Monster Hunter’s designs taught me a valuable lesson. Don’t design anything boring on purpose, everything is a chance to make something cool and if you need to elevate, then make something even cooler! The Chief of Pokke village is a great example, in most games she would look generic as hell but instead you get this amazing design full of personality.

Who I want to see in Pokken Tournament

Pokken Tournament DX had a bit of new content announced for later this year in Nintendo’s recent mini direct. In it, they announced new fighters Aegislash and Blastoise — alongside new support pokémon: Mimikyu, Mega Raquaza, Celebi and Mew. So this got me thinking, what other pokémon would fit in as fighters or as support pokémon?

Heracross: If you have been following along you know I love the bug types, so having Heracross would be great. Also boosting the number of representatives for bugs and for generation two, both are lacking in the current line-up. Its horn would be the key for this fighter, and its synergy burst / mega evolution would likely incorporate Megahorn in some way.

Hawlucha: This would be a great, speedy fighter. While it’s true that we have Pikachu Libre but Hawlucha would bring fun aerial combat. We are in need of a flying representative and Flying Press would be one heck of a finisher.

Feraligatr: Generation two needs more representation, as do water types. Feraligatr would be a great choice for Pokken. Focusing on biting moves alongside splashes of water moves like Waterfall and Liquidation (its an USUM tutor move so legal!) For its synergy burst I can see it pulling a move straight out of Jaws, sneaking up on the opponent and striking with all of its jaw strength. Only missing the music since that is probably copyrighted.

Venusaur / Swampert: Might as well complete the generation one and generation three trios. Suicune proves that quadrupeds can work. Both pokémon have mega evolutions and both could have interesting moves and each covers two types.

Probopass: Probopass would be similar to Chandelure and Aegislash, you wouldn’t expect it but it could work. The way it utilizes the mini nose units would make for some interesting moves. I could see Probopass as either a power character or a technical character, utilizing hard-hitting steel and rock physical moves or surprising special moves like Dazzling Gleam and Zap Cannon.

Golisopod: Back at it with the bugs, but this big bad bug would be phenomenal for this game. Would likely be a power character, utilizing slashes and moves like Liquidation, Leech Life and X-Scissor. Synergy Burst would likely be a form of First Impression, but a different name since it wouldn’t be a….nevermind that, Golisopod for Pokken would be amazing.

Raichu: Give the Pikachu that is already in there a thunderstone and let Raichu stun us with more power than its pre-evolution. Pikachu gets enough attention, let Raichu shine. Or give us Raichu Libre, either way, stop treating Raichu like it doesn’t exist!

Those are my thoughts, which ones would you add? Am I crazy on any of these? Think I’m missing any, you can see a cringe-worthy version of this idea from two years ago here


Pokke Village Monster Hunter Piano Serenade “モンスターハンタP2nd・ピ アノポ―ケティム”

Two hunters brought together by one song that brings back many memories. Khezu Clad Doodle serenading the Guildmarm with a song from his past… 

Piano Cover - Played and Written by Suzakuofthesouth
Khezu Cosplay - Suzakuofthesouth
Guildmarm Cosplay - Kinokashi
Cameraman - Dhisufiroa

Pokke Village
Akihiko Narita
Pokke Village

Monster Hunter Generations - Pokke Village (Ocarina Arrangement) [12 Hole C Ocarina Tabs + Notation]

Composed by Akihiko Narita
Arranged by Shadoninja
Capcom © 2015

Get the sheet music for this song and more:

anonymous asked:

this may be unpopular opinion but I really didn't feel much sympathy for Pitou, the way they killed Pokke and Kite just made me mad.


I think it depends on people in general. I personally was feeling kinda bad because they evolved, they grew. 

Like, I don’t know how to explain my feelings toward it - Pitou was a terrible person, but they acted on their own logic and morals, which is something i’m personally always finding interesting. Their devotion for Meruem and later Komugi is remarkable. I think some people got so attached to Meruem and Komugi that when Pitou was trying to help them out and was miserable because of that, people took sympathy for them. Which i understand.

I felt very conflicted, but i kinda shrugged it off because well, they had it coming.

I think something though that makes me take a step back is that Pitou killed Pokkle and Kite when she was born. And of course it’s awful when we think of it, but at the same time - Pitou is a cat. They’re based on a cat. It’s more natural for Wild Cats to hunt for their preys or play with their foods. That’s a natural Cat behavior, especially as a baby (since they were just born) and hadn’t developped just yet.

It’s really hard to really think about the Ants imo because all of them are a couple of months old, and the Royal ones especially don’t have memories of their past lives like the likes of Ikalgo or Meleoron - so they develop from scratch with wht was coded in their DNA. 

That’s where their evolution was interesting, because they acted on instincts on their spieces in the begining, and developped more of a free-will by the end of the arc. (that’s why i can be far more critical of Pouf who got worse with time, where Meruem, Youpi and Pitou all considerably got better- even if “better” doesn’t mean they were Good People).

I think though you have all the rights to be too mad at Pitou and not feel any sympathy for them. I  completely get it, since it was awful and horrible.

I know a few people in the fandom who still hate Pitou and I completely get it. “Cool story, still murder” y’know. 

I personally can’t put my feelings in words and in simple ways when it comes to character like that. It’s just like I really love the Troupe while i also considers them to be Trash. I love well written antagonists and Pitou is a very good one and i love that they developped emotions like that.

But again, your feelings are completely understandable, don’t feel too bad about that.

Take care!

More of the bee, fox, and peacock kwami! For names, I’m thinking Moona for the bee, Pokke for the fox, and Nevee for the peacock.

Pokke is mischievous and likes pulling/holding on to Nevee’s tail to see his reaction, which is why he doesn’t really like her much. Moona tries to be the mediator between them, but sometimes she messes up (like accidentally punching Nevee instead of moving him away)


Progress through Monster Hunter Cross slowly but this is a real gem. I want to show you guys the meaning with the different NPCs throughout Cross and their quests.

As you progress through MHX, you see familiar characters throughout all the MH series and they give you specifics quests for you to go through.

The village chief of each village ask of you (once you’ve been through their quest line) to hunt these 3 quests shown in the image are the major quests in each of their own respective games.
Kokoto Village Chief gives you Wyverns of Land and Sky (Gold and Silver Rath)
Pokke Village Chief gives you the Final Invitation (2 Rajangs)
and Yukumo Village Chief gives you Drinking Demise (Deviljho, Tigrex, and Narga)

Along with that, other NPCs like the Jumbo Village Chief for example (Sadly we don’t get to see Jumbo in Cross) gives you one of the major urgents seen in MH2 (Dos) Which is slaying a Kushala Daora whom is also the Flagship of Dos. Upon completing this quest the Jumbo Village Chief gives you Dragon Seal (Originally, Dragon Seal in Dos was acquired by such and pulling it out of the wall in a cave in Jumbo Village) 

You can also pull out the Hero Sword in Kokoto village which is behind the house as usual 

Guildmarm’s last request (to complete you get her as housekeeper) is hunting Seregios which is relevant to the series she comes from (MH4 series) 

It’s small things like this I find MHX special. It brings back memories with a fresh new twist on mechanics.