Over 200 protestors injured by police in Brazil during manifestations of teachers against voting of bill that alters social insurance.

Teachers on strike were protesting in front of the Legislative Assembly about 3pm this Thursday (04/29/2015), where state congressmen were beginning a voting session on a bill that alters social insurance for teachers in the state of Paraná, and clashed with military police officers. There are over 200 wounded, some gravely, and unconfirmed rumours of deaths.

The teachers, who were camped at the place since Monday, would have tried to break the security perimeter the Military Police had set around the Legislative Assembly. The cops reacted with gas pumps, rubber bullets and water jets, and continued throwing stun bombs ever after the protestors dispersed.

The City Hall of Curitiba has informed that over 100 people were attended during the first 30 minutes of clash and that many victims kept coming. At least 35 in need of medical treatment were sent to hospitals. The servers of the Curitiba City Hall were released due to the turmoil.

Children were removed from schools in the region. “Some of them were feeling sick as a result of tear gas used by police forces in the Plaza Nossa Senhora de Salet (in front of the Legislative Assembly of Paraná) to ward off demonstrators,” the city government said in a statement. "In the lobby of City Hall, where dozens of people came to seek shelter, the smell of vinegar, used to mitigate the effects of the tear gas was very strong".

The Mayor of Curitiba, Gustavo Fruet, reported on Twitter that the city hall was evacuated to attend to the wounded, who are also receiving first aid at the Court. Six schools that are in the area suspended classes. “It looks like a war square!” Fruet wrote on the social network.

The Paraná Teachers Union was broadcasting the protest through the internet on a sound truck, but the vehicle was towed by the police. Now, teachers’ representatives’ information is transmitted only by Facebook.
The voting session was interrupted for about 10 minutes and taken up despite the noise of bombs and screams outside.

The bill in vote in the Legislative Assembly was sent by the Executive to amend the state pension. The Paraná government wants to take 33,000 retirees over 73 years old out of the Financial Fund, supported by the state treasury, which is in deficit, and transfer them to the state Pension Fund, paid by the servers and the government, which is in surplus.

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—¿Tiene alguna posición política?
—¿Y religiosa? ¿Cree en algo?
—Tampoco mucho. Pero admiro fervientemente a la Iglesia y al Gobierno.
—No lo entiendo.
—Supongamos que yo soy el dueño de una fábrica de tornillos y que tengo muchos obreros. Los obreros trabajan para mí jornada completa, deslomándose, sin recibir paga alguna ni tener la posibilidad de disfrutar de la vida. Para que no hagan huelgas ni disturbios, los convenzo de que hay una vida mejor, luego de ésta, pero que deben ser obedientes y construir muchos tornillos para poder disfrutar, cuando mueran, de esa otra vida. Y todos me creen: hacen tornillos, yo los vendo y disfruto de esta vida… Soy un estafador, ¿entendés?, y ese es el cuento del tío ideal, es la perfección de la estafa. Es un cuento del tío que vienen practicando los gobiernos junto a la iglesia desde la edad media; los obreros de esa fábrica son los tipos que se levantan a las seis de la mañana, de lunes a sábados, y trabajan hasta que se mueren, creyendo en el paraíso. Los gobiernos y la iglesia son dos socios, dos estafadores de guante blanco que lograron dar con el cuento del tío perfecto. Y yo no puedo hacer otra cosa más que admirar a los colegas que supieron hacer, de mi profesión, un negocio tan redondo.
—  “El ladrón que roba con la cabeza” - Hernán Casciari.

Al menos nos echábamos unas risas con políticos así