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How do you imagine the kids of your favorite shippings? What would they look like?

sorry this is very late i forgot i had asks ;-;

these are the main oc’s for now, there’s Kale and Lauren (they are twins and i’ve mentioned them before but i gave them a sad backstory, cool powers, and a ton of development), Cam the flower child, and Mitchell, named after my cousin. 

i hate naming oc’s.

these are the other oc’s 

they are the newest ones and are probably going to be side characters in the story i dream of writing.

There’s Calla the CommonerShipping child, Robin the smol one, Alice the normal-ish quiet one, and Amelia, who is probably the youngest of all of them.

i have sort of imagined personalities for them, but nothing definite yet.

then there are the other children, who have no designs yet, and who are mostly orphans from Crystal and Emerald’s orphanage, and kids who the main protagonists will battle.

again, sorry this took forever!!! ;-;