polar polarizer


This adorable baby polar bear.

Video by Goran Visnjic


Polar bears on Icebergs in the Arctic

So uh…I was at work minding my own business reading an article about polar bears for a project when SUDDENLY I SEE A FAMILIAR NAME…

AND SO APPARENTLY Viktor Nikiforov is a real person who lives in Russia and manages polar bears and defends them against researchers who are all up in their territory and I couldn’t help myself:

Also Russian hats totally look like Makkachins

The Signs’ Most Beautiful Features

**Check Sun, Sun’s polarity, and Ascendant

Aries: smooth, lustrous hair, beautiful bone structure of the face

Taurus: long, expressive necks, strong jaw and shoulders, lovely skin around the throat and collarbones

Gemini: graceful arms, well shaped shoulders, hands, and fingers

Cancer: beautiful breasts, soft, creamy skin along the chest and stomach

Leo: straight spines, upright posture, graceful movements

Virgo: delicateness about you, graceful gestures, slender frame or features

Libra: muscular back, curvaceous buttocks, fine skin, pleasing features, good bone structure

Scorpio: piercing eyes, prominent cheekbones and nose, mysterious, powerful aura

Sagittarius: long, well shaped legs, thick thighs and hips, natural athleticism 

Capricorn: pleasing bone structure, angular beauty, intriguing smile

Aquarius: well shaped legs, muscular calves, slender ankles, broad hips and shoulders

Pisces: graceful, well shaped feet, beautiful arches, hypnotic eyes