polar foxes

When the cold season is coming, some animals changes their colors to make a camouflage into the snow and become white ! 

Pigeons tried but they became ….. Wooly Hat Pigeons ! 

Well, they are cute like this, even if they are trying hard to change the colors of their feathers, they can become christmas balls x) !

I was highly inspired and interested about how foxes can turn white and how they are chasing prey on the snow ! (it’s really funny) si I made my foxes doing this as well but instead of turning white, some get new outfits !! I found it amazing and will use this idea again in the futur ^^ 

I always dreamed about animating characters dancing together and now I can say that I reached one of my main goal, I was so afraid of doing this but well, now I love it and I will continue ! 

I hope you will like this animation with December vibes and thank you for your patience because I couldn’t post that much these days ;__;, will post more !!

The song is from “Mario Paint : Monkeys” but I accelerated it to get this awesome salsa vibes I love so much ^^

I hope you will like this little animation and I thank you all for your amazing support ! 


I finally managed to get The Art of Zootopia concept art book. Here’s some scans of the pages. The character designs and world building are very interesting.

I’m open to scan requests.


Polar fox - II (Explored, my 97th) by Per Ottar Walderhaug

The Antoine and Bunnie Retrospective - 139

“Giving and Receiving” & “Birthday Boys” Birthday Bash I & II - Sonic the Hedgehog #160 & #161  

We have a couple of notable issues today. This is the first story ever written by Ian Flynn and the first story to be drawn by fan favorite Tracy Yardley, but most importantly it’s another birthday episode. 

According to Rotor Sonic missed a birthday while traveling through space and it’s been two years since issue 68. This puts everyone at…

  • Sonic - 17 (because of the time skip)
  • Sally & Rotor - 18 
  • Bunnie - 19 
  • Antoine - 20 
  • Tails & Amy - 12 

Though Tails did say he was eleven just a few issues ago so his birthday must come after Sonic’s. 

 However there is one story that we’ll cover in the near future that could possibly throw a monkey wrench into the works, but more on that later. 

In the meantime here are some highlights to take note of….

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