Chibistories Diamond no Ace Special: The #1 Polar Bear Activist 

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Sorry, I know I have other projects I should be focusing on now, but I just had to do this with the controversy of that poor sad polar bear and it made me think of Furuya. No animal deserves to be locked up for selfish enjoyment unless properly taken care of… Please spread the word… 

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Polar North Flurry

Perceptive | Loves the Heat | Disciplined | Dog Person | Coward

Skin | Hair | Blush | Lipstick | Sliders
All outfits are set, including outerwear. Outfits include items from Late Night, Master Suite, and Island Paradise.

**Please note: The Flurrys do use custom sliders. You don’t have to download the sliders, but they will look different without them.

gail-maria  asked:

Headcanon that Alaska looks and acts a lot like Russia and a lot of the states are scared of Alaska.

Alaska is pry half annoyed beyond belief, and half fully exploiting it to their benefit. Just picture it:

“No, Alaska is Russia’s kid and we’re 90% sure they wrestle polar bears in their sleep and are part of a wolf pack. Don’t mess with them; they get to do whatever they want.”

anonymous asked:

In the Iñupiaq culture, it was considered taboo to kill a mother polar bear. If you ever accidentally did, or had to in self defense, you were sometimes given the job of raising the cub. Imagine that for the omega verse. Like if an alpha kills another alpha and their omega was pregnant or had a child, then by law the alpha had to take them in and care for them. So Jack kills Rhys's alpha in self defense and has to take care of either pregnant Rhys or Rhys and his child(ren).

I love this idea a lot, though if it functioned entirely that way I’m sure Jack would end up having a lot of these kids c; but I still like the idea of Jack killing Rhys’ alpha and then taking responsibility for him and Cyrus. Tells himself it’s mostly because the omega is cute, and maybe not the fact that for once he’s feeling the slightest bit guilty about killing someone