polar foxes


Polar fox - II (Explored, my 97th) by Per Ottar Walderhaug


I finally managed to get The Art of Zootopia concept art book. Here’s some scans of the pages. The character designs and world building are very interesting.

I’m open to scan requests.

Mod: His pride and badassery are hurt, somebody’s gonna pay!
I REALLY need to update their designs! -_-;

~Liam Stavkirke the Fruit fox Opossum, Meena Sagoo the Polar Harp Seal and “Eva” Elisabeta Westenra the gliding mouse are also available for asks!~

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For some reason i’m really digging these Polar Bears(What has We Bare Bears done to me?). I wish Tundra Town had more screen time to be honest. These bears looks so awesome. This is probably my most favorite part of the book.