i think my fucking favorite thing about wallace in the remakes is literally no one talks about what he looks like. his dialogue is 100% serious. everyone else’s dialogue to him is 100% serious. in the delta ep he’s the last successor and a famous figurehead and secret-keeper to a sacred race+religion of people. the fate of the world rests in his hands multiple times.

and like, no one ever mention his junk is like .2 centimeters from popping out and hiting someone in the eye

i feel like n and silvers relationship would be one where n farts all the time and doesnt care but silver makes it a point to never fart until once he does it by accident and he’s like “NoO……” but n wasnt even paying attention/barely registers it

he lived with like 20 different pokemon some as big as goddamn buicks and animals are gross do you think he even registers fart sounds anymore it’s like living in a city aFTER A WHILE YOU STOP “HEARING” THE STREET SOUNDS