• -A sniper shot rings out-
  • Ruby's Voice: Fuck!
  • Jaune's Mom: Sniper! Get down!
  • Jaune: Huh?
  • Ruby's Voice: Okay, that was your one warning shot! The next one's goin' right between your eyes!
  • Jaune's Mom: Jaune! Get down!
  • Jaune: Wait a minute-
  • Ruby's Voice: Alright! I warned ya! Sayonara, biatch!
  • -Another sniper shot misses Jaune-
  • Ruby's Voice: Aw come on, what the fuck!?
  • Jaune's Mom: Jaune!
  • Jaune: I know that voice! Ruby! Ruby! It's me! Your all time best friend!
  • Ruby: Jaune? Jaune is that you?
  • Jaune: Yes! Ruby, it's me!
  • -Ruby starts firing at Jaune a lot, and missing-
  • Jaune: I have missed you so much! It has been so long! Did you miss me!?
  • Ruby: Fuck! I missed him!
  • Jaune: I knew you did!
  • Ruby: Go away!
  • Jaune's Mom: This is your friend?
  • Jaune: Yeah.
RDC3 autograph session high

I’ve just met Hugh and Bryan!! I told Hugh that he was a very good sport in the photo sessions: he smiled and said that it was ‘a lot of fun’. I told Bryan that I hoped he knew how much it meant to us all that he was here: he grinned and said that it meant a lot that I was here too. Then he said, 'Thank you, Alex.’

I immediately died!