poland being fabulous

It’s so odd how just APH Poland’s…speech pattern and dress choices has essentially coded his personality for the entire fandom, despite the fact that his real personality is almost the exact opposite of how the fandom presents him.

In canon, Poland is very shy - one can argue that he has social anxiety -, clingy, selfish, incredibly stubborn, but - when it comes down to it - he can get serious. He also gets stomachaches like Lithuania and acts silly to hides his sensitivity. Overall, he’s an incredibly fascinating and interesting character, and if you choose to add a historical bent to his personality, you can get a very dynamic and unique character.

Let’s take a look at how the fandom interprets Poland, which…for some reason is the exact opposite of his canon personality. He’s obsessed with shopping, even though we have never seen him shop in canon. He loves fashion, and we’ve never seen him be interested in clothes other than him asking Lithuania how an outfit looked. He’s outgoing (why?????) and is almost never serious at all. In short, most people interpret his personality to be focused on shopping and fashion and ~being fabulous~. Poland acts almost nothing like this at all in canon. He’s never even said fabulous once!

Why does a character who has a pretty fascinating canon personality get some of the worst interpretations of a character ever in fandom? To me, it seems that people solely just look at Poland’s dress habits and his valley girl speak and base his personality based on stereotypes of those two things. And that - basing someone’s personality and whole character just on two habits of theirs - is what bothers the heck out of me.

One time, all the nations agreed to cosplay as their favorite character from their favorite show. In short, Japan cosplayed as himself saying “I’m my own character.”, America argued with England about Captain America and the Doctor and Poland is to never wear a dress to the meeting again

Sometimes, when Liechtenstein gets bored at world meeting, France, Poland or Hungary will let her play with their hair.

Also, Italy makes some drawings for her to color once in a while.

The size of a country actually affects the weight of a personification, no matter what they look like. So nations like France and Poland are fairly normal and look normal, whereas Canada and Russia, being the two biggest, are surprisingly solid. The UK brothers and Liechtenstein are embarrassingly skinny.

The only ones unaffected by this are the micronations and Cuba.

Every now and again, the female nations meet up for a drink and a chat.

The drinks are varied, but the conversations are usually about how idiotic the male nations are and how they ought to be the ones running the place.

Any male nation who tries to sneak in is quickly introduced to Hungary’s frying pan.

Except Poland

It has been established that Austria is extremely cheap–er, I mean frugal. However, once every few months, he will go on a huge shopping extravaganza and buy all the expensive things he’s normally too stingy to get.

One time he ran into Poland. There was an awkward silence, but every giant shopping trip Austria has taken since, Poland has invited himself to.

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? The spongebob fanderps, of course!

Both America and Poland love spongebob. Pearl is OBVIOUSLY Poland’s fave, because she’s fabulous. America thinks spongebob is awesome. They have been known to discuss and make references to it at world meetings. America once suggested that they “take global warming, AND PUSH IT SOMEWHERE ELSE!” They both have self-proclaimed majors in Wumbology, the studies of Wumbo.

The Peace Palace

The Peace Palace was built by the nations.

During a peace conference in Netherlands’s house, the nations were saddened by how things were getting out of hand with relations. That was when Russia and America devised a plan to build a house and a World Academy with a purpose of making good friendship with every nation in the world, because Russia wanted to make good friends and America was always there to aid international relations. Everyone agreed to build the house, and Netherlands was chosen as the main owner of the house by Russia, because of where the peace conference is held, and how Netherlands had a profile for pacifism.

In the design phase, America went for a design that showed way too much influence of the White House which got Netherlands annoyed. France then designed a “neo-renassiance” house, with the word “neo” making every nation uncomfortable after it’s many uses to describe something post-apocalyptic. This was jossed by France who wanted to preserve the era of when the building was built in for the future nations to see. But his design was too flamboyant, and was felt that it would be expensive to build all of it, but the idea went ahead with some ideas scrapped to simplify the final result.

In the construction phase, every nation was given a task to contribute something into the construction of the Peace Palace as given by Netherlands, who described it as a symbol for world peace. America, Indonesia, and Brazil constructed the whole palace by using their homemade wood. Indonesia commented on how big America’s wood are. Thanks to their wood, they saved a lot of time to build the palace structure, particularly the tall clock tower structure. The clock was pieced by Switzerland, and the bells were produced by Australia, Austria, Canada, Belgium, and New Zealand, who later gave them the clock to install into the tower, and was forced to meet them during the installation despite how weird he is around others. Meanwhile when all of this happened, Denmark was constructing a fountain in the garden that England was maintaining, and Norway and Sweden built the roadway to the house using granite. Both the nations that were in ground level had always kept an eye on the nations building the palace. All the nations present got along very well.

With the structure ready, Netherlands and Belgium got together with the rest and installed windows and brick walls, Netherlands’s job, and natural stone and doors, Belgium’s task. Finally after this, Veneziano Italy and Romano Italy decided to produce the flooring by using an all-out marble masterpiece. With support from the nations who were building the house, they helped the Italy brothers finish the floors. The stairs were designed by France, which were made with Italy’s marble. With the house completed, Germany provided a huge entrance gate to the palace. These nations were considered the most important nations of the Peace Palace, along with Russia who planned the idea of the palace.

To decorate it, most nations offered very expensive ceramics, textiles, paintings, all the decor was worth more than your life. Russia, Hungary, and China produced fantastic vases that sit on the aisles from their house, Japan produced paintings and hanged wall carpets which are about thousands of this, thousands of that, etc. Golden lamps were given by Czech Republic, busts by India, Greece, and Venezuela, fabulous marble statues by Poland, rugs by Iran and Turkey, elephant tusks from a sad Thailand, and symbolic sculptures made by Argentina and Chile.

The Peace Palace was complete, and the opening ceremony was presented with lots of fantastic speeches by the nations. But the excitement died down shortly after relations took a wrong turn. And one year after the opening, WWI Hetalia started..

Poland will invite Italy over for sleepovers sometimes if Lithuania or Hungary can’t attend. They spend their time complaining about annoying neighbors/siblings, watching chick flicks, chatting about art, and on occasion they paint each other’s nails.