poking his toung out again

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one-shot of rucas where Riley doesn't make the cheer team and Lucas is there to support her


Riley sulks out of the gym and hobbles with tender limbs to her locker. She slings her bedazzled backpack over her shoulder and winces when it hits her back. Lucas’ soft voice calls her attention and he turns around. He’s standing there with a sympathetic expression and an icepack in hand. 

“How’d you know?” Riley raises a brow, “I told everyone I wasn’t trying out this year.” 

“I know you, Riley,” his lips curl into a smile, “and I knew that there was no way you wouldn’t tryout, just like I know you’ll be there next year.” 

“I wouldn’t count on it,” Riley takes the icepack and presses it to her temple where she managed to high kick herself in the face. 

“Riley Matthews is not a quitter,” Lucas frowns. 

“Well she ought to be because she sucks,” a groan escapes her mouth as they begin to walk the halls together. 

“You don’t suck,” he reaches for her arm to soothe her but she winces under his touch and he drops it. 

“You should have seen me out there,” Riley has traumatic flashbacks to her tumbles ending in tumbles. 

“I did,” Lucas grimaces, “I may have peeped through the gym door to watch your tryout.” 

Great, you witnessed my failure first hand,” he face drops. 

“You only fail if stop trying,” Lucas gives her a warm smile, “there’s always next year, Riles. Practice and try again.” 

Riley lets her own mouth curl into a smile, “thanks for not letting me give up on myself, Lucas.” 

“You’d do the same for me,” he grins. 

“So do you make a habit of peeping on cheerleaders?” Riley jokes and the laugh makes her stomach muscles ache. 

“Nah, just the clumsy brunette ones.” Lucas pokes out his toung and Riley laughs again. 

“Ow, okay no more joking,” she clutches at her sides.