Canada: No more Trophy Hunts for Polar Bears

Canada is the only nation in the world that allows Polar Bear hunting by non-natives and non-citizens.

Of the estimated 20,000-22,000 Polar Bears worldwide, 60% of them live in Canada.

Polar Bears are currently at a threatened status, with worldwide treaties in place for their protection. Even so, Canada still allows trophy hunters to pay for the opportunity to kill a Polar Bear.

Selling hunting licenses to trophy hunters creates a bloody business where hunters sell tours to Canada for the sole purpose of killing a Polar Bear. With a price tag of $49,950 US, one hunting lodge claims to have a “virtual 100% success rate” at killing a polar bear and you can have as many observers as you would like for an additional $9,950 each.

The sickening treatment of these majestic animals must stop.

Please join me in petitioning the Canadian Government in pohibiting non-native hunts of Polar Bears!

Sign this petition!

27 Photographs That Prove We Are in Danger

The devastating and shocking images below demonstrate the negative effect and harm civilization and humanity is inflicting on Mother Nature and its fellow inhabitants, including ourselves. Overdevelopment, climate change and greed seem to be the reigning topics. The image above is of a starved polar bear in Norway, which can’t find food or space because the ice caps are melting.

We urge you to view the rest of the images to educate yourself on the dangers we promote.

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Polar bears can be very judgmental creatures. When other animals around them behave in embarrassing ways, polar bears shake their heads and use the “face palm” expression as well.

A sleepy polar bear on a Spring day… [x]


This amazing wide range of artistry was created by Sril in Salt Lake City. This is some of the best detailed animal and character images that I have laid eyes on! 

source: global street art