Really controversial post

I’d like to debate something I’ve thought before and wrote about…

I don’t trust our current democracy. I trust in deciding together what to do with our country, but not letting participate anyone who does not pass a certain intelligence level.

I’m not saying to limit it to higher IQs or people with doctorates only…I just wish that before you can vote, there would be a simple reading comprehension and arithmetic exam. Read a text and extract the main ideas, and perform some simple calculations, nothing fancier.

If you can’t do it, you cannot make a good informed decision about what is the best option for your interests so you should not vote.

Yes, I understand that people with less monetary means have to work a lot to survive and sometimes do not have the chance to educate themselves a lot becasue,you know, they rather live stupid than starve or be homeless with a degree. But I’m not talking quantum phisics here, you just need to prove that,given an electoral program, you’d be able to get what they mean to do. Or given a news article,get the ideas or facts it’s expressing. I wouldn’t dare to evaluate grammar or similar things, just the ability to extract ideas from a text and, you know, add, multiply, and such things. If you cannot write or read, just do an oral exam, I’m fine with that. Use any language you know, that doesn’t matter.

Becasue for what I see around, I’m pretty sure there’s lots of people with degrees that are unable to do precisely that.

Of course this is prone to abuse depending on the difficulty level of the test,or the way you rate it….

But isn’t out current system also prone to abuse by the news corporations that simplify topics and try to support their own political interests? What is worse, deny people their vote or let people with no idea of what they’re voting to vote?

It is a sincere question becasue I think we take the idea of democracy too much from people that have twisted it for their own interest, and nobody dares to suggest any alternatives that sound less democratic…

I’m really conflicted about this, becasue I understand that people in power tent to twist and abuse it,so it is good to distribute it among lots (as in everybody votes), but there’s overall too many people that have no idea whatsoever what is best for them and vote based on prejudices or unimportant details (how nice does the candidate look,the religion of the candidate, etc…)

Tl, dr: the world is shit and humans are idiots, democracy is broken but past alternatives were worse.