polar bear costume


🌸 my lightstick is now ready :3 i got inspired by my dearest daya, when she posted pictures of her very own handmade lightstick costume. she told me it was really easy to made. and since i always wanted to have a cute costume for my lightstick as well.. i just tried it out and sewed everything with my hands after daya had sent me this really simple tutorial :3 and now.. i have a really cute and soft polar bear costume, ready to meet jongin soon :)) if anyone wants to try it out as well, here is another tutorial (the original one actually), which was posted on tumblr before :3

Norm of the North Highlights

-a caribou wins a bet and demands the other caribou pay up. He pulls his antlers clean off from his head and says “at least these grow back” and puts them in the other caribous hooves (?????)
-A major plot point is everyone thinking Norm is an actor in a bear costume. There’s scenes where he switched places with an ACTUAL actor in a TERRIBLE polar bear costume and the villain is the only one who can tell the difference.
-there’s a scene where Ken Jeong’s character breaks into a sushi restaurant where Norm is dining and tries to shoot him with a tranquilizer. Norm takes the gun and stops him to the applause of the restaurant. The stereotypical Japanese sushi chef bows and says, I shit you not, “thank you, Norm-San. You will always be a guest to us”. Norm thanks him in fluent Japanese.
-my favorite FAVORITE FAVORITE scene that had me gasping for air was when Norm is on a talk show with an Oprah stand in and out of nowhere says “let’s take this to a BIGGER stage!” Suddenly “Shut Up and Dance” starts playing and Norm bursts out the door of the studio dancing, with the host dancing with the same smiling unmoving expression. Suddenly in less than a second THE ENTIRETY OF TIMES SQUARE CHEERS AND STOPS WHAT THEYRE DOING/STARTS DANCING WITH THESE STIFF REPEATED DANCE MOVEMENTS WITH SHUT UP AND DANCE PLAYING FOR LIKE A MINUTE.
-all the background character movements look like something from Xavier:Renegade Angel
-the minions-wannabe lemmings have a scene where they urinate in a fish tank with living fish swimming around for a solid minute. When the scene ends and they go into another room they proceed to urinate in a potted plant.
-there’s a girl polar bear with big eyelashes who talks to Norm maybe two times throughout the entire film but is treated like the long sought after love interest in the end and it shows them with cubs because she clearly needed to exist in the film just to have sex with Norm and give him a family he can tell his great twerking adventures about. (Credit to the film, against my expectations the cubs do not twerk)
-a small child is the only person to immediately recognize Norm as a real Polar Bear immediately but this is ONLY because she’s a literal genius who studies them intensely. Everyone else actually thinks he’s a guy in a bear costume.
-Norm is held at the bottom of the ocean by a laughably small piece of a ship that he could have easily pushed off. He closes his eyes and has a flashback of his entire life which just consists of random two second shots of every major character in the film, also the girl polar bear from their one conversation. This is enough to inspire Norm to persevere.
-there’s a wildly baffling and unneeded joke where Norm is put into a flashy colorful outfit but is hiding behind a curtain. His agent says “Norm! We need you to come out!” And when he steps out into the light he says “I think I already did”. The film gives you a few seconds to take it in and laugh because gay jokes in the talking polar bear movie!
-you think the film is going to end when the music swells and there’s a big dramatic shot of the starry sky as the film fades to black. But then a new scene starts that’s just Norm dancing and slapping his butt on a stage for about 30 seconds. Norm jumps off the stage and flattens the lemmings. Then the credits start for real. There is no relevance to the plot in what is the last scene in the movie.