Condition of main roads in Poland.

  • green - very good or good
    yellow - average or slightly deteriorated
    orange - deteriorated
    red - very bad or critical
    blue - renovation/extension works
    grey - no data
    brown - sett road (with grey dots - dirt road)  
  • thick - national
    thin - voivodeship 

(via akosicki)

Tom Wlaschiha with Dejan Bucin and Maria Dragus at the European Film Awards 2016!

This one was posted by Dejan Bucin on Istagram, is almost like the one Tom posted, but i like more this one, it has more color :)

dejanbucin#europeanfilmawards #2016 .. i couldn’t be happier to be the company of these two beautiful friends and fellow#actors .. thanx to #antonymorato and#cwcommunications for making me look#sleek on the #redcarpet


Polonaise in F minor by Polish composer Maria Szymanowska (1789-1831).

Piano: Anna Ciborowska.


Symphony in C minor by Polish composer Franciszek Mirecki (1792-1862).

Performed by Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Bogdan Oledzki.