poking eachother

Dating Jeonghan would include:
  • Playing with his hair
  • “Baby am I pretty?”
  • “Yes Jeonghan you’re very pretty”
  • Playfully poking eachother before he tackles you and pins you on the ground
  • Sitting on eachother’s laps when you shouldn’t be
  • Dying his hair
  • Sexy time when he spends the night
  • Getting scolded when you guys try anything at his dorm
  • Making breakfast for 13 boys when you’re there early
  • “Baby do you love me?
  • “More than anything”
  • Him singing 20 to you when you’re sad
  • Making odd faces at eachother from across the room 
  • Sticking your hand in eachother’s back pockets
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So I decided to lump these requests into one LONG ASS jimin scenario because I thought they could all fit into one and if I did do them seperately, they would all have the same outcome anyway. So, I hope you enjoy.

-Admin Kitty

Request 1 from anonymous: Hai! I’m The Anon That Requested “Secretly” Lol Can’t Stop reading It! can I Get A Fluffy Jimin first Kiss One Shot? Thanks Admin Kitty! -Minnie Anon

Request 2 from missraion: Hi! I love your blog, all the admins are doing a great job! :) Could I request something? A Jimin x reader. You (reader) are in class at school, bored and tired, and Jimin and BTS do a surprise: they all come at school and in the middle of the lesson come to pick you up! Bonus points if one of the members had the idea to record it… But if it’s too complicated a simple fluffy Jimin x reader would be perfect ^^“

Request 3 from anonymous: Cute/funny drabble on whatever situation where you end up having to kiss jiminie’s abs. OTL *giyoon

Request 4 from anonymous: Can I request a BTS scenario of Jhope saw his younger sister kiss his boyfriend who is his own member, Jimin. Thanks a lot. I love your blog ^^

Request 5 from anonymous: Can I request a scenario of Jimin kissing his crush quietly while she’s sleeping. And then the members saw it and she knew it and both of them confess. Thanks ^^

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anonymous asked:

Not trying to be rude so please don't take it that way but how do lesbians fuck each other? I'm curious

they poke eachother with a stick until one of them cries


Request by anon: Can you do a scenario with rap monster where your at the airport waiting to board a plane with bts and you have been publicly dating? Include fans maybe? 

Honestly I love getting requests like this because they’re sort of different from the sort of scenario requests I get everyday. Not that they’re not fun to write, but sometimes it nice to have a change like this. :)

-Admin Kitty

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 Your high heels echoed on the polished floors of the airport as you speed walked through. 

It was quiet, deadly quiet until an excited scream broke the silence and then suddenly, from behind you you could here the drumming of hundreds of teenage girls feet hitting the floor.

As you continued to walk, you could here the sound of them running louder and louder in your ears until you could here them talking excitedly between themselves.

They hurtled past you, fan signs in hand and Bangtan in mind.

You followed the trail of excited screeches all the way to the terminal.

When you caught a glimpse of a poster that read, “NAMJOON SARANGHAE” you let out a little smile.

Me too girl, me too.

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