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Polar tide, Iceland

  • natgeotravel Video by @paulnicklen // A flurry of snow rapidly covers the seascape as a mother polar bear frolics with her young, four month old cubs. In order to feed herself and her two growing offspring, she must be an infallible hunter. After a successful hunt, the playful cubs nuzzle and play with their mother, and she, ever patient and tender, endures their affections. To see my favorite photograph from this moment, #follow me on @paulnicklen
    For @Sea_Legacy with @fredgranathMusic by @adamnriddle

I must be crazy to actually be looking forward to getting back to this, now that it is just finally starting to warm up here in NYC. It would appear I am officially an “ice-junkie.”

Tomorrow marks the start of another “last week” at the office job, before heading back to the other, albeit slightly more adventurous part of my life. 

3rdgymbros  asked:

Ooh! Just discovered your blog, and all of your posts are definitely interesting and fun to read! :) If it's not too much trouble, could you please do a post about what kind of powers a child of Apollo might have? Thank you so much!

OOOOOOOHHH YESSS!!!!! I have so many. These powers are arranged from most common to most uncommon. This turned out VERY long, so I’m putting blank bullet points between each new power. ~here we go~

  • Archery, Art, & Music: As children of the God of Archery, most Apollo kids are innately gifted at one of these three things; Art, Archery, or Music. Art encompasses both art itself and writing, and music encompasses both instrumental and vocal music. It is easier for them to grasp, they pick it up quickly, etc. 

  • Curses: Children of Apollo can cast curses on their opponents, provided they relate to Apollo. Although not stated, I would imagine to cast a curse you must have to sacrifice something/say a prayer to Apollo. These curses can range from Writers/Musicians/Artists block, to rhyming curses, curses of bad aim, etc. With a child of Apollo who specialized in curses, I’m sure there are some very creative ways to pull this off!

  • Vitakinesis: The power of healing. This is one of the more common ~actual~ powers. This manifests itself in several ways. 
    • Vocally gifted children of Apollo tend to sing hymns in prayer to their father, and he will often heal whoever his child is praying over after hearing his call. 
      • Those less gifted in singing may find other forms of this in some sort of vocal prayer to Apollo, such as a prayer, chant, or recited poem about how awesome Apollo is.
    • More mentally balanced children of Apollo (both mentally and spiritually sound,) can heal through a deep thought process and visualization. For example, imagining a bruise turning golden and fading away would make it heal. This is generally more for things such as minor cuts and bruises, as most hormonally imbalanced demigod teens do not have an incredibly calm and even mind. Healing more major things however, can be achieved. A warm golden glow will surround a demigod attempting this. This form of Vitakinesis takes quite a bit of effort and practice, so even if most demigods with Vitakinesis CAN achieve this form of it, they may not attempt to.
    • Another form of healing is a mixture of the two above, visualizing golden balls of healing, usually in the palms of one’s hand, along with a prayer, chant, hymn, or haiku to Apollo (about Apollo and how amazing he is). This is a more focused version of just a chant, but requires more energy and taxes a child of Apollo more.

  • Audiokinesis is a very broad term, and I’m sure by the name you can guess what it is. I believe Audiokinetic children of Apollo would be able to manipulate sound waves, do things such as blast their opponents eardrums out or make them go temporarily deaf, and devoid of all hearing. Musical persuasion is also something that falls under Audiokinesis, where much like charmspeak, you can convince someone to do what you want … you just have to sing it. (*cough Ed Sheeran cough*) (*cough Ed is definitely a Child of Apollo and I am definitely a fangirl cough*) (*cough I’m a hugeass sheerio ignore me cough*)

  • Biokinesis: Biokinesis is the umbrella term that Vitakinesis falls under, in short. Biokinesis is the ability to alter physiology. This power is often gifted in specific ways, such as children of Aphrodite being able to change their appearance, etc etc. Children of Apollo who have this power can, most likely do only one specific thing under the umbrella of Biokinesis, such as being able to control bones or blood. Another form, almost opposite of Vitakinesis, is the ability to create diseases.

  • Photokinesis: Photokinesis is the rarest of these powers, and so I have divvied it up into a separate paragraph for each type. If you use these powers to make a character I would be very careful in using Photokinesis. It is only used by the most powerful children of Apollo, and it is quite easy to lose control of it. Something to also note: Photokinesis users can only perform their powers during the day time, when the sun is out.
    • Light shields is often an impenetrable barrier made fully of light. This barrier can be quickly cast up, and is usually characterized by a blinding light. More powerful light-shielders can minimize this effect, making the barrier invisible.

    • Particle shifting is the ability to bend/shift particles. Users of this power can turn themselves invisible, create optical illusions, and holographically project themselves. (Think of Loki in the Thor movie)

    • Absolution of light has two sides, much like the flip of a coin. A user of this can create blinding flashes of light so bright that it can semi-permanently, or even permanently, blind a person. This is often used on the offensive. On the defensive, a user of this power can create absolute darkness. They can temporarily take all of the light out of an area. While this has to be performed during the day, this power means you literally cannot be seen, as there is no light to see you with.

    • Light Traveling: Polar opposite of shadow-traveling.This power can be used anywhere where there is light, which means it works side-by-side with shadow traveling, as light creates shadow.

    • Light Attacks: The ability to use light as a weapon. Blinding and burning opponents

    • Light Solidification: Light solidification gives one the ability to harden light into a tangible object, This, with the right amount of skill, could be used to craft arrows or even weapons. These weapons would burn due to the absolute heat and energy of light, causing extreme pain. This would however, cause the wound to cauterize. While helpful during an investigation or torture session, this could be rather detrimental when in battle if you wanted your opponent to bleed out. It could help in situations with monsters with poisonous blood though.

feitall  asked:

Have you heard about the hotel in Norway that allows you to stay on a wolf enclosure. I'm pretty sure the wolves are allowed to roam free. They say they're doing this to change negative wolf views. Like a part of me would be really excited to do this, but I'm also worried about the wolves and how they may be forced to react in this situation. It just feels unhealthy for them. Thoughts?

I’m pretty sure you’re talking about Polar Park’s Wolf Lodge? It’s not a hotel, but a wildlife park that allows you to live in this one lodge in the middle of the wolves’ enclosure. You access the lodge through a tunnel that leads you from outside the enclosure to the lodge. 

The wolves living in the lodge enclosure are socialised wolves that are used to humans and even enjoy their company. Polar Park, as many other zoos and parks, socialise their wolves in order for them to have better lives. Unsocialised park wolves often live stressful and unhappy lives, which is very unhealthy for them like you stated yourself. Socialised wolves do not have the same fear for humans and are freed of the constant stress of having people forced upon them. Interacting with humans can actually be a great enrichment for socialised wolves if it is done the right way! The wolves at Polar Park have the opportunity to withdraw from the lodge if they feel like it. 

I appreciate your concern for the wolves! It is healthy thinking to question arrangments were animals and money making are involved! I have not been to Polar Park myself, so I am not going to go so far as to vouch for Wolf Lodge before I have seen the place myself, but I can say that I would totally go there if I had the chance. For what I have seen and heard, I am pretty confident that the wolves there have great captive lives!