polar bear video




(vía https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47EXgHuVSw4)

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Polar bear belly flop


Spectacular video voyage to the Arctic coasts of Canada and Greenland.

the script to dans first video
  • dan: Hi, so.. My name is, Dan. Nice to meet you, and this s my first PROPER video I guess. I mean, I've kind of always wanted to be somebody that posts videos, but I guess I've never really had the confidence or the motivation. Says the person with tissue paper all over his face.
  • That was until.. Some really good friends I've made recently persuaded me to.. Give it a shot!
  • And so I am!
  • I sound nothing like this IRL by the way. This laptops microphone makes me sound like some pedophile/tramp/polar bear..
  • Please don't take it personally. *slams polar bear into face*
  • My videos will probably be a variety of things.. From like, little skits to vloggy videos, or creative things. I'm going to try to make them interesting and not all the same.
  • Each, I'm going to try my best not to sit there and be like 'hi, so today kinda sucked. Ahh, went to college..and it was raining... Yeah kinda awkward and don't know what to say. Yeah.. I'm probably gonna go now.'
  • But yeah, I am gonna try my best to at least attempt to be entertaining.
  • So yeah, if you could click the yellow box of infinite happiness. Cause, I'm going to start making videos soon, I've got loads of ideas, and I'll try to post videos regularly.
  • What have I done to my face? Ugh
  • Side note: look what I woke up with! I just woke up and that was on my arm! What the BEEP is that?
  • It's like bloody person has come up with a square brand and just inhaled me in my sleep.. Probably.
  • So yeah, if you'd like to subscribe, then I will love you forever. And I will see you soon!

Fresh from his much lauded performances in Foxcatcher and The Normal Heart, Mark Ruffalo plays Cam, a manic-depressive mess of a father who, when his wife (Zoe Saldana) goes away to business school, attempts to take full responsibility of their two young and spirited daughters. Following a breakdown that left him unemployable and despite his track record of not fulfilling expectations, Cam is determined to overcome his disease and prove to his family that he can be the man they need him to be. Based on the childhood of writer/director Maya Forbes, this funny, moving depiction of mental illness was one of the standout films of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and again at the Toronto Film Festival in 2014.