polar bear on ice

It has been a VERY long time since I drew all of my ocs from when I first started making them, used to draw these ones (including Mesu and Milo) a whole lot.

look how much they’ve grown.

These are Marisol Temp(18), Conner Carr(20), Wakame Moore(21), and Arañe Holser(20). From their names I’m sure you can tell who’s related to who. Wakame and  Arañe are Conner’s friends from middle school.

Marisol does not and cannot transform, but it turns out she can wield fire like her brother.

Conner does transform, but not into a wolf like his brother, instead into a Polar Bear, still and arctic theme, but he doesn’t control ice like Milo, instead air.

Wakame transforms into a Black Leopard, and he controls water, him and Conner roll together often when fighting, making what are similar to hurricanes/tropical storms.

Arañe transforms into a King Cheetah, she doesn’t have power over an element but she can teleport herself, objects, or other people.

me: how much does a polar bear weigh?

cutie at the bar: enough to break the ice?

me *grabbing my drink and getting up to leave*: no, between 900 and 1600 pounds. why do i only meet these nonintellectual types


The polar bear is uniquely adapted to life on the sea ice of the Arctic Ocean, and for millennia they have roamed the vast and pristine circumpolar Arctic relatively undisturbed by human activities. However, climate change has created a conservation crisis for this iconic species, and their persistence in the wild is jeopardized by record-breaking sea ice losses and increasing industrial-scale human activity. For nearly a decade, San Diego Zoo Global’s researchers and our US and Canadian partners have focused on developing the best conservation strategies to boost their wild populations. Every detail matters: reproduction, denning, communication, available prey, formation of sea ice, climate change, and the impact of human activities are all evaluated. (photos courtesy of Helene Hoffman)