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Silver Age Magneto siblings
  • Pietro: Wanda my twin sister, Lorna my younger half sister are you both alright?
  • Wanda: We are fine Pietro my twin brother, Lorna our younger half sister managed to dismantle the Sentinels using her manipulation of Magnetism which she inherited from our father Magneto.
  • Pietro: Wow Lorna our younger half sister is very good at making use of her power someday she may even surpss our father Magneto in being the Master of Magnetism
  • Lorna: Pietro my older half brother you are making me blush I could never be as powerful as our father Magneto I am scared that I might become far too evil if I do
  • Wanda: Lorna my younger half sister you must have more faith in yourself! A sister of mine could never be evil
  • Lorna: Ah Wanda I am very luck to have you as my older half sister, if I ever do become evil I can rely on you to snap me out of it using your hex powers!
  • Pietro: Enough chit chat Wanda my twin sister and Lorna my younger half sister we must leave now! Quickly!
  • Wanda: Ugh Pietro my twin brother you are always in a hurry just because your power is super speed does not mean we have to rush everything!
  • (Can you tell they're related yet?)