On Pokemon Variants/Variations/Subspecies are/are not Pokemon Fusions Debate

My two cents?

Pokemon Fusions: unnatural combination/splice of the DNA of two or more pokemon, can tell that it’s just a mesh of multiple pokemon.

Variants/Variations/Subspecies/Crossbreeds: natural blend of the dna of two pokemon through breeding, can tell it’s one species of pokemon with the father pokemon’s traits.

but honestly I just want people to shut up and stop being critical douchebags I mean does it really matter when people are being creative and having fun c’mon. Just leave them alone.

Here’s the Flying fusion!

Okay, so the fighter jet was my first attempt at combining these two, and as you can see, I couldn’t do much. I was really bummed out and decided to give myself another day for inspiration, and boy, did it strike. Aeronautic Charizard is ready for takeoff!

I used Mantine’s eyes as goggles, its tail as a scarf, replaced Charizard’s tail flame and wing nubs, and gave it gills! I’m much happier with it than I am with the fighter jet.