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I'm okay with people having headcanons in which characters are hetero, gay, bisexual or even asexu, but when they start with crazy shit such as "pansexual," "demisexual," "idksexual" I just want to slap then in the freaking face. What's next? Pokesexual?

Ok this is the kind of confession that we would outright delete. YOU DO NOT attack people. Hate on the characters, sure, disagree with people, but don’t attack ‘em.

What really made me want to respond instead of delete is that pansexual and demisexual are ACTUAL SEXUALITIES. They are recognized in the community as valid and I actually identify with one of them.

Pansexual = sexual attraction to all genders. (including gender fluid, trans, and those without a discernible gender)
Bisexual = sexual attraction to binary genders only. (males or females)
Demisexual = sexual attraction only occurs with a deep emotional connection. A long and well-thought-out explanation by an asexual can be found here.
Asexual = no sexual attraction whatsoever to anyone.

Sexual attraction =/= Aesthetic attraction.
“I wanna fuck you” vs “I think you’re pretty”
(excuse my language)

Jack Harkness (from Dr. Who / Torchwood) is and has always been openly recognized as pansexual.

Natsu Dragneel, in my opinion, is demisexual since for the most part he is considered asexual (unlike Gray who has always been shown as VERY aware of the opposite sex), yet has shown some attraction to / awareness of certain females he is really close to.

Also, you could make a case that Haru is water-sexual. Even though it’s logically ridiculous, it’s entirely plausible in context. XP Just to let you know that I’m not just being antagonistic.

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k3nya - Karen is amazing and this is actually my favourite blog that I am sure I will never unfollow. 

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Ommmffgggggg VICKOO *fangirling*
i’ve been following you for like forever, from like even before you deactivated and you’ve always been one of my favorite blogs and omfg sjbsbdkajshxdbdhnd this is great :)))))))


This guy never ever fails to keep our dash alive. Vicko is always so lovely to his followers and is always willing to have a chat. He has an amazing blog and an amazing personality. He has a lot of followers that look up to him, and try their hardest to keep there dash to look as good as his. No one can be another pokesexual. Love you x