Requested by @pokesplicing24, here we have two pokrmon based on the sun and moon, in anticipation for the new games being released! The first is a normal type little wolfpup, evolving by sun stone or moon stone, into either of the two you see. The nebulous one is the Dark type moon stone one, based off of Hati of Norse mythology. The second fire type is based off of Skoll, evolving by the sun stone. Each is made from scatch and i’m still iffy abot the colors, but let’s post em anyway

I don’t understand why everyone is having a hard time pronouncing Decidueye. It’s not decide-u-eye, that would be ridiculous. It’s decidu as in deciduous trees!! Then eye. I believe in you all, you can pronounce it correctly. De-syd-u-eye.

I’m not sure if I submitted multiple photos or just the one, but you can view all my splices on my tumblr. Would love to help out if you want. I guess just let me know the specifics if you are interested in me joining your team.

i like the design on these three, though i feel the colour scheme is a bit off, i’d certainly like to see more of what you can do and i will be messaging you shortly ^3^

(Mega Gallade is still Psychic and Fighting)

((It’s been brought to my attention by pokepslicing24 (Tumblr app ate your Ask while I was trying to answer) that Mega Gallade is still a Psychic and Fighting type after Mega evolving. I was hoping that Gallade would finally have the chance to get in on the Fairy type like Gardevoir. Would have been cool for Mega Gallade to gain the Fairy type to have an even bigger edge against Dark types, and fight Dragons too.

Not to mention the option to basically change from Psychic to Fairy once per battle would have been awesome. They could have even given it a decent physical Fairy attack too. (Not sure about any physical Fairy attacks since I’ve been using mostly special ones).

Rant over. That aside, I’ll still be using Mega Gallade a bunch, and I wonder what its abilities will be? (I’m a casual battler but I do dabble in some strategy from time to time.)