polar bears are...brilliant

Happy Summer Christmas @iwanttotieyourshoe

One of the suggestions was first summer holiday together. My first thought was how much fun would Arthur have telling stories round a campfire? What a great way to spend the evening, roasting marshmallows while keeping warm in matching hoodies (Martin found them in a shop on their way out to the camp site, he couldn’t resist getting the polar bear for Arthur, because “polar bears are brilliant!”). Arthur’s really getting into his story now… will either of them notice his marshmallow before it’s too late?

I was hoping to colour this, but I ran out of time before I head out of town for the weekend. Hope you like!

Cabin Pressure ask meme!

Send an ask containing destinations!

Abu Dhabi (“Oh god, I’m going to have to kill the client’s cat!”) - Do you have any pets?

Boston (“I’ll always remember you as a shouty man.”) - What was the last thing that made you angry? Pet peeves?

Cremona (“Is it unprofessional to tell a passenger that you once made a collage of her face out of pasta shapes?”) - What’s your favourite movie? Favourite actors?

Douz (“She’s adjusting his pillow! But yeah, it does look a bit strangle-y.”) - Post a selfie.

Edinburgh (“I detest anyone who supports England.”) - Do you play or watch any sports?

Fitton (“I’m fairly often completely happy.”) - Describe something that makes you truly happy!

Gdansk (“Strudel’s terrific. Everyone likes strudel.”) - Favourite dessert?

Helsinki (“I can’t help but notice you’ve filled the flight deck with orchids.”) - If you could decorate a house any way you wanted, what would it look like?

Ipswich (“What are you at your best with?” “Probably crazy golf.”) - What is something you can do that you’re really proud of?

Johannesburg (“No, I don’t know what…Spanish…dogs…say.”) - Which language(s) can you speak?

Kuala Lumpur (“I’ll try not to be too gluten annoying.”) - Any allergies?

Limerick (“It’s people who aren’t evil, but have evil-sounding names.”) - Do you like your name? Why/why not? (Bonus points if you answer with a limerick.)

Molokai (“I’m a Shinto Buddhist.” “And may you be a merry one.”) - Are you religious? If so, what religion? What’s your favourite holiday?

Newcastle (“-because, the sexism inherent in the aviation industry is now so institutionalised that we falsely imagine it must be justified!”) - Are you a feminist?

Ottery St Mary (“Gerti’s all hoovered and locked up, so, can I go to Devon?”) - If you could go on a road trip anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Paris (“It wasn’t Talisker.” “It was apple juice?”) - Do you drink alcohol? What’s your favorite beverage?

Qikiqtarjuaq (“Polar bears - are - BRILLIANT!”) - If you could be any animal, what would it be?

Rotterdam (“Yeah, perfect height. Taller than most people but not WEIRD tall.”) - How tall are you?

St Petersburg (“If we’re very lucky indeed, we might be able to sell GERTI and with the money buy an ice cream van.”) - Favourite CP headcanon or AU?

Timbuktu (“But that’s fraud!” “Isn’t it, though!”) - When, if ever, is it justifiable to break the law?

Uskerty (“He’s got a sort of phobia about them.”) - What are you scared of?

Vaduz (“And not just any old hoots, low and reverent hoots, like an owl at a jubilee.”) - What are your opinions on royalty?

Wokingham (“Already-being-made tea, however it comes, in a chipped mug. Just the way you like it.”) - How do you take your tea?

Xinzhou (“It’s not a proper snowball; it hasn’t got much structural integrity.”) - What’s your favourite season? Favourite type of weather?

Yverdon-les-Bains (“Because flying is the perfect job, and I won’t settle for a life where I don’t get to do it!”) -  What’s your ideal job/occupation?


Hello chaps! I’m an expert on bears! As soon as I saw Arthur Shappey’s lecture, I knew I had the same book! Because I did a project on bears when I was younger.
I asked mum to help me find the book! She found it….
What’s even more brilliant is that my TWIN sister, has a copy of the book too!