and then the paradigm shift is not to sink to their vibrational state but to go within once again, to find the true resonance of the new planet Earth and then vibrate that into all of the space around us for calibration.

I will give an example of how I have been utilizing this internal technology: Say someone is in my space and I can feel that energetically they are directing anger towards me, someone or something around me ( which to me feels like energy daggers) or someone is sad, depressed, or needy (which to me feels like they are creating a vibrational vortex to try to restart their internal generator or in other words suck energy from you, someone or something in the room).

  1. Acknowledge Their Energy, “I see you” - There is this space in the ethereal that most sensitive people or Empaths can feel and that is the place where all of the universe comes from. The singularity, this is where all of the universe culminates and although this is the last thing you would want to hear at this moment when you feel the need to throw up a psychic protective wall, the truth is in the end and/or beginning all of infinity joins in one point (or at least that is what quantum physics is pointing to right? ) When you “call the energy out” there is a neutralization that happens within the laws of entanglement theory in physics. You are saying to their energy field and to their higher selves or to the electromagnetic space uniting the two of you, “You are being heard, you are not alone and we are one.” In a dualistic reality there are really only two spectrums of emotional resonance and then all of the thousands of variations that stem from that. The two spectrums being: love (the state that we are entangling and one) and fear (the state that we are separate and alone). Both are polar power states of being but in my experience when you call out something that is afraid of being separate (I.E. Someone like I mentioned above in neediness or anger) this subtle reminder calibrates the remembrance that they can not be separate, if someone seemingly outside of them can feel their pain.
  2. Go With The Flow, “let it go” –  This next step seems counter intuitive as well because our first response when we feel energetic daggers (as mentioned above) or black hole vortices coming at us is to shut down, run away or strike back (all lower , primitive brain functions). These are all energetic amplifications or replications and mirrors of what you are feeling. Therefore whether you need to walk away from the situation to do this next exercise or stay in the situation because you can’t leave, let the emotion pass through your body without letting it “stick” internally. For example: One of the adaptable substances on our planet is bamboo, like bamboo let the strong gusty breeze of negative emotion move through you, imagine their emotion as a cloud in the sky just passing by with the current. Finally bless this emotion as it passs through and by you. You have already felt the emotion, the electromagnetics of the energy exchange has already been done, no need to throw up a protection bubble just to seal things in. (Although I am just saying this to add emphasis, protection bubbles do work) My favorite is to recognize the feeling and bless that feeling through my heart chakra with compassion. By thinking, “I have been there before, please offer this person grace through this.” Use your greatest crucible for transformation: your heart! You will not only start to transform your heart to be more open and healing but the other person will feel your opening and will start to shift, even if only slighty.
  3. Go With-In or Go With-Out, “we are one” - In my opinion, this is the most important part! Choose to go with-in and feel your heart center again (which is the center of all your being). Go to a quiet place, close your eyes and think of something that makes you happy or feel pure. You have officially rebooted your heart resonance generator! There is also a second option, I started using this with practice, which is to feel your heart vibrational center and then shift the other person’s energy by opening a compassionate conversation or even just compassionate actions like a hug (depending on their openness of course). Either way will bring you back to the singularity or you feeling “centered”.  Sometimes don’t like feeling others emotions because they have forgotten their own internal heart resonance. When you become that singularity within, you create that same resonance in your external environment.

Some of the biggest “uploads” that I think we can receive at this time is to literally become the change we want to see in the world. You have been given this magical gift of feeling the world around you for a reason! Yes, it is an extra sense that some have not tuned to yet. It is our amazing privilege to upgrade by integrating and internalizing this center and develop it’s magic to transform the hearts of humanity. I know that anyone who is reading this is on the same mission and can feel where and what I am saying. To me knowing there is a tribe of us on the planet right now makes me so ecstatically happy. I am so grateful for you! Thank you for all of your work here, WE ARE ONE <3

Finally Together Part 10: a Zankie fanfic

So I was going to wait until after dinner but I hurt my head at work today and I’m feeling awful so I thought this might cheer me up. I’ve started working on Chapter 11, too, but I’ll want to read it again later to make sure it isn’t gibberish.

This chapter is the next morning after chapter 9. After this we jump forward in time!

Thanks so much to all my readers. To the people commenting and supporting me to continue… This is for you! I like this chapter, I hope you do too. :)

*Standard disclaimers apply, no real smut in this one

When Zach woke up, again completely wrapped around Frankie, there was a blissful few moments before he felt it. He hadn’t moved yet and he woke in a glow of happiness. He didn’t need to stop to think about things today like he’d done the day before, he’d already thought about them. In the monumental span of 24 hours, Zach had gone from a no-homo freak out to thinking of what kind of sexy way he could wake Frankie up.

They were both completely naked as they lay under the soft hotel sheet, entangled in each other’s arms, and Zach considered diving right in and waking Frankie up with an enthusiastic blow job. Things had changed so much in the last day. He still couldn’t believe it. But not in a bad way, he was more incredulous that he could be so lucky.

But before he had a chance to decide, Frankie was stirring under him. Zach nuzzled his cheek against Frankie’s chest as Frankie hummed and rolled so he could face him. Zach had to roll a bit to accommodate and that is when it hit. Blinding pain, shooting up his body. His eyes scrunched up and his face contorted as he loudly hissed and then said “Fuck!”

Frankie’s eyes shot open and a wicked smile creeped over his face. “Hurt, baby?” He said with sleepy concern in his tone but the effect was lost because he was smiling widely. Zach made a face at him as he reached around with his hand to apply pressure and calm the pain.

“Fuck. Yes.” Zach replied grumpily, rubbing his ass, and looking up to see the satisfaction on Frankie’s face he said “You don’t have to enjoy this so much!”

Frankie barked laughter, throwing his head back as he did. “You’re damn right I’m going to enjoy it. You were totally evil yesterday!” Frankie was still laughing as Zach looked on, exaggerating his angry expression for effect. “Stop looking at me like that, you look like a puppy who’s been disciplined for the first time. It’s cute. And sexy. And I doubt you’re up for that right now.”

Zach raised his eyebrows, considering. He definitely couldn’t get fucked again right now in this state, but maybe… and then he moved again and the pain shot through him again. He groaned and fell back against the pillow. “No. Not now at least.” He said, sad resignation in his voice. He really wanted to do it again. He knew he was hurting but he knew it wouldn’t last. Frankie had said so, and he trusted Frankie with his life.

“It won’t always hurt like this?” He asked, just to make sure. To reassure him while he was hurting. Frankie smiled softly and gathered Zach in his arms, kissing the top of his head.

“No. You fucked me yesterday morning and did it look like I was in any pain?”

Zach smiled against his chest. That’s right. Leave it to Frankie to point out the obvious and leave it to Zach to miss it. “Oh yeah.” He said. He wasn’t afraid to sound like a fool in front of Frankie. He trusted him to correct him without judgement. He was really his perfect match. His mind followed this trail and he found himself speaking words from his mind out loud. Typical Zach.

“I can’t believe I’ve only known you for 4 months…” He didn’t elaborate but Frankie was able to follow the abrupt change in topics. They knew each other. There was a mutual understanding that was unprecedented in either of their lives up until this point.

“I know. I feel like I’ve known you forever.” Frankie replied, his lips moving against the hair on the top of Zach’s head. He kissed the place when he was done speaking.

“I just never expected to feel like this. I never thought it would happen to me. Because…” He paused. This was actually something he had been embarrassed about for his whole life. Something he had never quite put to words but he had been desperate to. He had made jokes out of it, alluded to it. But he had never come out and said it. Frankie waited patiently for him to continue. He seemed to understand when he needed to speak to support him and when he needed to stay quiet to encourage him to continue. He was perfect.

“Because I was always kind of worried. Like, worried that I was different somehow. Fuck, I don’t even know how to say it, it’s more of a feeling. But like, I never felt real feelings for anyone. Not really. Barely even sexual attraction, definitely not love. I just… didn’t care about people. But, I like, cared that I didn’t care. It worried me.” He paused, his face looking confused as he looked into Frankie’s eyes. “Do you understand?”

Frankie smiled softly. “Yeah. I love you. But you have me now.” Was all he said and he stopped, so Zach would continue. Zach nodded a little in reassurance, and went on.

“I started to think I was broken, like I’d never be able to feel love or even real attraction for anyone. I saw it in movies, I saw friends obsessed with their girlfriends or boyfriends, fuck I even saw my parents together, and I just accepted that it’d never happen to me. And I knew that was weird so I faked it. I faked it big time and hoped it would, like, turn real. But it never did.” Zach’s face fell, and he buried it in Frankie’s chest, squeezing him around the middle. “But then I met you and it was like… like, I woke up or something. Like the world turned to colour. I don’t know how to explain it…”

“I feel the same.” Frankie whispered. Zach looked up at him skeptically. He knew that Frankie had never had a problem with a lack of feeling. If anything, Frankie felt too much. He was emotional and giving and an extremely sexual being. Zach knew he had been in love, had been hurt, that he had deep personal connections. Things that Zach had never experienced. His thoughts must have showed on his face, because Frankie continued. “Not exactly the same, but I know what you mean about when we met. It was like all of a sudden you became the center of the universe. I had no idea what was happening or why I was feeling that way, but it was like the second we got to know each other, the like, fucking polarities of the Earth shifted or something. Like, you were suddenly my true North. No matter where you were it was like I was a needle in a compass and I just wanted to be with you. I can’t explain it.”

Frankie was just going on and on, speaking from the heart with no filter, and he suddenly felt a drop of water hit his chest. He realized with a start that it was a tear and instantly he jerked into consolation mode, wrapping Zach in his arms and gathering him up so that he could kiss away the tears. “Baby, what’s wrong?” He whispered against the soft skin under Zach’s eye. He peppered his face with featherlight kisses.

“Nothing’s wrong.” Zach sniffed. “Everything is right for the first time in my life.” He sniffed again. Instead of working out of the tears he seemed to be working into them, they were falling freely now and he was on the verge of ugly-crying. ‘God, please don’t let me ugly-cry!’ he thought, but he continued without censoring himself. “But today’s our last day here and I just don’t want it to end. I don’t want to do this stupid event today. I don’t want to do fucking poker with Victoria. I don’t want you to leave. I don’t want to be apart from you but I know I can’t go with you. I have this commitment with Hollywood Rejects, and some more stupid events, and Peyton…”

“Shhhhhh,” Frankie soothed, patting Zach’s hair and then wiping more tears as they fell from his beautiful Ocean coloured eyes. “I’ll only be gone a week and then I’ll be back for Halloween and we’re going to have an amazing time. Then it’s only a few more days before you come to New York! We’re going to see so much of each other.”

Frankie pulled Zach’s mouth up for a wet, tear soaked kiss. He didn’t even care when Zach sniffed, but Zach did. He was embarrassed and pulled back. “I’m sorry.” He said, and he smiled a shy smile as he wiped his face. “I’m such a fucking baby right now. I don’t know what it is.”

“Love?” Frankie supplied. Zach smirked. He was already shaking it off and getting back to his happy self.

“Probably just the pain in my ass. Like, the LITERAL pain in my ass. Making me emotional.” He tried to blow off the show of emotion but they both knew he was joking, trying to bring some levity back to their morning.

“I wish I could say I was sorry about that. But it was probably the best sex I’ve ever had, so… Sorry I’m not sorry!” He said sweetly, smiling widely with his teeth showing and mouth open. Zach ignored the smartass look on his face, he was laser focused on the words he had said.

“Really?” He asked, incredulous.

“Really I’m not sorry?” Frankie asked. “Well I think I warned you enough before and it was fucking amazing so… no, not sorry. Sorry!” He laughed again, but Zach shook his head.

“No, I mean that was really the best sex of your life?” Zach was staring into Frankie’s eyes. Was he serious? No way he was serious. He had been with something like 150 guys, all of which had more experience than Zach.

“Uhhh… yeah Rose. Wasn’t it good for you too?” Frankie asked, now a little curious.

“Yes, Frankie, it was the best sex in my life. But I’ve only had sex, like, a fucking handful of times. But it was so good that, like, I almost like the pain in my ass right now because it keeps reminding me of it…” He was a bit shy so he dipped to cover his face, but then he lifted it again as he remembered what they were talking about. “But, like, you’ve been with so many guys. There’s no way that was the best for you.”

“Are we seriously going to argue over this?” Frankie asked dryly.

“Not argue! I just want to know if you’re, like, just trying to make me feel better…” Zach trailed off. He was so self conscious about his ability to please Frankie. He wanted what he was saying to be true so badly but he knew there was no way. Zach had never even been able to properly satisfy a woman, let alone a man, let alone a gorgeous Sex-God of a man like Frankie.

“Zach, I want you to look at me.” He lifted Zach’s chin so he could look deep into his eyes. “That was the best sex in my life, for at least three reasons. One, I’ve never been in love like this. I think that, like, changes something…” He almost looked shy for a second but Zach knew exactly what he meant so he nodded encouragingly. “Two, you were honestly really good. Like, I think you might be a natural at bottoming.” At Zach’s look he laughed and exclaimed, “Honestly! Zach, I think you’ve found your calling!” Zach smirked and laid his head on Frankie’s chest.

“And the third reason?” He asked.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been so sexually wound up in my life. That was a singular experience for me, Zachary. If anyone else had been doing that I would have fucked them into the wall long before we got out of there, parents or no parents.” Zach smiled into his chest, and kissed him. “But I really fucking love you and I’d prefer the future Grandparents of our children not hate me from day one.” Frankie joked.

Zach smiled and looked up at Frankie. “You’re really serious about that?” He asked softly.

“Well, like, obviously we take things one day at a time. But… yeah. I don’t know why. I’ve never felt like this so soon, or even ever. Never, actually. But I’m just… sure. About you.”

Zach smiled widely and leaned up to kiss Frankie sweetly on the mouth. Then he pulled back down and laid his head back on his chest. “Me too.” Was all he said.

The two laid there for almost another hour, both drowsing in and out, Frankie petting Zach’s back and Zach tracing shapes on the bare skin of Frankie’s chest. Eventually they were interrupted by the alarm Frankie had set to warn them about check-out.

As they packed up their room, they kept returning to each other unconsciously. Like magnets. Stealing little touches, soft kisses on their shoulder, or back, or lips. Any part of the body they could quickly grab on the way past.

They were drawn to each other. Zach was suddenly so sure that no matter the time it took them to be together more permanently, no matter the distance in the meantime, they would find their way to each other eventually. It was destined to happen. There was no stopping it.

They were absolutely inextricably linked. No doubt about it.


anonymous asked:

You can be critical of Fire Emblem and still love it. He still drugged her without her consent. The fact that she can't S (A+, which is another irritating distinction unto itself) support with other women is extremely problematic, given how she explicitly states that she prefers women. Andrea Ritsu's original post may have been off-base, and it's certainly not gay conversion therapy, but she was right to point those things out. They're still fucked up.

You missed a lot in my post.

Soleil’s sexuality doesn’t matter in this case.  Say what you want about the design decision, it ultimately changes very little in the support.

Also, my comment:

“The nature of Kamui’s actions are questionable, but the intent is not.”

In other words, draw whatever conclusions you want about the magic powder, it has nothing to do with dates, rape, sex, or anything else even vaguely romantic.

As far as consent, you can do a lot of completely harmless things for someone without their consent.  On Christmas Eve senior year of high school, I made a midnight run to my friends’ houses to drop off gifts.  Because of the way I did it, there was no way for them to provide their consent (formally “accept” the gifts).  Am I saying consent, especially sexual and romantic consent, isn’t important?  Absolutely not.  I’m saying that the devs most likely didn’t anticipate this being a problem, because Kamui is trying to help Soleil with a personal issue which may help her in the long run.  No.  Malicious.  Intent.

You also, apparently, missed the title of the original post that kicked off this whole debacle:

The entire point of the original post was to make a call-out on how IS consists of bad guys who have a negative opinion of gay/bi persons.  This was a polar shift from the Zero/Shara bisexual revelation, which, although met with some mixed responses, seemed to be generally accepted and seen as “a good first step”.

That post has gone viral on the premise that she is championing this great cause by telling everyone about this horrible inclusion in the game, when really it’s harmless.  That’s crap, and it gives IS a lot of PR campaigning to make up if these false call-out posts continue.

We can evaluate the strengths and flaws in Fates just fine without this kind of unwarranted rampaging.  We’ve done it with every game before.

It stands to mention that just about every criticism I’ve seen is from people who are not one of the 300,000+ Japanese players who have their hands on the game.  The ones that are playing it and experiencing the game and all of its features in context are okay with it.  They might not like every single feature, but they like the game in general.