Tales of Top 16 at Texas States - March 16th, 2013

I went into this tournament really wanting to play Blastoise, but knowing that I had no Tropical Beach there was almost no way that could have been a reality. What did I have left? Rayeels. In testing, I’d been running into a lot of trouble setting up but knew that if I did set up I could pull off games with lots of power. With this in mind, I made many changes the night before to make the deck more and more consistent, drawing inspiration from rax and taking lots of advice from many others. I also had the wrong address for the tournament without double-checking, so Adam (welcomebackleftyy) and I barely squeaked in to play. I still wasn’t 100% confident coming in and figured that I just had to play my best and see what would come of it.

How did it work out? Reporting in!

236 Masters, 8 rounds, Top 16

R1 vs. Ricardo Guerra Jr. - Blastoise

He starts…Moltres. That certainly did him no favors. I get out a quick Emolga while starting Tynamo and by the end of the very first turn of the game I have a full bench of 3 Tynamo, 2 Rayquaza EX. He benches a few Squirtle and attaches to one of them, then passes. I manage a T2 Dragon Burst to KO the Moltres. He sends up the other Squirtle and attaches again to the benched one, also benching a Keldeo and Black Kyurem. I don’t see a Beach or a Blastoise yet. Another Dragon Burst later, Black Kyurem is down and I’m feeling pretty good. He sends up the Squirtle with energy and just attaches to the Keldeo, benching another. KO Squirtle. That’s about all she wrote, he doesn’t take any prizes and I just KO a Keldeo for the game. He had no Beach at all and no Blastoise so a 6-0 to start the day was pretty nice.


R2 vs. Preston Waldrop - Darkrai/Lasers

Great. I hate playing this deck and in testing had a rough time beating it. Still, I wasn’t too worried. I go first again and get another decent Call for Family with 3 Eels and a Rayquaza. He has to start Darkrai and pulls off a Junk Hunt. I can only get 2 Eels online but I have energy to power up Rayquaza a bit and pass after Dynamotor. He Catchers an Eel and takes that out with Night Spear. I respond with Dragon Burst and he has no Darkrai to attack with. He gets another one out, Junk Hunts, and I have to take out the Sableye. He gets another Night Spear, taking out another Eel I believe with only a Tynamo to rely on for energy. After a Juniper…2 Super Rod? Well, alright. I get all my Eels back in and set my bench right back up to speed. He takes out one more Eel and I’m not feeling too good. Can’t KO a Darkrai but I do get Rayquaza powered up a bit and KO another Sableye. He takes out a Rayquaza sometime before these next turns, if I remember right. He only has one prize left. He sets up my active Ray with 110 damage, so I retreat to a fresh one in order to set up a win, hopefully. He just attacks into my fresh one and hits the benched one setting it up again, but I stay asleep with Laser flips. Guh…I can power up Rayquaza all the way, but how do I get him out there? I topdeck Colress for a nice 6 and hit my Switch for the game. Very close finish.


R3 vs. Adam Waddell - Darkrai/Lasers

Well, that figures. Beating your friends is no fun but I knew I’d need to if I wanted to feel good about going farther. He starts Darkrai, and for the third game in a row I go first with Emolga. Lucky stuff. He ends up missing pieces of Laser combos to set up math, and one of the turns I take out his Darkrai while there’s only a Sableye on the bench. There’s no possible way to set that one up for Night Spear and I end up taking the game in a pretty quick 3 EX KO victory, 6-0. Sorry Adam!



In-N-Out Burger, mmmm. Not a bad first few hours.

R4 vs. Jimmie Ramirez - Landorus/Bouffalant/Mewtwo/Terrakion

I go first again…and this time, no Emolga. He also flips over Landorus. Great. I do what I can to get Emolga active and have it on T2, setting up my bench fairly quickly. As much as that helped, I didn’t see any Supporters the entire game despite thinning my deck as much as I could. He hits Catchers every turn and my Tynamo drop like flies. I end up getting swept 6-0 and have 2 Ns and a Juniper prized. Blech. At least I didn’t lose to a worse deck! He also goes on to T16, so grats to him!


R5 vs. Ben Laffitte  - Empoleon/Dusknoir

Well that’s interesting. I go first and CFF, benching two Tynamo and a Rayquaza. He starts Piplup and Duskull, but can’t do much T1 aside from attaching and attacking my Tynamo with Fury Attack after a painful Juniper where he drops Empoleon and 2…DCE? 30 damage though. I have to play N but it helps me get an Eel on board, powering up Rayquaza little by little. He fills out his bench nicely, hitting a T2 Empoleon to KO one of my Eels and setting up Landorus. Hmm…I still can’t respond so I bring up Emolga and get more Tynamo out, with one more Dynamotor for good measure. He KOs another. I get a Super Rod Level Ball combo to fill my bench and Colress for a full 10. He gives me a dirty look for that one. I still can’t Dynamotor so I’m left Catchering Dusknoir and passing. He doesn’t do anything, though, so I go ahead and KO the Dusknoir with Dragon Burst next turn. He sends up Landorus but there’s no way for him to KO my Rayquaza so he instead takes out an Eel again. I respond nicely with Dragon Burst. At this point, there are no ways for him to attack and I see no Empoleon, so he passes with Piplup. One more KO for me. He doesn’t have much else, but I don’t have enough Eels for Dragon Burst so I grab Zekrom and Outrage his Prinplup for 40. He attacks with Fury Attack for some reason. I get an easy KO there. He ends up moving the damage with Sinister Hand to KO my Eel on the bench, but I had Rayquaza with 2 Lightning and a Fire all ready, and he mistakenly benches a Mewtwo. I Super Rod as many Lightning as I can back in, Catcher Mewtwo, and draw into my energy for the win.


R6 vs. Jonathan Cox - Darkrai/Lasers

This one goes about the same way as my last Darkrai sweep, if I remember correctly. He might have gotten an Eel or two but it was over fairly quickly. I play Jonathan quite a bit in tournaments, and this time it was my turn to win.


R7 vs. Aaron Garcia - ZekEels

He goes first and starts Zekrom, I with Rayquaza. He gets an Eel and Mewtwo out, and I get CFF for double Tynamo. He doesn’t do anything else except have Eelektrik on the bench, Dynamotor to Mewtwo, and Outrage for 40. I get another Tynamo out and one Eel, slowly powering up Ray. He goes for the gusto and KOs my Eel with Bolt Strike, but with an Eviolite that hinders my response. I don’t dare attack into it, so I just get out one more Eel and one Dynamotor again. Another Catcher-Eel-Bolt Strike. This time I can respond and have Super Rod to refill things. He sends up Mewtwo with a few energy and X-Balls. I need to retreat to something, I think Emolga, and power up and pass. I have enough Eels for some easy energy though. He Catchers Rayquaza and can’t KO it with Mewtwo, so instead he uses Zekrom-EX to KO me. I think he KOs Emolga too, since he’s down to one prize and I have five. A timely N later, I KO Zekrom-EX with Dragon Burst and he doesn’t want to bring out Mewtwo so he sends in Zekrom. I have Catcher-KO on Mewtwo, and he passes again. I get the comeback win the next turn.


R8 vs. Jose Flores - Darkrai/Lasers

Again? Let’s get this over with. And get it over with I did, as I think he only took one prize. I ended up evening things out with V-Create once since I had to take out a Sableye earlier and figured Dragon Burst needed to be saved. Still, he Ns me out of any droughts I had and that brings me the quick win.


Top 16 vs. Milan Patel - Darkrai/Lasers

That figures. I kinda wish I’d hit the Klinklang in T16…but no use complaining about it. I get a full bench set up and go first both games, but don’t get much of anything else missing Supporters and oftentimes just the one card left I need to take a KO. He holds his Ns for dear life and plays patiently which helps him and doesn’t do me any favors. I end up pulling bits and pieces of comebacks but it just isn’t enough. It definitely didn’t help that I had turns that ended with my Pokemon being KOd.

LL 7-2

So that’s the end of that. I hadn’t tested the changes I made the night before, but they ended up working out pretty nicely! I also knew that I wasn’t gunning for Worlds this year and my main goal for the season was to cut at least once (this would be my first time). I met my goal and sold off a ton of junky cards so I’d say the day was successful. I would have liked to go farther, but them’s the breaks.


A great day for both Adam and I

Strong wins and strong comebacks

No Garbodor in my way

Taking Rayeels to a strong finish

Adam didn’t cut so he went into the win-a-box tourney and pulled Shiny Blastoise and Black Kyurem-EX. :o

Cutting for the first time and meeting my goal


Getting lost

Supporter droughts



Jacob (hotrocket) and Adam not cutting


All-in-all, a pretty nice tournament. Thanks for reading!

Standings after Swiss: