poket knife

A New Encounter

Wilford’s heart dropped as he recieved his test. Bright red marker had etched an “F” onto his paper, and looking at it made his gut twist in shame. He had really tried this time, and even so, he had failed. Will quickly flipped over his paper and slipped it into his school bag. Out of sight out of mind- or so he thought.

Over his shoulder, a group of kids mocked Will wildly, laughing and cackling like maniacs. The teacher silenced them shortly before the dismissal bell for lunch rang.


The kids snickered in response to Will’s weak protests.

“Stop being such a bitch and fight back!” The older kids cackled ruthlessly. One kid shoved Will against the wall, and he buckled and fell to his knees. His school bag was ripped from his back forcefully and thrown at the bullies’ feet carelessly.

More laughter.

Will sensed one of the kids approach him suddenly, and he tensed; waiting for the agonizing sting of pain to flood his senses.

It never came.

Hesitantly, Will opened one eye to scan the area. Through the tears blurring his vision, he could see that his attacker had been aprehended by another student. Though his back was to Will- Will could see that the student retained a calm, immaculate, composure as he gripped the bully’s arm fiercely. Underneath that shell of his was terrifying, unbridled, rage.

You repel me,” snarled Will’s defender. The bully struggled to regain his arm. “Look at you, you think you’re the hottest shit. You think you know everything. You think that you own everyone and you can do whatever you wish, whenever you may wish it.”

Will shuddered. The gang of bullies moved back.

The boy met the bully’s gaze and grinned. “I’m the only one at this damn school who can fuck with others. Don’t you dare forget it.”

And just like that, they were gone in an instant.

Without a word, the boy reached back for Will’s arm to help him up. The boy steadied Will, grabbing his school bag and handing it to him curtly. The moment of fear had passed.

Will wiped the tears from his face and sniffed. “Thanks.”

The boy looked up, “It was the least I could do. My name’s Dark, by the way.”

“Well…Dark, if it hadn’t been for you, I would’ve been beaten to a pulp by now,” chuckled Will darkly, despite his current state. Will slung his bag over his back.

A mysterious glint appeared in Dark’s eyes. “You know…defending yourself would help.“ The boy’s head lowered cautiously, checking the hallway for any suspicious supervisors. Without further hesitation, Dark’s hand slipped into his pocket within his jacket and pulled out a folding poket-knife, holding it out to Will.

“Take it if you wish, although it will be beneficial to you when the time comes.” Dark whispered.

Will looked down at the knife and back up at Dark. He paused, then agreed to pocket the knife for safe keeping. When would he ever use it anyways?

Dark smiled and offered his hand for Will to shake.

“It’s been a pleasure, Will. I’ll see you around sometime.” The two boys shook hands briefly, before parting ways. Dark spun around and walked down the hall with unwavering posture.

Will’s hand traced the grooves of the knife in his pocket mindlessly. It was a bit odd, but nice of Dark nonetheless. The whole situation had taken him aback, but he was glad to have been saved and helped by Dark- a kid he hadn’t even spoken to before the incident.

Will had to admit, that kid seemed stranger than most. Catching a glimpse of Dark as he walked away, he spotted that he wore dark grey slacks and a grey jacket to school, a magenta tie, and frizzled, black hair. Albeit, he too also had a strange sense of style- with cotton candy coloured hair, a pale yellow t-shirt, and denim jeans. Will noted that they were both bizarre in their own unique ways.

Will shrugged off the feelings of unease and sighed. Yes, maybe they would see eachother again. And Will would like that. He would love to sit down and hold out an actual conversation with Dark, instead of having him fend off a couple of bullies with himself crying against a locker. It would be nice to get to know him one on one.

Before a school chaperone could catch him hanging back within the school, Will made his way to the exit and stepped outside. Breathing in fresh air to clear his head.

A part of him wanted to speak to Dark again tomorrow, but a part of him felt afraid to. Will’s feelings often conflicted, but when he made a decision he would act upon it will full force, never doubting his logic. So when he finally came to the decision to seek out Dark tomorrow and talk with him, he decided that nothing would get in his way. Not one person would pick on Will like they always had. Never again.

Will continued to toy with the knife in his pocket.

Never again.


This short fic was just a messy one shot I wrote based on a post I saw floating around about a Will and Dark Highschool AU. I can’t seem to remember where it originated from, but that is what I based it off of. I hope you guys enjoy, and if you do please let me know if you’d like to see more. And also, feel free to suggest advice and tell me how you thought of it! That would be pretty cool :)