polariod pictures

ryden + polaroids

“Look into the lens, darling”

I imagine human Daddy Bog and his little girl using a Polaroid camera to capture a selfie/wefie cos Bog’s old school that way.

In my head, their first child will always be a daughter. She has Daddy’s blue eyes and mum’s unruly brown hair. She can be sweet and charming but also stands up to bullies at school.

For those who requested for more Human Daddy Bog, I hope you like this!

Update: Mummy Marianne and child, a companion Polaroid piece.

tbh all i want in life is to have rlly nice pink or maybe blue hair, and be best friends w/ my favorite band or teenage boys, and have a rlly nice singing voice & tour w/ a huge band (preferably imagine dragons) and take cute polariod pictures with my fans.