polar bear


Adorable Polar Bear Plays in Flower Fields

Canadian photographer Dennis Fast took advantage of his stay at the Canadian lodge Churchill Wild in Manitoba to capture this rare sight. Popularly known for its proximity to polar bears, Fast took snapshots of an adorable polar bear playing among the fireweed field. The bear is seen rolling among the lush field, as well as eating some of the stunning plants.

Polar bears are known to be one his favorite subjects, which he captures on ground level, unlike other photographers.His main objective as an artist is to capture wildlife sceneries and adventures, which are rarely experienced by others. 


Stunning Visuals That Depict Endangering Species By Destroying The World

Creative agency Photoby&co have introduced a set of highly creative advertisements for environmental activist Robin Wood. The incredible graphic designs engages the public to think of the drastic changes the world can suffer from by destroying the natural habitat of animals.

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