I had a lot of keychains when I went to visit my friend, and up until today I had no idea what to do with them. making this was a lot of fun, and finally filled up the last empty spot on my wall!!

Pokey is unsure if she’ll make these again, but if you’re going to AX you should definitely go see her and give her support! She has some leftover ones I believe. SHES ALSO SUPER SWEET!!

tagged by: Frolliane (amg thank you //// )

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I tag: lmfao Lina/ Aiai /Pokey /Jubby /AKU /EERIE BBY / Zndria / Robo / Boxie /KjSupanova /// k k!! (and anyone else whoes up for it B) )
To save the work I’ll put it in a read more kk


1. last beverage?: C..coffee
2. last phone call: Lil sis
3. last text message: Classmate
4. last song you listened to: im…listening to Miku’s Magical Mirai concert…sweats
5. last time you cried: …like a week ago?


6. dated someone twice: lmao
7. been cheated on: LMAO
8. kissed someone & regretted it: IM A VIRGIN
9. lost someone special: UH..lost in touch yeah
10. been depressed: Yes
11. been drunk and threw up: HAAHAAA almost

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