Type: Ghost/ Psychic, Variant types: Metal/ Psychic & Ground/ Psychic, Evolution: Aradia > Damara > Megido

The Aradia’s dark coat is made of collected souls of the angry dead. In a special attack, the Aradia can unleash the souls onto its enemy. It is naturally mysterious & super fluffy.

Type: Ground/ Flying [haha I barely started playing Pokemon I don’t know], Evolution: Tavros > Rufioh > Nitram

The Tavros is a timid creature, but possesses great potential for strength. Many Tavros are prone to physical injuries however, so its most effective role is as a support to other poketrolls.

Type: Metal/ Psychic/ Electric, Evolution: Sollux > Mituna > Captor

The Sollux is spherical in form & its face is separated onto its two halves. Each side spins very quickly to generate a powerful electric charge. Its psychic abilities are known to be unstable.

Type: Grass, Evolution: Karkat > Kankri > Vantas

The Karkat is a very angry & noisy poketroll, but it has been known to be considerate & a good support fighter. Despite its rather small stature, it will charge bravely into battle against even the most frightening foes.

Type: Grass/ Fighting, Evolution: Nepeta > Meulin > Leijon

The Nepeta is playful & feisty, & it is very friendly with almost every other poketroll it meets. But don’t underestimate this little furball- Mess with its friends & you’ll be sorry!

Type: Grass/ Dark, Evolution: Kanaya > Porrim > Maryam

The Kanaya is naturally elegant & polite, but can be extremely vicious if provoked. While it may look as if the Kanaya only has 2 legs, it actually hides sharp serrated blades between its segments & reveals them for a special attack. It has been known to take in & care for lost young poketrolls of every species & type.

Type: Dragon/ Flying, Evolution: Terezi > Latula > Pyrope

The Terezi undergoes a strange ritual when it is young, in which its eyes are burned by an older Terezi & the young dragon must learn to navigate the world using its other senses. Some of them, even after recovering their eyesight as adults, prefer to keep their eyes covered anyway. They are notable pranksters, & often plays too rough.

Type: Insect/ Dark/ Psychic, Evolution: Vriska > Aranea > Serket

The Vriska plays to win, & is not above using underhanded techniques to get what it wants. It can be unruly & unwilling to listen to commands, & it is also very tough, but if you can get one to trust you, you will have a powerful ally on your side.

Type: Fighting, Evolution: Equius > Horuss > Zahhak

The Equius is literally a horsetaur. It has the somewhat antrhopomorphized torso of a horse on the body of a horse. It is exceptionally strong & is of course the most majestic & perfect of all poketrolls. It is haughty & demanding in nature, & is considered kind of a creep sometimes. I literally drew this whole set just so I could draw Equius as a horsetaur. My life is complete.

Type: Dark/Poison/???, Evolution: Gamzee > Kurloz > Makara

The Gamzee is one of the more strange & volatile poketrolls. While it is normally very docile & friendly, when aggravated by any number of stimuli, it can fly into an uncontrollable rage, dealing massive damage on the enemy, or even members of its own team. It can harm & paralyze enemies with fear. Any trainer looking to train a Gamzee must be prepared to deal with the unexpected at every turn.

Type: Water, Evolution: Eridan > Cronus > Ampora

The Eridan, while naturally very haughty & somewhat reclusive, makes a very loyal companion to those it befriends [even if its friends kind of hate it]. It will back up its team with vigor & grace. In a special attack, it can fire lasers from its mouth for high damage.

Type: Water/ Electric, Evolution: Feferi > Meenah > Peixes

The Feferi is absolutely adorabubble. It prefers peace & cooperation over conflict, but will attack ferociously if need be. This poketroll carries with it a certain royal aura that inspires others to follow & even revere it. It is known to construct & share communal homes with other water-dwelling poketrolls.

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