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Which blogs would you recommend for someone who wants to follow European Women Soccer? (Especially from UK)

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The polar bear is uniquely adapted to life on the sea ice of the Arctic Ocean, and for millennia they have roamed the vast and pristine circumpolar Arctic relatively undisturbed by human activities. However, climate change has created a conservation crisis for this iconic species, and their persistence in the wild is jeopardized by record-breaking sea ice losses and increasing industrial-scale human activity. For nearly a decade, San Diego Zoo Global’s researchers and our US and Canadian partners have focused on developing the best conservation strategies to boost their wild populations. Every detail matters: reproduction, denning, communication, available prey, formation of sea ice, climate change, and the impact of human activities are all evaluated. (photos courtesy of Helene Hoffman)

So my reaction to episode 7 *Spoilers* :

- the only repercussions for julian was the Polar Bear? I suspect the next episode will have more on that maybe. 

- Julian works for the ‘tower management’ so this kind of confirms that Julian has been working there longer than the show

- ‘the club’ as in a country club? is john a part of this? please show me john cameron getting angry at golf and breaking his club. 

- John’s imitation of the pbc president, I love him he is so dramatic 10/10

- Julian is supplying acts now so that’s a thing. Mr cameron acts like this has happened before, so how long has julian been anonymously giving these acts to Mr Cameron?

- LETICIA SASSING THE PBC PRESIDENT, and how she said ‘finally’. she gave me life. 

- ‘A polar bear, who put it out there?’ rhyme

- The sounds when the polar bear gets loose, with the cat. All in all the sound design for this episode was great. 

- Leticia ordering everyone around like a badass, and her french.

- John ordering it to sit omg what are you doing.

- Julian coming from beneath the stage like he just lives there lmao. was he listening to the show? or did he hear the shenanigans from his room and then crawl all the way there? it seems like that would be a lot of effort.

- John caring about julian omg telling him to stay back. clearly he doesn’t want julian hurt, despite all the shit he has done. 

- the stare down with the polar bear is the logo thing omg. 

- MY FIRST BOYFRIEND WAS A GUY WHO DRESSED AS A POLAR BEAR. 1st thing: Furry? 2nd thing: ‘first’ implies multiple YES HECK YES. 3rd thing: ‘the boy didn’t like me, but the real polar bears did’ furry. 4th and final thing: Was julian a part of that circus? did julian work there? how did they meet? I need to know. 

- Julian messing up again no ;_; he’s just a lil janitor. 

- christ John calm down, someone comfort him. let him rest. don’t kill yourself. I am honestly so concerned for his suicidal tendencies. 


- Leticia wrestling John yes. 

- I think their reactions sum up each character. John tries to kill himself, Julian selflessly sacrifices himself, and leticia protects the show (john) and does the practical thing by pushing him out of the way. 

- julian…. in a pool of his own blood…. hurt… my child….

- Leticia remaining calm and taking care of the situation is just. YES. she is amazing. 

- cradling julian… for the first time since a child ;_; take care of this boy. 

- john almost collapsing trying to end the show, like he has been through hell but he’s still ending the show. 

- paramedic mentioning the platypus like I really hope julian meets the platypus in the next episode. 

- Julian listening to the music and hearing John cameron. Julian believing the show is alright fucked me up. 

- the soft piano at the end i’m deceased. let julian be ok please.