polar travel


Spectacular video voyage to the Arctic coasts of Canada and Greenland.

Cabin Pressure

If you were left scratching your head last December over what all those drawings of pilots were about, or are curious to try this Cabin Pressure show but don’t want to put money down on an unknown quantity, it is your lucky day!  Radio 4 Extra is rerunning Series 3, so you can hear the story behind these images for free:

Qikiqtarjuaq: Polar bears, professionalism, the Travelling Lemon, and a zany British sense of humour

Paris: The Yogi Bear of the Drinks Cupboard vs Just Like Miss Marple

Newcastle: How long will it take for one jet carrying six people to travel from Fitton to Newcastle?

Daily Monster 294: Qupqugiaq

Region of origin: Alaska, United States

A cryptid of the Alaskan tundra, the qupqugiaq is described as a ten-legged polar bear, these extra limbs making it a skilled and rapid hunter. There are supernatural abilities attributed to it in some stories, giving it the ability to take the form of your dead loved ones. If there have been any actual sightings of this creature, the given explanation has been a group of polar bears traveling closely together to give the appearance of a multi-legged beast.