Man, that fucking ending had me in tears, and those madmen will do it!

Dear feminists,

Why don’t you ever protest or campaign against honor killings, stoning, forced marriages, forced marriages of underage children, genital mutilation, and the many other issues facing women in the middle east?

Women in western society have never had it better. You van vote (your voting rights are not under attack, by the way), own property, own a business, run a business, get any job you want, get an abortion (aka murder), and pretty much do whatever you want. Women recieve lighter prison sentences. Women have more rights than men. Also, the wage gap doesn’t exist.

Women in the middle east and other third world countries do not have these rights. Women are not even allowed to drive in the middle east. A girl suffocated to death after being locked in a dilapidated shed simply for being on her period in Nepal recently. Turkey just published a book that encourages domestic violence and the beating of wives. Last year in Afghanistan, a woman was forced to marry her cousin, and she was stoned to death for running off with her true love.

Where’s your outrage for that? Why the fuck don’t you care about that? Why don’t you ever check YOUR privilege?

-Sincerely, a woman

things you shouldn’t say to a beatles fan
  • why is paul holding his guitar backwards
  • who is james
  • who is richard
  • who is brian/eppy/george/neil
  • one direction are better
  • i don’t get why they were so famous
  • ringo is the worst
  • which ones are still alive
  • i bought this beatles top bc it was nice but i don’t really know any of their songs!!! apart from daydream believer!!!

and, my friends, the one most important phrase that will get you eternally banished by any beatles fan:

  • mclennon wasn’t real

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They’re the same.

it makes me so sad how many lbpq+ women, me included, wrote off their attraction to women as “admiration” or “purely aesthetical” before they came to terms with the fact that they weren’t straight, because they didn’t experience attraction to women the exact same way they experience/d attraction to men.

because obviously society is incredibly invested in telling women that there’s only one way to feel attraction and it’s the way they feel attraction to men (even if they might not feel any attraction to men at all outside of compulsory heterosexuality) and if their attraction to women feels even a little bit different then obviously it’s not ~real~ and they’re really just straight. but that’s horseshit.

there’s a billion reasons why experiencing attraction to women and experiencing attraction to men would differ for women like, oh, i don’t know, the fact that our virulently homophobic and misogynist society grooms young women into heterosexuality before they’ve even learned to walk or talk while they’re explicitly dissuaded from any same gender feelings.

there’s an entire script for how women are supposed to feel about men laid out for them before they can even start forming an identity: this is what you’re supposed to want (a nice nuclear family), this is what you’re supposed to fantasize about (countless heterosexual narratives in media and the dominant rhetoric around sex), this is what you’re supposed to desire; it’s enforced by peers, media, the state, the education system, everyone around them. there’s no script for how women are “supposed” to be attracted to women apart from, yknow, not at all.

if you’re one of those women who feels like they’re not “allowed” to identify as gay/bi because your attraction to women doesn’t match what you had shoved down your throat all your life by compulsory heterosexuality: your feelings are valid, your attraction to women is valid, you are welcome among wlw and you don’t need to doubt yourself.

Under pacifism and democracy, the individual is literally dying of boredom, rather than living and dying heroically.

Ours is an age in which everything is based on the premise that it is best to live as long as possible. The average life span has become the longest in history, and a monotonous plan for humanity unrolls before us.

Once a young man finds his place in society, his struggle is over, and there is nothing left for youth apart from retirement, and the peaceful, boring life of impotent old age. The comfort of the welfare state ensures against the need to struggle, and one is simply ordered to rest.

—  Yukio Mishima, from ‘Patriotism’