Fandom vs Canon (Diabolik Lovers)

Fandom Shu: Lazy closet pervert who loves music and his s/o, likes bathing with his clothes on

Canon Shu: Lazy open pervert with PTSD who wrestled a fucking polar bear and can probably kill everyone in the room if he wanted to. Scared to death of loss. Extreme sadist, cuts you with a knife because your blood tastes better when you’re scared.

Fandom Reiji: BDSM mom friend, likes collecting plates

Canon Reiji: Pessimistic sadist with a sibling oriented inferiority complex. Had no problem murdering his own mother and even wanted to resurrect her so he could kill her in a more painful way each time. Burned down a village to kill his brother’s best friend. Could kill you in your sleep and wouldn’t blink twice.

Fandom Ayato: Lovable and confident dork who likes memes, boobs and takoyaki.

Canon Ayato: Do-S with an extreme superiority and inferiority complex. Abused and pressured to beat Shu as the heir to the vampire throne. Thrown into a lake to drown by his mother, ended up murdering her out of hatred and smiled the entire time. Sleeps in a fucking iron maiden. Will probably snap your neck if you don’t call him Ore-sama.

Fandom Kanato: Smol screaming child, bipolar, will like you if you make him deserts

Canon Kanato: Neglected sadist, quite possibly with Aspergers, with severe distrust towards other people, bordering on paranoia. Has sex with you more than any guy in the game, eats the ashes of his dead mother when he gets panic attacks. Might stab you in the throat with a fork if he doesn’t like your desert.

Fandom Laito: Macaroon fedora pervert, constant boner, “Bitch-chan~”

Canon Laito: Confuses love with lust due to being sexually abused by his own mother, was thrown in a dungeon by his father when he found out. He killed her so she could “be with him in eternity.” Manipulative and incredibly clever, voyeuristic with a degrading kink. His personality can turn dark in less than a second. Will use your fears to break you.

Fandom Subaru: Angry emo trash but is actually a cinnamon roll. Likes Blink 182, MCR, and punching wall-chan

Canon Subaru: Extreme sadist who ended up being an incest child because his dad used him as his mom as an experiment. Was called a filthy abomination by his mother who he loved more than anyone, now has a distrust towards women and constant suicidal thoughts.

Fandom Ruki: Hot mysterious book worm who’s into BDSM. Secretly cares about you and loves you.

Canon Ruki: Hot mysterious book worm who has been abusing people since he was seven years old. Was abandoned by his mother and his father killed himself, forcing him to live in the street. Warped perception of companionship, fear of abandonment, treats you like livestock because he was branded like cattle.

Fandom Kou: Prancy dancy idol-chan, sweet but manipulative, listens to BTS

Canon Kou: Abandoned at birth, turned into a sadist due to the amount of abuse he endured as a child. Ripped out his own eye to escape border line slavery and tried to commit suicide multiple times. Manipulative, will always expect something in exchange from you, capable of a 180 personality flip and won’t hesitate to kill when he’s angry.

Fandom Yuma: Giant gardening teddy bear, sugar-chan~ rebellious in a hot way

Canon Yuma: Can and will snap you in half. Beaten by his parents for not praying to God. Watched his parents burn alive and joined a gang, living on the streets. Sold himself as a slave to just to make enough money to survive. Sadistic, perverted, hot headed and can go on a total rampage. Kills you or someone else in almost all of his dark ends.

Fandom Azusa: Sweet masochist cinnamon bun who collects knives, doesn’t say much

Canon Azusa: Extreme masochist and sadist who enjoys self harm and harming others. Cuts you because he “wants you to feel good.” Enjoyed getting beaten as a child. Pain keeps him alive and gives him purpose, borderline suicidal.

(I might do more of these for other fandoms as well~)

arclent  asked:

My question is about the polar bear at SeaWorld San Diego dying. My friend is trying to argue that it died because polar bears don't belong in hot weather and it's the zoo's fault. She's very anti-zoo, while im a huge supporter of zoo's and dont really think that the climate killed them polar bear. Are polar bears able to adapt to warmer climate?

Polar bears adapt just as well to weather as any other bear - and it’s all in what they eat.

They withstand the cold due to a heavy blubber that insulates them, and they build it up by eating a diet made almost entirely of seal fat. (If you watch the Wild Alaska BBC miniseries, they show foraging bears only eating the fattiest parts of salmon when they’ve got enough available to be picky.)

Zoos are aware that their polar bears would be really uncomfortable in warmer climates with a heavy layer of blubber, so they’re fed more lean meat. They get the appropriate nutritional balance, but not the huge amount of extra calories from fat. Because the climate is milder, the bears also naturally adapt and don’t grow as thick of a coat as their counterparts in colder weather.

On top of that, every good facility housing polar bears chills their pools and gives them chilled dens, ice blocks, etc. They don’t always prefer it! At the San Diego zoo, famously, their pool was initially chilled to 40 degrees F and the bears didn’t go in because it was too cold and they weren’t adapted to it. When they raised the temperature, the bears became much more willing to swim.

So basically, if right accommodations are made, polar bears can thrive in almost any climate in a captive setting.

So far we have no idea why that polar bear died. If it’s not immediately visually obvious in a necropsy what killed an animal, tissue samples are sent out for testing and it regularly takes a couple weeks to get results back from a lab.


Evey time I talk about LOST there is someone who ask some of these questions so I decided to make a frequently asked questions post:

- How did a polar bear arrive to a tropical island? The Dharma Initiative brought the polar bears among other animals for their experiments. After the Dharma Initiative was destroyed all the animals started to live free in the jungle. The Dharma Initiative got this kind of bears genetically modifying regular polar bears, that’s why they can survive in a tropical climate.

- Why is there a bird that says “Hurley”? The bird has an unusual appearance and is bigger than regular birds because is one of Dharma’s genetically modified animals. The bird does not say “Hurley”, the fact that its caw sound similar to Hugo’s nickname is just a coincidence. Note also that the other characters in that scene don’t think the bird’s caw sounds like Hugo’s nickname, only him.

- Why do pregnant women die in the island? This is a consequence of The Incident. After a huge amount of electromagnetic energy was released from inside The Island a residual energy was left in the surface which over the years caused the immune system illness that kills these women. This is also a paradox (both time and literary) because Juliet was the one who detonated the bomb that caused the energy leak (the leak caused by the Dharma perforation was small). Juliet’s reason to be in The Island was to fix a problem that would have never existed if she never went to The Island in the first place.

- Why have they to push the button every 108 minutes? After The Incident an electromagnetic charge is continuously accumulating at The Swan. The Dharma Initative designed a system in which pushing that button discharges the electric buildup before it becomes dangerous. It has to be done every 108 minutes because that’s the time it takes for the buildup to reach dangerous levels. If the button is not pushed the energy is released which in big amounts would not only affect The Island but the entire world. The Dharma Initiative also installed a false-safe mechanism to use as an emergency in case pushing the button failed. This is the mechanism that Desmond activates at the end of season 2. The false-safe mechanism was meant to seal the leak of energy coming from inside of The Island but its creators were unsure which could be the consequences or if it would safely work out.

- Why was Walt special? He was born with psychic powers, he can summon animals and have premonitions. He probably has more powers that weren’t shown considering that Walt himslef seems to not be aware of his own powers. These powers are why The Others were so interested in making him one of them but Walt didn’t want to join and was hostile towards them. The Others became scared that Walt could hurt them and decided to let him go with his dad (after using Michael to get Jack, Kate and Sawyer).

- What do The Numbers mean? Jacob assigned one number from 1 to 360 to each candidate to Protector Of The Island. The Numbers (4 8 15 16 23 42) represent each one of the last 6 remaining candidates. The Numbers are just Jacob’s method to organise his candidate system and have no special meaning.

- Why did The Numbers bring Hurley bad luck? They didn’t. Many characters tried to explain to him The Numbers weren’t cursed and weren’t related to his bad luck strike. The Numbers only had power over Hurley because he belived they had, is psychological. Hurley was destined to be in The Island and he would have end up there no matter what. If he had ignored The Numbers that wouldn’t have changed anything.

- Why were The Numbers being broadcasted from The Island’s radio station? The Numbers are the core numerical value of the Valenzetti Equation which the Dharma Initiative was studying. They were broadcasting them to the other members of the Initiative that were off The Island. Note: The Valenzetti Equation was made up for the show and is not part of any real scientific theory

- Why are The Numbers in the door of The Swan and why are The Numbers the code you have to enter in the computer? The Numbers were engraved in the hatch simply because that is the serial number. Then when they needed a code for the computer they decided to use the number that is in the door because is easier to remember since is already there. Is like when in the computer of your work or your school they use as a password the floor number or similar. 

- If The Numbers don’t have a especial power, why do they appear all the time? They have different meanings (for Jacob, Dharma, Hurley) despite being the same numbers to reinforce the constant theme on the show that everything is connected in one way or another. They also represent the necessity we humans have to search for patterns where there aren’t, to try to find an explanation for chaos and feel better. The Numbers appear very often in the background of the show too as easter eggs for fans who enjoy little details.

- Were they dead the whole time? No, they were not dead. They are dead only in the flash sideways universe which is a non-physical place to help them prepare for what comes after death. Which is this place exactly (purgatory/ limbo/ etc.) or what comes next (heaven/ reincarnation/ etc.) is vague on purpose as the show writers wanted each viewer to interpret this according to their personal beliefs.

- Does this mean all the characters are dead at the end of the show? No, the fact that all the main characters are in the flash sideways doesn’t mean they all died at the end of the show. Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Hurley, Desmond, Penny, Rose, Bernard and Ben are all alive when the show ends but they appear in the flash sideways with all the characters whose deaths we have seen on the show. This is because in this place time doesn’t exists. Every time a character has died in the show they (their souls/ minds/ etc. according to your beliefs) went to this place and Sawyer, Kate, Claire and co. will keep living their lives (after what we have seen in the final season) and when they are old and unavoidabily die they will go to this place too but the people who were already there don’t feel like they have been waiting despite in the physical world many years have passed.

- If Sawyer, Kate, Claire and etc. all live many years after what we have seen in the finale why their “ghosts” look young? They all look like the age they had in The Island because those were the most important times of their lifes. Their appearance has nothing to do with the age they have when they die. They could die at 90 years old and they would still appear in the flash sideways with the age they had in The Island.

10 Little Everyday Things You Can Do To Help The Environment

Look, you don’t have to be a radical eco-warrior to make a positive impact on the environment. By introducing even a couple of these simple habits into your everyday life, you can help make our planet into a cleaner, healthier place.

1. Don’t drive a bulldozer through the forest to get to work: Think twice next time you have the urge to cut through the forest on your bulldozer in the morning to shave a few minutes off your commute. Or, at the very least, consider plowing through the woods in a more energy-efficient vehicle.

2. Reuse your hats instead of throwing them away at the end of the day: Even though it’s a little inconvenient, wearing the same hat two or even three times before throwing it away can do a lot of good for the planet.

3. Turn off the lights every time you blink: You don’t need light when you’re blinking since your eyes are closed, so why not quickly switch the lights off and then back on every time you blink? It’s a great way to save power, and it helps you save some money, too. All you have to do is station yourself near your light switch at all times, and you’re ready to go!

4. Buy used beef: If more people bought secondhand beef instead of brand-new beef, we could cut global carbon emissions by upwards of 25 percent every year. Next time you need some beef, check eBay or thrift stores before buying it fresh.

5. Spend just one hour a week geoengineering: It’s only 60 minutes of your time, but it makes a huge difference in the long run. Seeding just one cloud with aerosolized sulphur or fertilizing just a single square mile of the ocean with a few tons of phytoplankton-attracting iron could offset thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide. That’s definitely worth it!

6. Only kill as many polar bears as you can eat: With climate change destroying their habitat at an alarming rate, polar bears are becoming increasingly endangered. That’s why it’s important to only harvest the number of them that you need to eat every day and not a single polar bear more.

7. Tip over any garbage trucks you see: Garbage trucks thrive on our trash and actively encourage wasteful consumption habits. But if we tip them all over so they can’t go around collecting trash, people will have no choice but to start recycling more. Bonus if you can tip the garbage trucks into a pond or levee, where there are plenty of hungry fish who’d be eager to feast on all the discarded bags of food scraps that would otherwise end up rotting in a landfill.

8. Plant a tree for each time you use your computer: If you’re taking from Mother Nature, it’s only fair that you give back. Planting a tree after each time you use your computer will not only help the environment, but will make you think twice next time you unnecessarily want to check an email.

9. Resist filling any parts of your car with gas that aren’t the gas tank: While it’s admittedly a nice luxury to have a glove box or backseat full of fresh, warm petroleum, filling up the interior of your car with gas is a treat you should think twice about before indulging in, as it is actually fairly wasteful and harmful to the environment.

10. Never exhale: This one’s so easy there’s no reason not to do it. By only inhaling and never exhaling, you can easily reduce the carbon emissions coming from your mouth to zero.

Would anyone be interested if I set up a community Minecraft server?

A few friends and I have had a small server up and running for a few months now, and it was actually a really good bonding experience - I hardly knew some of them to begin with, and now we’re really good friends.

This server thingy is mainly going to be a fun place to hang and get to know each other, good for those of us (me included) who suck at casual conversation without a common medium like a game!

Development is still in progress (getting there!), but I wanted to see how many people would be interested in joining? O:
Questions, concerns, comments, warnings, etc are welcome too!

Server will be vanilla with added features. You’ll be able to connect without having to mod your client. The HUGE list of custom stuff is under the cut!

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nighttimepixels  asked:

-casually finger guns with a wink at the match up situation- a/s/l? more like h/h/b- height/hair/bonecount... because you know we're all at least one shy of the ideal bone count ;D about me? simply put, stick the legy out. real far. but casual like. sitting on a couch, sipping coffee, down for the cuddle, playing videogames type of legy out. bonus round- tiny sticky notes in odd places with puns and doodles on them to be found when least expected. bonusbonus round- got a lot of hammock to share~

I’d match you with me, bby.  -finger guns.;   All of those sweet, sweet pixels are just screaming for a cuddlin’, and guuurl, I’ll treat ya right.  We’ll snuggle close in your igloo and stick the leggy out on a polar bear skin rug.  You can be my snow bunny. ;)  We could Netflix and chill, but it’s more like Netflix and freeze.  That’s okay, though, I know how to keep you warm. 

It’ll be like being in Snowdin. 

Speaking of Snowdin, the skeletons can join our love.  They’ll be intimidated of all the leggy at first, but we’ll lure them in with hammocks of sin.  The only one we’ll probably catch is Edge, and he’ll take some time to break in, but–hell, all we’ve got is time, babe.  <3

*Matches are closed.

ceylon-morphe286  asked:

America that was really mean thing to do, you know polar bears can claw you apart in your sleep when they are away from their family. I suggest you give Kim's back to Canada before you die in a gruesome death.

He also likes burgers!!!!

Norse Trolls

Although folk tales involving trolls of assorted shapes and sizes are common to Europe and much of Asia, they are undeniably a Scandinavian creature. The earliest legends refer to them as powerful spirits of the landscape who sometimes live in small groups. They had skins made of stone, avoided sunlight, and occasionally kidnapped or ate humans.

(Artistic rendering of a troll climbing on ice to observe it’s home territory.)

Later depiction would vary widely from immortal humanoids to giant monsters, and they were used in christian stories as symbols of paganism. Due to translation difficulty and unreliably narration, trolls are frequently confused with or mixed with the Jotunn, which were a race of humanoids commonly pitted against the Norse gods. This post will explain the truth, and advise a daring sportsman in the proper method of locating and slaying a troll.

The simple reason there are such varied myths about trolls is because trolls happen to be highly varied. They can best be described as semi-aquatic caniform (doglike) carnivorans, although most are opportunistic omnivores. The average weight is approximately 700kg (1500lbs). They have significant adaptations for swimming, but they can walk with a bear-like plantigrade gait. As it turns out, trolls are quite closely related to bears. They could be considered a subspecies of polar bear, but there is no confirmed interbreeding and they occupy distinct niches.

(This is a true polar bear for size reference. Children are behind a thick layer of safety glass.)

The primary differences between a troll and a true polar bear can be subtle or emphatic. Trolls have shorter faces, shorter and darker hair, and larger body mass. They have wider paws, longer claws, smaller ears. Critically, they travel much less than a polar bear and they are more tolerant of their own species. They are ambush predators who claim a specific territory and rarely leave. They commonly favor areas with good cover, such as caves, rock formations, and river banks. 

To hunt, trolls prefer sniff out an area with prey, then lie in wait and ambush their dinner with a burst of speed. If they are in water, they simply lunge forward like a crocodile and drag the prey into the water to drown. A motionless troll can have the shape and color of stone, and some are further camouflaged by algae growing on their coat. All possess a surprisingly solid layer of blubber. Unlike the soft fat of most land animals, troll blubber is stiff and dense like whale skin. The coarse fur and rigid skin can easily withstand a sword slash, and even a glancing blow from a spear. 

(Hybrid polar/brown bear shows the stone-like coloration and short face of a troll. A real troll has shorter hair, larger paws, a longer neck, and would hide from sunlight.)

The most dangerous aspect to a troll is underestimation. Some hunters unwisely dismiss them as “just bears”. They fail to account for the troll’s advantages: familiarity with their territory, outstanding camouflage, surprising speed, impressive intelligence, and the ability to pull prey into the water for drowning. It’s easy for a troll to lure an unwary hunter into a trap by doubling back on it’s own tracks, or snatching them from below a river overhang (such as a bridge). Because they avoid the heat of the sun, many trolls spy hunters from the water during the day and take them by surprise at night. If you are unprepared for troll hunting, you will disappear and your body will never be recovered.

In the author’s opinion, trolls are literally the most dangerous game animal in Eurasia, if not the entire world. Troll hunts frequently venture into caves and thick freezing marshes. They have the size and power of the largest bears, but they blend into their environment seamlessly and make no noise when charging. If the first shot is poorly placed, do not wait for the troll to charge and continue to fire until your run out of ammunition. Long range shots would be ideal, but trolls refuse to dwell in open areas and would be virtually impossible to discern from boulders at long range.

Use a rifle that would be considered overkill on a bear. The Browning BAR in .338 Win Mag is a safe choice because it offers a good balance of speed and power. A modern .45-70 lever action or .375 H&H double rifle are also acceptable for close-range ambush dueling with a slippery maneater. Baiting a troll can be effective, but they’re extremely wary and will refuse food if there’s human scent in the vicinity. 

DO NOT hunt alone.

DO NOT approach a “dead” troll without shooting through the skull first to confirm death.

DO NOT attack a troll in or near the water.

DO NOT sling your rifle while crossing water or approaching “rock formations”.

DO NOT sleep in troll territory without a securely bolted door and many miles between you and the troll. Remember King Hrothgar’s torment when Grendel returned nightly for human flesh.


I can’t get this headcanon out of my head like I want them to go to the zoo that would be so cute

-Gansey would totally be that dad with the map of the zoo trying to maneuver through all the exhibits and keeping track of where they are, but then Noah’s just like “PANDAS” and they all go running to them and Gansey’s like “GUYS THE MAP YOU CANT JUST, OHMYGOD NOAH DON’T TRIP YOU GUYS ERIOUSLY, THIS ISNT THE PATH I PLANNED OUT FOR US”

-They go to the penguin exhibit and NOah’s like ohmygod they’re so cute and he just goes through the glass and becomes one with the penguin herd, like he’s waddling around with them and everything and the penguins just accept him as one of their own.  And all the while Gansey is just HAVING A HEART ATTACK SCrEAMING like NOAH YOU CANT JUST

-They go to the gift shop and they’re selling these like animal masks, and blue is just trying all of them on and she points to the lion mask and shes like “ronan put that on right now” and he refuses because hes soooo tough and then adam just takes it and puts it on his face, and under the lion mask ROnan is just blushing SO HARD and he won’t take it off because he doesn’t want them to see him BLUSHIng.

-Ronan gets into staring contests with every animal that looks at him and then he’s facing off with this llama and it just spits on his face, and adam and blue are just dying

-They’re at the wolverine exhibit and gansey’s reading the sign for them and it says something like “though small and cute the wolverine has a highly aggressive nature and can take down prey as large as a moose and steal food from bears and wolves.” And he’s just smiling to himself because it sounds like blue, and at that moment blue is punching ronan for pointing this exact thing out.

-I just imagine gansey sitting on like a big rock to rest his legs and then the rock just starts moving because it’s actually like a bigass tortoise and Gansey jumps up and screams and falls over himself and then he has to crawl around looking for his glasses

-They’d be in like a big butterfly house where all the butterflies fly around and chill. And this butterfly just lands on Ronan’s head and blue keeps giggling because Ronan’s acts all tough and manly and here he is with this butterfly on him and he shoos it away but it just comes back.  And then another butterfly lands on his shoulder, followed by another, and another. And soon he’s just like COVERED in butterflies and they’re all laughing because its RONAAn.

-then like a butterfly lands on adam’s nose and he sneezes and ronan just cannot handle it

-You can BEt YouR AsS Gansey brought a bunch of little sandwiches and juiceboxes and snacks for his children and they all sit under like a tree just eating while like pigeons and peacocks are just walking around eating crumbs.

-Noah and Blue keep throwing chips to the birds and then more and more birds start coming until Blue and Noah have amassed and ARmY. And then they just look at each other, and then throw all of the contents of the chip bag at where Gansey, Adam, And Ronan are sitting and watch the ensuing chaos as the flock of birds just SWARM ND ATTCK.  ANd Gansey is trying to crawl away as a pigeon tries to like nest in his hair, and Ronan is trying to protect adam and failing miserably, and then chainsaw is like squawking at the other birds, and blue and noah are rolling on the ground laughing.

-They are looking at the elephants and then there is a tiny lil baby one just tumblin around and adam is watching ronan’s face just smiling because this elephant is so darn cute and then the baby elephant falls down and ronan’s concerned face is so darn cute that adam has to look away.

-I literally just imagine Gansey outfitted in like one of those full Zoo Safari outfits that are like all beige and with the hat and the vest and all the pockets and everything like what a nerd i love him


-Gansey bought a pair of fucking binoculars to see the animals better because he’s gansey and he’s trying to get a closer look at the gorillas and then blue just puts her face in front of the binoculars so Gansey just all of a sudden sees A HUGE BLUE and he hits himself in the face with the binoculars

-They’re sitting by a fountain and Adam is feeding bread to a bunch of baby ducks but when they get up to leave the baby ducks just start following him like he’s the mama duck and adam just does not know what to do because they will not stop following him and ronan is just sCrEaMiNg INTERNALLY

-They are looking at this cute little white rat in a glass cage unaware that it’s about to be python food so Gansey and noah are just screaming while this python swallows the rat whole, blue starts to sing “circle of life”, ronan is laughing at them, while adam is just shaking his head at all of them.

-a little kid is lost and crying because the lions roaring is scaring her and adam, being the only capable and responsible one, just like kneels down beside her and is like “Hey it’s okay, the lions can’t get you because there’s a big fence so they can’t get to you” and she’s still scared so he’s like “Even if they get past the fence you see that guy(pointing to ronan), well he’s a super professional lion tamer and he’ll stop them before they get to you, so you have nothing to worry about” and she stops crying and he takes her hand and helps her find her worried parents. AWh. 

-They get dippin dots and Noah is just IncREdiBLY fascinated and captivated by these little ice cream dots even tho he can’t eat them, so he makes adam eat two because adam has never had them either

-They have a contest to see who can stand the longest with one leg in the air like the flamingos and ronan is immediately out because he has shitty balance and he’s like “this is dumb” and he storms off and adams just like “Ronan stop omg” and goes after him and so adam’s out. And gansey is so busy watching blue concentrate that he doesn’t even realize he’s falling.  And then Noah and Blue are at it for like two minutes until Blue cheats and cuts off her energy supply to Noah and Noah flickers out and he stumbles so Blue wins even tough noah is grumbling that she cheated.

-They’re at one of those polar bear exhibits where you can look through the glass and see the polar bears swimming.  And Ronan like pushes Noah and noah accidentally falls through the glass and the little kids there are like “MOmmy look theres a boy in the water!” and the Parents are just like “DEAR GOD KATIE LOOK AWAY” and then the EMPLoyees are runnin g around like “MAYDAY MAYDAY CODE 9 I REPEAT CODE 9″ And Noah just like gets out and he’s completely fine and they have to leave because the employees are Like HOW ARE YOU NOT DEAD, and noahs just like “i kinda am so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

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pairing: bushmedicine B)

leaves their dirty clothes on the floor
sniper, hes a filthy fuckin animal
forgets to run the dish washer
idk i think they are both capable of remembering to do it but ive jsut got such a strong headcanon for lazy, disorganized, filthy college student aesthetic sniper so hed be more likely if at all
pumps gas for the car
sniper, i imagine medic would either be going to pay or staying in the car bc fuck gas fumes thats not his aesthetic
drives when they’re going somewhere
for shorter trips/daily errands i honestly think medic bc hed get there faster, i mean have u seen sniper he uses the turn signal man only old people and learners do that shit, although for long road trips hed probably do it
rearranges the furniture
medic fo shiz i imagine him to be one of those people that cant stand stagnancy and always wants to mix things up
falls asleep with the TV on
liek i said, lounging filthy college student aesthetic for sniper- plus i imagine hes a bit of an insomniac with all the caffeine he drinks he falls asleep whenever he really gets down time like watchin his shows
gets to use the bathroom first
medic, i mean im pretty sure sniper is capable of waiting a lot longer than medic is 
decides the temperature for the ac/heater
this is one of those things that i see is a parallel to my roomate and i:
medic is a polar bear, he can survive cold ass temperatures like you wouldnt believe but g o d   f o r b ID THE TEMP GOES OVER 60- not only would he be uncomfortable and possibly sweaty, but hed be cranky as hell at sniper who
needs the warmth, slap this boy in the middle of the outback heat and he will be content but ohhhh man anything below 65? Nah. he’s out.
so i see it as a constant battle ground b/w the two
sets up holiday decorations
ok so medic is german, from stuttgart no less, so christmas is a big motherfucking deal for him. while sniper is always willing to help he kind of just kicks back and lets medic do his thing cause when its weihnachten time its GO TIME 
leaves the lights on
hmmm tough one, see i feel sniper tends to live in darkness and doesnt use lights very mucch but i dont see medic forgetting to turn them off so i guess its not much of an issue
uses the bathroom with the door open
HAH sniper
fixes the plumbing (or calls the plumber)
i imagine sniper attempts to, but after a god few hours of not getting much done (or making it worse) medic puts and end to the nonsense and calls a plumber

Pokémon in our Biomes pt. 10: Arctic and Antarctic Tundras

“I’ve recently decided to make a series of posts with hypothetical thinking and analyzing of what Pokémon species could potentially be found in the world’s biomes. Not at all relative to the games, I will be focusing primarily of the elements, design, and relativity to real life flora and fauna of Pokémon to depict where different species would roam on our big blue marble.”

This post will be on Arctic and Antarctic tundras. Our world’s tundras are incredibly cold, and dry environments. Although they have water, it is not in liquid form, and because of its incredibly cold temperatures it is difficult to sustain freshwater bodies, however, in the summer as temperatures rise above freezing, there are quite a few small bonds and rivers that form due to permafrost. As the winter comes, freezing the water over again, the cycle repeats itself. In these trying environments, migration or huddling together for warmth is often a crucial aspect to survival. Most animals do not survive if they choose to stay in the tundra for the winter, as the temperatures drop to such extremes.

Tundras are simply a difficult place to live in. Most of the nutrients actually comes from already dead or dying plants and animals. Although there is indeed warmer temperatures in the summer which allow for plentiful vegetation and animal prey, the summer doesn’t last long, and that’s just the Arctic. The Antarctic barely has any soil to allow for vegetation, and most of the animal life (in both regions really) need to utilize the plentiful underwater prey that school in each summer to feed on plankton. 

Upon making a list of possible Pokémon to list in this post, I realized that like many animal and plant species in real life, several Pokémon species have acclimated, or better yet, have the ability to survive in these harsh regions, at least for the summer. Other than obvious ice types, there are several potential normal, water, and flying types that could utilize the limited resources found in the tundras. Keep in mind, the tundra biomes are different than the ice cap biomes. Most of Antarctica is a giant ice cap, so there may be some Pokémon I will leave out because of the future ice cap biome I will post.

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OOC: I’m laughing I actually draw animals so bad, I’m sorry guys LMAO.
Anyway, take babyquel and her (only) friends!
I think axolotls can’t be out of the water, but this is hetalia.
If dogs can live like +500 years and polar bears can talk i don’t see why axolotls can’t breathe out of water. (I thought they were amphibians?)

Anyway, Baby Raquel was exceptionally calm and silent, she always let her mom talk for her and… well she was practically completely MUTE until her late 6-7s. But she was quite creepy too she could stare at you for very long time without blinking at all just waiting for you to understand whatever the fuck she wanted to say.  Also, she could see and interact with spirits. That made her people feel uneasy about her for a very long time.
When christianity attacked she stopped to see and interact with them, and now she just /sense/ them near or something similar.

nowadays she’s that person who you can’t seem to be able to shut her up.

valadationworld  asked:

Yusss OMG do one with 2p and 1pcanada plz

((Wasn’t sure if you wanted headcanons or a fic type of thing, so I just did a little drabble for both aha. Hope that’s okay!))


‘Are you ready?’

Those mere words caused a surge of nervousness to run through the blond’s veins. This was a tense, important moment for him after all. Matthew’s eyes were glued to the Skype chat box, his fingers hovering over the keyboard. He let out a small breath, mentally preparing himself before typing out a ‘Yes.’

Despite weeks of exchanging texts back and forth, many of which included photos of one another, the idea of finally being able to video chat was both frightening and exciting for the Canadian. He previously hadn’t ever imagined that he would fall for someone he had never met in person. But after talking to you, it seemed that view had changed.

When the Skype call popped up, Matthew muscled up every ounce of courage he had and tapped the “accept” button. His heart was racing, the anticipation killing him…

“Hi!” Your voice pulled him from his anxious thoughts. His eyes grew wide when your smiling face appeared on his screen, his heart still at the same fast pace as before.

“Wow…” he gasped in awe.. “You’re… You’re even more beautiful/handsome than in your pictures!” His expression quickly matched your smiling one, a joyous grin now taking over. “I’m so happy to see you!”

Needless to say, the two of you spent the entire night talking until you both fell asleep.


The experience was a strange one. Definitely not something he had ever envisioned himself doing. Yet here he was, laying down in the middle of the forest, his phone next to him with you on loud speaker. The idea was that you would both go to an open space, sit or lay down on the grass and pretend that you were there together. As cliche as it sounded, it proved to actually be rather relaxing.

“One of the clouds looks like a beaver…” he mused before closing his eyes.

A small laugh echoed from his phone, causing the man to open his eyes lazily and look to the side as if expecting to see you right beside him. Being away from you was extremely difficult at times and he often craved your company. Still, the two of you somehow managed to make things work.

“What?” he asked as your laughter turned into lighter chuckles.

“Nothing~” you sang teasingly. “That’s just a very ‘Canadian’ thing to say. Talking about beavers and all that. I’m expecting to hear the word ‘moose’ in a minute!”

Your joking comments received a grunt before a faint mumbling of, “I have seen a moose cloud before.” This only caused you to laugh more. Your boyfriend was such a dork when it came to nature despite his manly persona. He was a big, fluffy polar bear in all honesty.

“Can we do this for real when I come to visit?” You suddenly asked. Without much thought, you were given an answer.

“Of course.”


“Did you know that penguins can’t breathe underwater?” you said, poking your head into Edward Nygma’s office.

He grinned, answering without hesitation, “Yes. Did you know that male emperor penguins keep their eggs warm by balancing them on their feet?”

“Yes. Did you know that polar bears can eat as many as eighty-six penguins in a single sitting,? you shot back, enjoying the competition.

“Yes. Did you know penguins can drink salt water because they have a special gland, the supraorbital gland, that filters salt from the bloodstream?” Nygma countered.

“Yes. Did you know-” you were cut off as Bullock entered, telling you that you were needed elsewhere. Sending a quick wink in Ed’s direction, you grinned, “We’ll call it a draw. Next time, Nygma.”

*not my gif